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Constitutional Law

Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu
Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu

Litigation And Court Procedure

Customary Land Tribunal Act 2001
E-Business (Amendment) Act No.17 of 2007
E-Business Act [CAP 264]

Administrative / Public Law

Charitable Association Incorporation [CAP 140]
Education Act 2001
Meteorology Act
Vanuatu Institute of Teacher Education Act 2001

Criminal Law

Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (Designation of Central Authority)
Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters [CAP 258]
Proceeds of Crime [CAP 284]

Civil Law

Freehold Titles Act 1994
Land Acquisition Act 1992
Land Leases Act 2003
Land Reform Act
Land Surveys Act 1984
Land Valuers Registration Act 2002
Strata Titles Act 2000
Valuation of Land Act 2002

Commercial Law

Bills of Sale Amendment Act No. 6 of 2009
Bills of Sale QR No. 3 of 1966 [CAP 23]

Company Law

Business Licence Act [CAP 249]
Business Names Act [CAP 211]
Companies (Winding up) Rules
Companies Act [CAP 191]
Companies Amendment Act No. 5 of 2009
Company Rules
International Companies (Amendment) Act No. 45 of 2006
International Companies Act [CAP 222]
Protected Cells Companies Act No 37 of 2005
Trust Companies [CAP 69]

Labor Law

Employment Act [Cap 160]
Trade Unions [CAP 161]

Tax Law

Casino Control Act
Customs Act [CAP 257]
Customs Regulations
Excise Act [CAP 290]
Excise Amendment Act no.43 of 2009
Export Duties Act [CAP 31]
Gaming Act [CAP 172]
Import Duties Act [CAP 91]
Liquor Licensing Act [CAP 52]
Liquor Licensing Regulations
Rent Taxation Act [CAP 196]
Stamp Duties Amendment Act No. 3 of 2009
Stamp Duties [CAP 68]
Value Added Tax Act [CAP 247]
Value Added Tax Rules
Vanuatu Interactive Gaming Act [CAP 261]

Banking Law

Credit Unions [CAP 256]
Financial Institutions Act (FIA)
International Banking Act
International Banking Act (IBA)
International Banking Act [CAP 280]
Mutual Funds Act No 38 of 2005
Personal Property Securities Act No. 17 of 2008
Prevention of Fraud Investments [CAP 70]
The Reserve Bank Of Vanuatu Act [Cap. 125]
Unit Trusts Act No 36 of 2005
Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Act [CAP 229]
Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Amendment Act No 16 of 2008
Vanuatu Financial Services Commission Amendment Act No 2 of 2009

Insurance Law

Insurance Act Ch 82 1995
Insurance Act No.54 of 2005

Transport And Maritime Law

Aviation Security Act 2007
Maritime Act [CAP 131]
Maritime Authority Act 1998
Road Traffic Act [CAP 29]

Environmental Law

Alienated Land Act

Intellectual Property Law

Registration of United Kingdom Patents [CAP 80]
Registration of United Kingdom Trade Marks [CAP 81]
UK Patents Amendment Act No. 14 of 2008
UK Trademarks Amendment Act No. 15 of 2008

Energy Law

Electricity Supply Act [CAP 65]
Government Contracts and Tenders Act 1998
Water Resources Management Act no 9 of 2002
Water Supply [CAP 24]

Law Sources

Consolidated Legislation - PACLII
Department of Labour Vanuatu
MInistry of Lands and Natural Resources
Utilities Regulatory Authority
Vanuatu Customs and Inland Revenue
Vanuatu Financial Services Commission
Vanuatu Government

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