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Constitutional Law

Syrian Constitution

Administrative / Public Law

Implementing Regulations of Universities Organization Law 6/2006
Universities Regulation Law 2006

Commercial Law

Decree no. 450 The general conditions book of the unified contracts system
Law (21) of 1958 on industry organization and promotion
Law (21) of 1958 on industry organization and promotion
Law 42 of 2006 Protection of National Production
Law No. (7): Promulgates Investment Law No. /10/
Law No.(10) encouraging investment 1991
Legislative Decree (21)
Legislative Decree (9) Syrian Investment Commission
Legislative Decree /47/ of August 07, 1952 On Organizing Syrian Industries, Amended by Legislative Decree /52/ of September 13, 1953
Legislative Decree /8/
Legislative Decree /8/ about investment
The Commercial Law
The Implementation of Investment Law No.10/1991

Company Law

Law /7/ of 2008 on Competition Protection and prevention of monopoly

Health Law

Instruction No. (105) Dated 30/7/1990 For The Registration Of Human Pharmaceutical Products

Tax Law

Customs Law

Banking Law

Bank Secrecy Law ( Law No. 29/2001 )
Formation of Credit & Monetary Council ( Law No. 23/2002 )
Law (22) of 2005
Legislative Decree No. 34
Private Banks Establishment in Syria ( Law No. 28/2001 )
Securities Issuing and Offering Act
The Stock Exchange Act

Environmental Law

environment law / 50

Intellectual Property Law

Executive Regulations for Law 8 2007 on Trademarks
Law /8/ 2007 on Trademarks, Geographical Signs and Industrial Drawings & Models
Law No. 62 Patents Law
Law No. 8 Regulating the Provisions of Trademarks, Geographical Indications and Industrial Drawings and Designs
Law No./12/2001 Copyright Law
The Implementing Regulation of the Trademarks, Geographical Indications and Industrial Drawings and Designs Protection Law NO. (8) dated 12/3/2007

Energy Law

Legislative Decree No. 64

Construction Law

Law no 15 of 2008 Law of Real Estate Development and Investment
Law no 26 of Regional Planning

Law Sources

Central bank of Syria
Competition Commission
General Commission for Environmental Affairs
General Foreign Trade Org
Ministry Of Petroleum& Mineral Resources
Ministry of Communications and Technology
Ministry of Economy
Ministry of Expatriates
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Industry , Management Development and Productivity Center
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Transport
Syrian Customs
Syrian Patent Office

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