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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)


The Supreme Court of Iceland is the highest Judicial Instance in Iceland, and hears appeals of the District Courts. (Two level Judicial System) The Supreme Court of Iceland operates in two divisions, where either three or five justices sit to hear a case before the Court, while there are nine justices altogether. For especially important cases, the President may decide that the bench be constituted by seven justices.

Supreme Court of Iceland

First Instance Courts

The District court is the first instance court for matters relating to criminal and civil cases. There are eight district courts in Iceland

District Courts
East District Court (Héraðsdóms Austurlands)
Northeast District Court (Héraðsdómur Norðurlands)
Northwest District Court (Héraðsdómur Norðurlands vestra)
Reykjanes District Court (Héraðsdómur Reykjaness )
Reykjavík District Court (Héraðsdómur Reykjavíkur)
South District Court (Héraðsdómur Suðurlands)
West District Court (Héraðsdómur Vesturlands)
Westfjords District Court (Héraðsdómur Vestfjarða)

Judiciary (general)

Heradsdomur Nordurlands Eystra - Court for the N-E jurisdiction.
Iceland Courts

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