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Constitutional Law

Constitution of Tuvalu

Litigation And Court Procedure

Crown Proceedings Act
Enforcement of Judgments (Payments from Wages) Act
Foreign Judgments (Reciprocal Enforcement) Act
High Court (Constitutional Redress or Relief) Rules
Island Courts Act
Island Courts Regulations
Land Court (Fees) Regulations
Law Revision (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2009
Laws of Tuvalu Act
Magistrates' Courts (Costs in Criminal Cases) Rules
Magistrates' Courts (Fees in Civil Cases) Rules
Magistrates' Courts (Forms) Rules
Magistrates' Courts (Matrimonial Fees) Rules
Magistrates' Courts Act
Matrimonial Causes (Magistrates' Courts) Rules
Peoples Lawyer Act 1988
Revised Edition Laws of Tuvalu Act 1987
Revised Edition of the Laws (1990)
Small Claims Act
Superior Courts Act

Electoral Law

Electoral Provisions (Parliament) Act
Electoral Provisions (Parliament) Regulations

Administrative / Public Law

Census Act
Citizenship Act
Citizenship Fees Regulations
Closed Districts Act
Closed Districts Regulations
Co-Operative Societies Regulations
Commonwealth Countries Act
Companies and Business Registration
Companies and Business Registration (Fees) Regulations
Crown Acquisition of Lands
Death and Fire Enquiries Act
Deportation Act
Diplomatic Privileges Act
Dogs (Control of Movement) Regulations 2002
Dogs Act
Education Act
Emergencies and Threatened Emergencies (Special Powers) Act
Falekaupule Act 1997
Gaming and Lotteries Act
Government Borrowing and Guarantee Act
Immigration Act
Immigration Regulations
Interpretation Act
Leadership Code Act 2006
Maintenance (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act
Missing Persons Act 1984
National Disaster Management Act
Oaths (Non-Citizens) Act 1984
Oaths and Statutory Declarations Act
Passports Act
Passports Regulations
Public Enterprises (Performance and Accountability) Act 2009
Public Order Act
Public Records Act
Public Service Act
Religious Bodies Registration Act
State Church (Declaration) Act 1992
State Immunity Act 1985
Statistics Act
Tupe Fakanaa a Falekaupule Act 1999
Tuvalu Cultural Council Act 1991
Tuvalu National Flag Act 1995

Criminal Law

Arms and Ammunition Act
Counter Terrorism and Transnational Organised Crime Act 2009
Criminal Procedure Code
Dangerous Drugs Act
Explosives Act
Extradition Act 2004
Fugitive Criminals (Supplement) (Various)
Fugitive Offenders (Tuvalu) Order 1975
Hostages Act
Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 2004
Penal Code
Police Act
Police Association Regulations
Police Powers and Duties Act 2009
Police Regulations
Police Service Act 2009
Prisons Act 1985
Prisons Regulations
Proceeds of Crime Act 2004
Prohibited Areas Act
Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1991

Civil Law

Administration of Native Estates Regulations
Adoption Act
Births Deaths and Marriages (Prescription of Forms and Seal) Regulations
Births Deaths and Marriages Registration Act
Custody of Children Act
Foreshore Licence Regulations
Foreshore and Land Reclamation Act
Licences Act (Amendment) Order
Marriage Act
Matrimonial Proceedings Act
Native Lands (Forms) Regulations 1997
Native Lands Act
Native Lands Leases Regulations
Neglected Lands Act
Partnership Act 1991
Rent Review Act
Tuvalu Lands Code
Wills Act

Commercial Law

Bills of Sale Act
Foreign Direct Investment Act 1996
Industrial Relations Code
Licences Act
Price Control Act 1990
Protected Industries Act
Sale of Goods Act 1991

Company Law

Co-Operative Societies Act
Commissions of Enquiry Act
Companies (Winding Up) Act 1991
Companies Act 1991

Labor Law

Employment (Fair Wages Clauses in Public Contracts) Regulations
Employment (Form for Workers Recruiting Licence) Regulations
Employment (Housing Standards) Regulations
Employment (Ionizing Radiations) Protection of Workers) Regulations
Employment (Return) Regulations
Employment (Seamen's Agency) Order 1984
Employment Act
Employment Ordinance (Fees) Regulations
Prescription of Salaries Act
Public Holidays Act
Trade Unions Act
Workmen's Compensation (Accident and Occupational Disease) Return Regulations
Workmen's Compensation Act

Health Law

Alcoholic Drink Act
Food Safety Act 2006
Medical and Dental Practitioners Act
Mental Treatment Act
Methylated Spirit Act
Methylated Spirit Regulations
Nurses and Midwives Act
Pharmacy and Poisons Act
Pharmacy and Poisons Regulations
Public Health Act
Public Health Regulations
Quarantine (Maritime and Aerial) Regulations
Quarantine Act
Tobacco Control Act
Tuvalu Red Cross Society Act

