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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court comprises the Court of Appeal and the High Court. Appeals from the Magistracy and the High Court lie to the Court of Appeal and Appeals from the Court of Appeal lie to the Privy Council in England. The Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago establishes the Supreme Court of Judicature for Trinidad and Tobago. Chapter 7 Part 1 Section 99 of the Constitution states that "There shall be a Supreme Court of Judicature for Trinidad and Tobago consisting of a High Court of Justice and a Court of Appeal with such jurisdiction and powers as are conferred on these Courts respectively by this constitution or any other law."

Court of Appeal
Privy Council UK

Appellate Courts

The High Court hears indictable criminal matters, family matters where the parties are married, and civil matters involving sums over the petty civil court limit.

High Court Port of Spain
High Court San Fernando
High Court Tobago

First Instance Courts

The Magistracy courts have original jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters. The Magistracy deals with civil matters involving claims less than $ 15.000

Magistrate Court Arima
Magistrate Court Chaguanas
Magistrate Court Couva
Magistrate Court Mayaro
Magistrate Court Moruga
Magistrate Court Point Fortin
Magistrate Court Princes Town
Magistrate Court Rio Claro
Magistrate Court San Fernando
Magistrate Court Sangre Grande
Magistrate Court Siparia
Magistrate Court St. George West
Magistrate Court Tobago
Magistrate Court Tunapuna

Other Courts

Family Court

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Court Of Appeal Decisions
High Court Decisions

Judiciary (general)

Auditor General's Department
Judiciary of the Republic of Trinidad & Tobaco

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