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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial authority in the courts of general jurisdiction, and aims to monitor the safety of application of the provisions of Islamic law. The Court consist of 10 judges including the chairman.

Supreme Court

Appellate Courts

The Courts of Appeal are trhe appellate courts for the lower courts (General, District and commercial courts). The courts are comprised of a panel of three judges

Courts of Appeal
Court of Appeal in Abha (Asir)
Court of Appeal in Buraidah (Quassim)
Court of Appeal in Dammam (Eastern Region)
Court of Appeal in Mecca (Makkah)
Court of Appeal in Medina
Court of Appeal in Riyadh
Court of Appeal in Skaka (Al Jouf)

First Instance Courts

General Courts
Court Aharidp (Amir)
Court Ahlgrev (Makkah)
Court Alaciah (Quassim)
Court Alaftyhp (Jazan)
Court Alamadh (Amir)
Court Alamueh (Makkah)
Court Albjadip / (Dwadmi) (Riyadh)
Court Aldhlmyp (Quassim)
Court Alhako (Jazan)
Court Alibdaa (Quassim)
Court Aljamsh / (Dwadmi) (Riyadh)
Court Aljoh (Amir)
Court Almendq (Al Baha)
Court Almzilv (Makkah)
Court Aloajafr (Hail)
Court Alomoah (Amir)
Court Alortaui / (Dwadmi) (Riyadh)
Court Alsairp (Eastern Region)
Court Alsaudhrp (Medina)
Court Alsbejh (Amir)
Court Alvebih (Quassim)
Court Alvedp / (Dwadmi) (Riyadh)
Court Alzein (Eastern Region)
Court Arar (Northern Border)
Court Areen (Amir)
Court Artawiyah (Riyadh)
Court Asilp / (Dwadmi) (Riyadh)
Court Assyah (Quassim)
Court Balhamr (Amir)
Court Ballsamar (Amir)
Court Bani Malik Jazan (Jazan)
Court Bani Saad (Makkah)
Court Baqaa (Hail)
Court Batin (Eastern Region)
Court Belghazi (Jazan)
Court Belkrn (Amir)
Court Bir Ben Hermas (Tabuk)
Court Bisha (Amir)
Court Chemli (Hail)
Court Dalam / (Al-Kharj) (Riyadh)
Court Duba (Tabuk)
Court Dwadmi (Riyadh)
Court Fri Rabia Almqatrp (Amir)
Court Gmiqp (Makkah)
Court Gosaiba (Quassim)
Court Gulwh (Al Baha)
Court Gurayat (Jouf)
Court Habouna (Najran)
Court Hanakia (Medina)
Court Jafr (Eastern Region)
Court Jalajil (Riyadh)
Court Jamom (Makkah)
Court Jandal (Jouf)
Court Khulais (Makkah)
Court Layth (Makkah)
Court Liqya (Makkah)
Court Mahani (Makkah)
Court Majardh (Amir)
Court Makhwah (Al Baha)
Court Maysan (Makkah)
Court Mhail (Amir)
Court Moukq (Hail)
Court Nairyah (Eastern Region)
Court Namas (Amir)
Court Paljrchi (Al Baha)
Court Qahmp (Amir)
Court Qunfudah (Makkah)
Court Quoz (Makkah)
Court Qurei Bani Malik (Makkah)
Court Rabigh (Makkah)
Court Rabuap (Amir)
Court Rafha (Northern Border)
Court Ranyah (Makkah)
Court Ras Tanura (Eastern Region)
Court Salimi (Hail)
Court Samira (Hail)
Court Samk (Amir)
Court Samtah (Jazan)
Court Sarat Ubaida (Amir)
Court Sbia (Jazan)
Court Sha'af (Amir)
Court Shannan (Hail)
Court Sharorah (Najran)
Court Suerekaya (Medina)
Court Sump / (Dwadmi) (Riyadh)
Court Tabarjal (Jouf)
Court Taima (Tabuk)
Court Tamir (Riyadh)
Court Tannumah (Amir)
Court Tarif (Northern Border)
Court Uwayqilah (Northern Border)
Court Wadi Jizan (Jazan)
Court Wadi bin Hishbl (Amir)
Court hotat (Riyadh)
Court lame / (Dwadmi) (Riyadh)
Court of Abqaiq (Eastern Region)
Court of Abu Arish (Jazan)
Court of Al-Kharj (Riyadh)
Court of Bani Amr (Amir)
Court of Khafji (Eastern Region)
Court of Khyber (Medina)
Court of Qana (Amir)
District Court Afif (Riyadh)
District Court Aflaj (Riyadh)
District Court Baha (Al Baha)
District Court Dharma (Riyadh)
District Court Dir'iya (Riyadh)
District Court Ghat (Riyadh)
District Court Haoutat Bani Tamim (Riyadh)
District Court Hureimulaa (Riyadh)
District Court Kowaiyia (Riyadh)
District Court Makkah (Makkah)
District Court Muzahmiah (Riyadh)
District Court Scion (Riyadh)
District Court Thadek (Riyadh)
District Court Zulfi (Riyadh)
District Court in Abha (Asir)
District Court in Al-Ahsa (Eastern Region)
District Court in Al-Jouf (Jouf)
District Court in Al-Khobar (Eastern Region)
District Court in Al-Taif (Makkah)
District Court in Buraida (Quassim)
District Court in Dammam (Eastern Region)
District Court in Hail (Hail)
District Court in Jeddah (Makkah)
District Court in Jizan (Jazan)
District Court in Khamis Mushayt (Amir)
District Court in Medina (Medina)
District Court in Najran (Najran)
District Court in Qatif (Eastern Region)
District Court in Riyadh
District Court in Tabuk (Tabuk)
District Court to ensure Marriages in Riyadh (Riyadh)
District Courts
General Court in Abha (Asir)
General Court in Al-Jouf (Jouf)
General Court in Al-Taif (Makkah)
General Court in Buraida (Quassim)
General Court in Dammam (Eastern Region)
General Court in Hail (Hail)
General Court in Jeddah (Makkah)
General Court in Jizan (Jazan)
General Court in Khamis Mushayt (Amir)
General Court in Makkah (Makkah)
General Court in Medina (Medina)
General Court in Najran (Najran)
General Court in Qatif (Eastern Region)
General Court of Riyadh (Riyadh)
General Court-Ahsa (Eastern region)
General Court-Baha (Al Baha)
General court in Tabuk (Tabuk)
Magistrates Court to ensure Marriages in Jeddah (Makkah)

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

Board of Grievances

Court of Audit

General Auditing Bureau

Other Courts

Commercial Courts
Juvenile Court
Second Court of warranty and Marriages
Specialized Penal Court in Riyadh

Judiciary (general)

Shura Council
Supreme Economic Council
Supreme Judicial Council

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