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Constitutional Law

Loi N° 250/93 Institution du Conseil Constitutionnel
The Constitution
The Lebanese constitution
The Lebanese constitution

Electoral Law

Loi no 171 Loi Electorale Parlementaire
Parliamentary Election Law - No. 25
Parliamentary Elections Law No. 25

Administrative / Public Law

Decree No15 on Lebanese Nationality including Amendments
Law on Withdrawal of Nationality
Municipal Act 1977
The Law on Lebanese Nationality

Criminal Law

Decision No. 51/1 Concerning the Regulation of Narcotic Substances
Law no 318 Fighting Money Laundering
Law no 318 Fighting Money Laundering

Civil Law

Law no 228 Privatization Law

Commercial Law

Code of Commerce
Law no 360 Investment Encouragement Law
Law no 360 Investment Encouragement Law
Law no 659 Consumer Protection Law
Law on the Protection of National Production
Loi nº 360 Développer les investissements au Liban
New Consumer Protection Law

Company Law

Incorporation Law
Law no 228 Privatization Law

Labor Law

LOI No. 207 Du 26 Mai 2000, Modifiant les articles 26, 28, 29 et 52 du Code Travail 1946
Loi du 23 septembre 1946 portant Code du Travail, dans sa teneur modifiée.

Tax Law

Customs Law
Value Added Tax Law 2001

Banking Law

Decision 7074 on Collective Investment Schemes
Decision no. 7548 on Electronic Financial and Banking Transactions
Law 192/1993 on Bank Merger
Law 347 of August 6, 2001 Regulating the Money Changer Profession in Lebanon
Law No 705 of December 9, 2005 Asset Securitization Law
Law no 234 of 2000 Financial Intermediary Institutions
Law no 308 Bank Share Issuing and Trading, Bank Bond Issuing and Bank Ownership of Real Estate
Law no 520 Developing the Financial Market and the Fiduciary Contracts Regulations (in french)
Law of September 3, 1956 On Banking Secrecy
Loi No 520 du 6 juin 1996 Développement du Marché Financier et des Contrats Fiduciaires
The Establishment of Islamic Banks in Lebanon

Communications And Media Law

Law no 431 / 2002 Telecommunications Law
Law no 431 / 2002 Telecommunications Law
Law no 431 / 2002 Telecommunications Law
TRA Administrative and Financial Regulations Decree No 14264 dated 4/3/2005

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Law of 1999
Copyright Law of 1999
IPR Law 1924
Law on the Protection of Literary and Artistic Property
Patent Law of 2000
Patent Law of 2000

Energy Law

Law N° 462 Regulation of the Electricity Sector

Law Sources

Higher Council for Privatization
Investment Development Authority of Lebanon
Lebanese Customs
Lebanese Government Portal
Lebanese Laws
Lebanese Parliament
Lebanon Elections 2010
Ministry of Economy & Trade
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Telecommunications
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
The Central Bank of Lebanon

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