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Constitutional Law


Administrative / Public Law

African Pioneer Corps (Pensions) Act 2000
Aliens Control Act 1966
Archives Act 1967
College of Education Act 1997
Lesotho Citizenship Act 1967
Museums Act 1967
National Heritage Bill 2006
Public Procurement regulations 2007
Public Service Act 2005
Public Service Act 2005
The Refugee Act 1983
The Refugee Act 1983

Civil Law

Lands Act 1979

Company Law

Companies Act A
Companies Act B
Companies Act C

Labor Law

Labour Code Order No. 24 of 1992

Tax Law

Customs and Excise Act, 1982
Income Tax (Amendment) Act N0.10, 1996
Income Tax (Amendment) Act N0.11, 2000
Income Tax (Amendment) Act N0.14, 2000
Income Tax (Amendment) Act N0.2, 1994
Income Tax (Superannuation and Life Assurance) Regulations, LN N0.23, 1994
Income Tax (amendment) Regulations, N0.111, 1996
Income Tax Act N0.9,1993
Income Tax Regulations, LN N0.24, 1994
Legal Notice No. 95 OF 2003 Value Added Tax Regulations, 2003
Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act 2003
Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act No. 6 Of 2003
Value Added Tax Act 2001 (Act No.9 of 2001)
Value Added Tax Regulations

Banking Law

CBL Money Lenders (Amendment Act) 1993
Central Bank Act
Central Bank Act Number 7
Financial Institutions Act 1999
Legal Notice No. 49 - Local Loans (Government Treasury Securities) (Trading) Regulations 2009
Money Lenders (Amendment Act) 1993
Money Lenders Order, 1989 - Order No. 25 of 1989

Insurance Law

Insurance Act 1976 - Act No. 18 of 1976

Communications And Media Law

Broadcasting Classification Regulations 2007
Lesotho Communications Authority (Universal Access Fund) Rules, 2009
Lesotho Communications Authority (licensing fees) Rules 2008
Lesotho Telecommunications (Amendment) Act N0. 7 2001
Lesotho Telecommunications Authority (Administrative, Procedural and Service Provision) Rules 2000
Lesotho Telecommunications Authority (Amendment) Act No. 4, 2006
Lesotho Telecommunications Authority (Broadcasting) Rules 2004
Lesotho Telecommunications Authority Act, 2000
Lesotho Telecommunications Authority Act, 2000
Lesotho Telecommunications Authority Act, Amendment 2001
Lesotho Telecommunications Authority Regulations 2001

Transport And Maritime Law

Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2000

Environmental Law

Forestry Act 1998
Tourism (amendment) Act 2006
Tourism Act 2002

Commentated Laws

Explanatory Memorandum to the Income Tax Act 1993

Law Sources

Central Bank of Lesotho
Department of Civil Aviation
Department of Culture
Lesotho Communications Authority
Lesotho Legislation
Lesotho Revenue Authority
Ministry of Education and Training
Ministry of Health and Social Welfare
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Labour
Ministry of Mines
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of the Public Service
lesotho Electricity Authority

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