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Constitutional Law

Constitution of the Republic of Malawi
Constitution of the Republic of Malawi

Administrative / Public Law

Citizenship Act
Immigration Act
Immigration Regulations in Malawi
Local Government Act (No. 42 of 1998)
Local Government Act 1998
Procurement Regulations,2004
Public Procurement Act No. 8 of 2003
Refugee Act
Refugee Regulations, 1990
University Of Malawi Act, (1974) Incorporating The Amended Act Of 1998

Criminal Law

Money Laundering,Proceeds of Serious Crime and Terrosit Act
Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act, 1991

Company Law

Act n43 Competition and Fair Trading Act
Public Enterprises (Privatization) Act, 1996
Public Enterprises Act

Labor Law

Employment Act
Employment Act 2000
Employment Act 2000
Labour Relations Act

Health Law

Public Health Act.

Banking Law

Banking Act
Capital Market Development Act
Capital Market Development Act (Chapter 46:06)
Exchange Control Act(Chapter 45:01)
Public Audit Act 2003
Reserve Bank of Malawi Act(Chapter 44:02)

Communications And Media Law

Communications Act n 41 1998
Malawi Communications Act

Transport And Maritime Law

Inland Waters Shipping Act (Cap.71:01).
Roads Authority Act No. 3 of 2006

Environmental Law

Environment Management Act (No. 23 of 1996)
Environment Management Act 1996
Forestry Act 1997
Forestry Act 1997
Forestry Act 1997
Irrigation Act 2001
Malawi National Park and Wildlife Act (1992)

Energy Law

Electricity Act 2004
Electricity Act 2004
Energy Regulation Act 2004
Liquid Fuels Gas Act 2004
Rural Electrification Act 2004

Agriculture Law

Fertiliser Act, 2003
Pesticides Act (No. 12 of 2000)
Seed Act 1988
Seed Act 1996
Seed Act, 1988 (Act No. 5).

Commentated Laws

A Careful Examination of The Witchcraft Act

Law Sources

Electoral Commission
Malawi Government
Malawi Law Commission
Malawi Revenue Authority
Malex Environmental Laws
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Industry
Reserve Bank of malawi
The Office of the Director of Public Procurement
The Privatisation Commission

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