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Constitutional Court

Konstitucinis Teismas

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania ensures the supremacy of the Constitution within the legal system as well as constitutional justice by deciding whether the laws and other legal acts adopted by the Seimas are in conformity with the Constitution, and whether the acts adopted by the President or the Government of the Republic are in compliance with the Constitution and laws.
The Constitutional Court consists of 9 justices appointed for a nine-year unrenewable term of office.

Constitutional Court of the republic of Lithuania (Vilnius)

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Lietuvos Aukšciausiasis Teismas

The Supreme Court is the court of last instance for all matters that have been adjudicated by district and regional courts.
The Supreme Court of Lithuania is composed of 37 judges.

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Lithuania

Appellate Courts

Apeliacinis teismas

The Court of Appeal is appeal instance for the cases heard by regional courts as courts of first instance. It also hears requests for the recognition of decisions of foreign or international courts and foreign or international arbitration awards and their enforcement in the Republic of Lithuania, as well as performs other functions assigned to the jurisdiction of this court by law.

Vilnius Court Of Appeal

Regional courts

Apygardos teismas

First instance for criminal and civil cases assigned to its jurisdiction by law, and appeal instance for judgements, decisions, rulings and orders of district courts.

Kaunas Regional Court
Klaipeda Regional Court
Panevežio Regional Court
Vilnius Regional Court
Šiauliai Regional Court

First Instance Courts

First instance for criminal, civil cases and cases of administrative offences (assigned to its jurisdiction by law), cases assigned to the jurisdiction of mortgage judges, as well as cases relating to the enforcement of decisions and sentences. There are 54 district courts in Lithuania

District Courts
Akmene District Court (S)
Alytus District Court (K)
Anykšciai District Court (P)
Biržai District Court (P)
Druskininku District Court (V)
Ignalinos District Court (V)
Jonava District Court (K)
Joniskis District Court (S)
Jurbarkas District Court (K)
Kaišiadorys District Court (K)
Kaunas City Court (K)
Kaunas District Court (K)
Kedainiai District Court (P)
Kelme District Court (S)
Klaipeda District Court (Kl)
Kretinga District Court (Kl)
Kupiškis District Court (P)
Lazdijai District Court (K)
Marijampole District Court (K)
Mazeikiai District Court (S)
Moletu District Court (V)
Pakruojis District Court (S)
Palanga City Court (Kl)
Panevežys District Court (P)
Pasvalys District Court (P)
Plunge District Court (Kl)
Prienai District Court (K)
Radviliskis District Court (S)
Raseiniai District Court (S)
Rokiškis District Court (P)
Skuodas District Court (Kl)
Taurage District Court (Kl)
Telsiai District Court (S)
Traku District Court (V)
Ukmerges District Court (V)
Utena District Court (P)
Varenos District Court (V)
Vilkaviškis District Court (K)
Vilniaus District Court (V)
Vilnius City Court 1
Vilnius City Court 2
Vilnius City Court 3
Vilnius City Court 4
Visagino District Court (V)
Zarasu District Court (V)
Šakiai District Court (K)
Šalcininku District Court (V)
Šiauliai City Court (S)
Šiauliai District Court (S)
Šilale District Court (Kl)
Šilute District Court (Kl)
Širvintu District Court (V)
Švencioniu District Court (V)

Administrative Supreme Court

Administrative courts consider disputes that arise in the sphere of public and internal administration. The competence of administrative courts is regulated by the Law on Administrative Proceedings as well as number of specialized laws, such as laws on elections, public service, tax, zoning etc.

The Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

Administrative Court Kaunas
Administrative Court Klapeida
Administrative Court Panevezys
Administrative Court Sauliai
Administrative Courts Vilnius

Court of Audit

National Audit Office

Other Courts

Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Decisions of the Constitutional Court

Judiciary (general)

Lithuanian Association of Judges
National Courts Administration
Prosecutor's Office of Lithuania

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