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Constitutional Law

The Constitution Of The Republic Of Uganda 1995
The Constitution Of The Republic Of Uganda 1995
The Constitution Of The Republic Of Uganda 1995

Litigation And Court Procedure

Advocates Act 1970 (Ch 267)
Evidence Act 1909 (Ch 6)
Judicature Act (Ch 13)
Judicial Service Act
Judicial Service Act 1997
Justices of the Peace Act (Ch 15)
Magistrates Courts Act (Ch 16)
Notaries Public Act (Ch 18)
Uganda Law Society Act 1956 (Ch 276)

Electoral Law

Parliamentary Elections (Interim Provisions) Act 1996 (Ch 141)
Presidential Electons Act 2000 (Ch 142)
Referendum Act 1994 (Ch 142A)
Referendum and Other Provisions Act 2005
The Electoral Commission Act
The Parliamentary Elections Act 2005
The Political Parties and Organizations Act, 2002.

Administrative / Public Law

Acts of Parliament Act 2000 (Ch 2)
Aliens Act
Community Service Act 2002
Immigration Act 1970 (Ch 63)
Inspectorate of Government Act 2002
Leadership Code Act 2002
Leadership Code Act 2002
National Library Act 2003
Passports Act 1982 (Ch 64)
Refugees Act 1998
Refugees Act 2006
The East African Community Act,2002
The Education (Pre-primary, Primary And Post-primary) Act, 2008
The Inspectorate of Government Act,2002.
The Local Government's ACT 2006
The Movement Act, 1997
The Public Procurement And Disposal Of Public Assets Act, 2003
The Public Procurement And Disposal Of Public Assets Regulations, 2003
Uganda Citizenship Act, Cap 58
Witchcraft Act 1957 (Ch 124)

Criminal Law

Anti-corruption Act 2009
Criminal Procedure Code Act 1950 (Ch 116)
Extradition Act
Penal Code Act 1950 (Ch 120)
Police Act (Ch 303)
Prisons Act 1958 (Ch 304)
Probation Act 1963 (Ch 122)
The Anti-Terrorism Act, 2002.
The National Drug Policy And Authority Statute, 1993

Civil Law

Children Act 1997 (Ch 59)
Civil Procedure Act 1929 (Ch 71)
Civil Procedure and Limitation (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Ch 72)
Contract Act 1963 (Ch 73)
Divorce Act 1904 (Ch 249)
Hindu Marriage and Divorce Act 1961 (Ch 250)
Land Act (Act No. 16 of 1998).
Land Act 1999
Marriage Act 1904 (Ch 251)
Succession Act 1906 (Ch 162)

Commercial Law

Liquor Act 1960 (Ch 93)
Shop Hours Act 1963 (Ch 99)
The Bulk Sales Act.
The Investment Code Act.
The sale of Goods Act.
Weights and Measures Act 1965 (Ch 103)

Company Law

Business Names Registration Act 1918 (Ch 109)
Companies Act
Companies Act 1961 (Ch 110)
Companies Act 1961 (Ch 110)
Non-Governmental Organizations Act
Partnership Act 1950 (Ch 114)

Labor Law

Employment Act 1977 (Ch 219)
Occupational Safety and health Act 2007
Pensions Act 1946 (Ch 286)
Political Service Retirement Benefits Act 1999
Trade Unions Act 1976 (Ch 223)

Health Law

Medical and Dental Practitioners Act 1998 (Ch 272)
Nurses and Midwives Act 1996 (Ch 274)
Pharmacy and Drugs Act 1971 (Ch 280)
Public Health Act 1935 (Ch 281)
Tobacco (Control and Marketing) Act 1967 (Ch 35)

Mining Law

Mining Regulations 2004
Mining Regulations 2004
Mining Regulations 2004 B
Mining Regulations 2004 B
The Mining Act, 2003

Tax Law

Customs Management Act Part 1-4
Customs and Excise Act 1977 (Ch 335)
Domestic Tax Laws 2009/10
East African Community Customs Management Act,2004
Gaming and Pool Betting Chapter 292
Gaming and Pool Betting Control and Taxaction Act
Income Tax Act
Stamps Act Chapter 342
The Customs Tariff Act, 1970 (Act No. 17 of 1970) as amended
The Customs Tariff Act, 1970 (Act No. 17 of 1970) as amended
The Eastafrican Excise Spirits Regulations
The Excise Management Act 1970
Value Added Tax Act

