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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court is the jighest court in Israel. It has jurisdiction to hear criminal and civil appeals from judgements of the District Courts. The Supreme Court has special jurisdiction to hear appeals in matters of Knesset elections, rulings of the Civil Service Commission, disciplinary rulings of the Israel Bar Association, administrative detentions, and prisoners' petitions appealed from the District Court.

Supreme Court of Israel

Appellate Courts

District Courts are the second tier courts in Israel. They have jurisdiction in any matter that is not within the sole jurisdiction of another court. In criminal matters the District Courts hear cases where the accused faces more than seven years imprisonment. In civil cases, District Courts' jurisdiction extends to matters in which more than one million shekels (appr. U.S. $300,000) are in dispute. The courts also hear appeals of judgements of the Magistrates' Courts.

District Courts of Law

First Instance Courts

The Magistrates' Courts are the basic trial courts. The courts have jurisdiction in criminal matters where the accused is charged with an offense that carries with it a potential punishment of up to seven years imprisonment. In civil matters the courts have jurisdiction in matters up to a million shekels (appr. U.S. $300,000).

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Decisions of the Supreme Court
Decisions of the Supreme Court

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