Mining Law

Mineral Development Licensing Act

Tax Law

Customs (Amendment) Regulations 2009
Customs (Tariff) Order 2009
Customs Act
Customs Regulations
Import Levy (Special Fund) Act 1997
Import Levy Fund Regulations 1997
Income Tax Act 1992
Income Tax Regulations 2009
Landowners Taxation Act
Room Tax Act 1994
Room Tax Regulations 2009
Sales Tax Act

Banking Law

Audit Act
Currency Act
Development Bank of Tuvalu Act 1990
Exchange Control Act
Exchange Control Regulations 1983
International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group Membership Act 2010
National Bank of Tuvalu (Insurance Fund) Act
National Bank of Tuvalu Act
Provident Fund (Amendment) Act 2007
Provident Fund (Amendment) Act 2009
Provident Fund (Benefit) Regulations 1984
Provident Fund (Contributions) Regulations 1984
Provident Fund (Crediting Accounts) Regulations 1999
Provident Fund (Determination of Claims and Questions) Regulations 1984
Provident Fund (Exceptions) Regulations 1984
Provident Fund (Nominations) Regulations 1984
Provident Fund (Registration) Regulations 1984
Provident Fund (Small Loans Investment Scheme) Regulations 2004
Provident Fund (Special Death Benefit) Regulations 1999
Provident Fund Act 1984
Public Finance Act
Tuvalu Trust Fund Act

Communications And Media Law

Cinemas and Films Act
Post Office Act
Post Office Regulations
Television Licence Regulations 2005
Tuvalu Media Corporation Act 1999
Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation Act 1993

Transport And Maritime Law

Admiralty Jurisdiction (Supplement)
Aerodromes and Air Navigation Aids Act
Air Navigation (General) Regulations
Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 1977
Air Transport (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations 1964
Air Transport Licensing Authority Regulations 1966
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Civil Aviation (Investigation of Accidents) Regulations 1965
Civil Aviation (Wreck and Salvage) Regulations 1966
Civil Aviation Miscellaneous Orders
Government Aerodromes
Harbours Act
Harbours Regulations
Lagoon Shipping Act
Lagoon Shipping Regulations
Marine Resources Act 2006
Marine Zones Act
Merchant Shipping (Carriage of Passengers) Regulations
Merchant Shipping (Limitation of Liability Convention) Regulations
Merchant Shipping (Load Line and Safety Conventions) Regulations
Merchant Shipping (Registration of Foreign Vessels) Regulations 2004
Merchant Shipping (Registration) Regulations
Merchant Shipping (STCW Convention) Regulations 1998
Merchant Shipping (Safety) Regulations
Merchant Shipping (Tonnage Measurement Convention
Merchant Shipping Act
National Fishing Corporation of Tuvalu Act
Shipowners' Liability (Colonial Territories) Order in Council 1963 (Supplement)
Shipping (Rations) Regulations
Traffic (Amendment) Act 2009
Traffic Act 1983
Traffic Regulations
Tuvalu Maritime Training Institute Act 2000
Wreck and Salvage Act

Environmental Law

Animals (Control of Experiments) Act
Conservation Areas Act 1999
Conservation and Management Measures (PNA Third Implementing Arrangement) Regulations 2009
Environmental Protection Act
Importation of Animals Act
Importation of Animals Regulations
Marine Pollution Act 1991
Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution) (Tuvalu) Order 1975
Oil Pollution (Compulsory Insurance) Regulations 1976
Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) Regulations 2010
Ozone Layer Protection Act
Wastes Operations and Services Act 2009
Water Supply (Delivery of Bulk Supplies) Regulations
Water Supply Act
Wildlife Conservation Act

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act
Registration of UK Patents Act
Registration of UK Trade Marks Act
UK Designs Protection Act

Energy Law

Electricity Regulations
Nuclear Installations (Gilbert and Ellice Islands) Order 1972 (Supplement)
Petroleum (Control of Storage) Regulations
Petroleum (Licence Fee) Regulations 1992
Petroleum (Rationing) Regulations
Petroleum (Sales Permit) Regulations
Petroleum Act
Tuvalu Electricity Corporation Act 1990

Agriculture Law

Livestock Diseases Act 1984
Pesticides Act 1990
Plants (Prevention of Disease and Citation Pests) Regulations
Plants (Quarantine Disembarkation Cards) Regulations
Plants (Shipping) Regulations
Plants (Spraying of Aircraft) Regulations 1986
Plants Act
Prohibition of Importation of Plants Order

Arbitration Law

Arbitration (Supplement)
Arbitration Act 1991

Law Sources

Tuvalu Legislation

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