Banking Law

Accountants Act 1992 (Ch 266)
Bank of Uganda Statute
Banking Act 1969
Bankruptcy Act
Financial Institutions (Insider-Lending Limits) Regulations 2005
Financial Institutions Act 2004
Financial Institutions Capital Adequacy Regulations 2005
Financial Institutions Corporate Governance Regulations 2005
Financial Institutions Credit Classification Regulations 2005
Financial Institutions Credit Reference Regulations 2005
Financial Institutions Licensing Regulations 2005
Financial Institutions Ownership and Control Regulations 2005
Foreign Exchange (Forex Bureaux and Money Remitters) Regulations 2006
Foreign Exchange Act 2004
Limits on Credit Concentration and Large Exposure Regulations 2005
Liquidity Regulations 2005
Local Governments (Financial Accounting) Regulations 2007
Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions Act 2003
Microfinance Deposit Taking Institutions Regulations 2004
Mortgage Act 1974 (Ch 229)
The Bills of Exchange Act.
The Capital Markets (Advertisements) Regulations,1996.
The Capital Markets (Conduct of Business) Regulations,1996
The Capital Markets (Cross Border Introductions) Regulations 2004
The Capital Markets (Cross Border Introductions)( Amendment) Regulations 2006
The Capital Markets (Establishment of Stock Exchanges) Regulations, 1996
The Capital Markets (Exempt Dealers) Regulations,1996
The Capital Markets (Fund Managers) Regulations, 2004
The Capital Markets (Licensing) (Amendment ) Regulations, 2003.
The Capital Markets (Licensing) Regulations,1996
The Capital Markets (Prospectus Requirements) (Ammendment )(No.2) Regulations,2001(SI No.62 of 2001)
The Capital Markets (Prospectus Requirements) (Ammendment) Regulations, 1999.
The Capital Markets (Prospectus Requirements) Regulations, 1996
The Capital Markets (Registers of Interests in Securities) Regulations,1996
The Capital Markets Authority Act
The Collective Investment Schemes (Financial & Accounting) Regulations,2003.
The Collective Investment Schemes (Licensing) Regulations 2003
The Collective Investment Schemes (Open Ended Investment Companies) Regulations, 2003
The Collective Investment Schemes (Unit Trusts) Regulations,2003
The Collective Investment Schemes Act,2003
The Interim Stock Trading Facility Rules, 1996
The National Audit Act, 2008
The Public Finance and Accountability Act 2003
The Securities Central Depositary Act, 2009
The Securities Central Regulations, 2009

Insurance Law

Insurance Act
Insurance Act 1996 (Ch 213)

Communications And Media Law

Access to Information Act 2005
Access to Information Regulations 2007
Official Secrets Act 1964 (Ch 302)
Press and Journalist Act 1995
The Uganda Communications (Amendment) Bill
Uganda Communications Act 1997
Uganda Communications Act 1997

Transport And Maritime Law

Access to Roads Act 1969 (Ch 350)
The Civil (Airworthiness) Regulations 2005
The Civil Aviation (Aircraft Registration And Marking) Regulations, 2005.
The Civil Aviation (Commercial Air Transport Operations By Foreign Air Operator In And Out Of Uganda) Regulations, 2006
Traffic and Road Safety Act Chapter 361
Vessels (Registration) Act 1904 (Ch 362)

Environmental Law

Animals (Prevention of Cruelty) Act (Cap. 220).
Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations 1998
Forests Act 1947 (Ch 146)
Game (Prohibited and Restricted Methods of Hunting) Order.
The National Forestry and Tree Planting Act 2003
The Nile Basin Initiative Act, 2002.
Water Act 1997
Water Resources Regulations 1998
Water Waste Discharge Regulations 1998
Waterworks Act (Chapter 137).

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act 2006
Copyright Act 2006
Patents Act 1993
Patents Regulations
The Trademarks Act 1953
Trademark (amendment) Rules 1988
Trademark (amendment) Rules 2005
Trademark Rules

Energy Law

Atomic Energy Act ,2008
Electricity Act 1999
Electricity Act 1999
Petroleum Act 1985
Petroleum Supply Act 2003
The Electricity (Application for Permit, License and Tariff Review) Regulations, 2007
The Electricity (Installation Permits) Regulations, 2003
The Electricity (Installation Permits) Regulations, 2003
The Electricity (Licence Fees) Regulations, 2003
The Electricity (Licence Fees) Regulations, 2003
The Electricity (License Exemption) (Isolated Grid Systems) Order, 2007
The Electricity (Primary Grid Code) Regulations, 2003
The Electricity (Primary Grid Code) Regulations, 2003
The Electricity (Quality of Service Code) Regultions, 2003
The Electricity (Quality of Service Code) Regultions, 2003
The Electricity (Safety Code) Regulations, 2003
The Electricity (Safety Code) Regulations, 2003
The Electricity (Tariff Code) Regulations, 2003
The Electricity (Tariff Code) Regulations, 2003
The Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Regulations
The Petroleum (General) Regulations 2009
The Petroleum (Marking & Quality Control) Regulations 2009

Construction Law

Building Societies Act 1955 (Ch 108)
Engineers Registration Act 1969 (Ch 271)
The Cooperative Societies Act.

Agriculture Law

Agricultural Seeds and Plant Act (Ch 28)
Agricultural and Livestock Development Fund Act 1976 (Ch 233)
Animal Diseases Act 1918 (Ch 38)
Cotton Development Act (Cap. 30).
Plant Protection Act.
Veterinary Surgeons Act 1958 (Ch 277)


Electronic Signatures Bill 2008
The Electronic Media Act

Arbitration Law

Arbitration and Conciliation Act 2000 (Ch 4)

Commentated Laws

Electronic Transactions Law

Law Sources

Bank of Uganda
Capital Markets Authority
Civil Aviation Authority
Department of Geological Survey and Mines, Republic of Uganda
Electricity Regulatory Authority
Media Council
Ministry of Education and Sports
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Information and Communications Technology
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Public Service
Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry
Ministry of Water and Environment
Ministry of Works and Transport
National Drug Authority
National Forestry Authority
National Roads Authority
Office of the Auditor General
Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PDDA)
The Laws of Uganda
Uganda Law Reform Commission
Uganda Legal Information Institute
Uganda Online Law Library
Uganda Revenue Authority
Uganda Wildlife Authority

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