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Constitutional Law

Constitution of Zimbabwe (amended 2005)
Constitution of Zimbabwe (amended 2005)
Constitution of Zimbabwe (amended)
Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 18) Act (Act No 11 of 2007)

Litigation And Court Procedure

Administrative Court Act (Ch 7:01)
Administrative Court Act (Ch 7:01)
Arbitration Act (Ch 7:15)
Civil Evidence Act (Ch 8:01)
Customary Law and Local Courts Act (Ch 7:05)
Fiscal Appeal Court Act (Ch 23:05)
High Court Act (Ch 7:06)
Inquests Act (Ch 7:07)
Judicial Service Act, 2006 (Act 10, 2006)
Justices of the Peace Act (Ch 7:09)
Legal Aid Act (Ch 7:16)
Legal Practioners Act (Ch 27:07)
Magistrates Court Act (Ch 7:10)
Powers of Attorney Act (Ch 8:09)
Powers of Attorney Act (Ch 8:09)
Small Claim Courts Act (Ch 7:12)
Supreme Court Act (Ch 7:13)
Transfer of Offender Act (Ch 7:14)

Electoral Law

Electoral (Amendment) Regulations, 2008 (No. 2) - SI 13/2008
Electoral Act - Incorporating all amendments as of March 17, 2008
Electoral Act [Chapter 2:01]
Electoral Act [Chapter 2:13] (Act 25/2004)
Electoral Laws Amendment Act, 2007 (Act 17, 2007)
Electoral Laws Amendment Act, 2007 (Act 17, 2007)
Electoral Regulations - SI 21/2005 - Updated to 18 March 2008
Political Parties Finance Act
Political Parties Finance Act (Ch 2:04)
Political Parties Finance Act (Ch 2:11)
Referendums Act (Ch 2:10)

Administrative / Public Law

Birth and Deaths Registration Act (Ch 5:02)
Birth and Deaths Registration Act (Ch 5:02)
Burial and Cremation Act (Ch 5:03)
Cemetries Act (Ch 5:04)
Chiefs and Headmen Act (Ch 29:01)
Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act (Ch 4:01)
Citizenship of Zimbabwe Act (Ch 4:01)
Citizenship of Zimbabwe Amendment Bill, 2003
Concealment of Births Act (Ch 9:04)
Councils Act (Ch 29:15)
Education Act (Ch 25:04)
Education Act [Chapter 25:04] 2004
Emergency Powers Act (Ch 11:04)
General Laws Amendment Act, 2005 (Act 6/2005)
Immigration (Amendment) Regulations, 2005 (No.1)
Immigration Act (Ch 4:02)
Lotteries and Gaming Act (Ch 10.26)
Ombudsman Act (Ch 10:18)
Privileges and Immunities Act (Ch 3:03)
Procurement Act (Ch 22:14)
Provincial Councils anbd Administration Act (Ch 29:11)
Public Order and Security Amendment Act, 2007 (Act 18, 2007)
Public Services Act (Ch 16:04)
Refugees Act (Ch 4:03)
Regional, Town and Country Planning Act (Chapter 29:12)
Rural Districts Councils Act (Ch 29:13)
Rural Land Occupiers (Protection from Eviction) Act 2002
Traditional Leaders Act (Ch 29:17)
University of Zimbabwe Act (Ch 25:16)
Urban Councils Act

Criminal Law

Amendment to the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act Regulations, 2008 - SI 51A
Amnesty Act (Ch 9:02)
Anti-Corruption Commission Act [Chapter 9:22] 2004
Criminal (Mutual assistance) Act (Ch 9:06)
Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Act [Chapter 9:23] Act 23/2004
Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act
Criminal Procedure and Evidence Act (Ch 9:07)
Criminal Procedure and Evidence Amendment Act, 2006 (Act 9, 2006)
Domestic Violence Act (Ch 5:16)
Domestic Violence Act Ch 5:16, Act 14/2006
Ex-Political Prisoners, Detainees, and Restrictees Act [Chapter 17:10] Act 22/2004
Extradiction Act (Ch 9:07)
Firearms Act (Ch 10:09)
Genocide (Ch 9:08)
Miscellaneous Offences Act (Ch 9:15)
Police Act (Ch 11:10)
Prevention of Corruption Act (Ch: 16)
Prevention of Domestic Violence and Protection of Victims of Domestic Violence [Draft] Bill, 2003
Prisons Act (Ch 7:11)
Serious Offences (Confiscation of Profits) Act 9:17
Serious Offencse (Confiscation of Profits) Act (Ch 9:17)
Sexual Offences Act (Act 8/2001)
Sexual Offences Act (Ch 9:21)
Sexual Offences Act (Ch 9:21)
Stock Theft Act (Ch 9:18)
Witchcraft Surpression Act (Ch 9:19)

Civil Law

Administration of Estates Act (Ch 6:01)
Child Abduction Act (Ch 5:05)
Children's Act (Ch 5:06)
Children's Act (Ch 5:06)
Civil Matters (Mutual Assistance) Act (Ch 8:01)
Consolidated Land Acquisition Act [CAP 20:10]
Consumer Contracts Act (Ch 8:03)
Contractual Penalties Act (Ch 8:04)
Customary Marriages Act (Ch 5:07)
Deceased Estates Succession Act (Ch 6:02)
Deceased Person's Family Maintenance Act (Ch 6:03)
Housing Standards Control Act
Land Acquisition Act (CH 20:10)
Land Survey Act (Ch 20:12)
Maintenance Act (Ch 5:09)
Marriage Act (Ch 5:11)
Marriage Act (Ch 5:11)
Married Persons Porperty Act (Ch 5:12)
Matrimonial Causes Act (Ch 5:13)
Missing Persons Act (Ch 5:14)
Wiils Act (Ch 6:06)
Wiils Act (Ch 6:06)

Commercial Law

Bills of Exchange Act (Ch 14:02)
Competition Act (Ch 14:28)
Control of Goods Act (Ch 14:05)
Export Processing Zones Act 14:07
Factories and Works Act (Ch 14:08)
Hire Purchase Act (Ch 14:09)
Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act, 2007 (Act 14, 2007)
Liquor Act (Ch 14:12)
Merchandise Marks Act (Ch 14:13)
Second Hand Goods Act (Ch 14:16)
Shop Licenses Act (Ch 14:17)
Traditional Beer Act (Ch 14:24)

Company Law

Co-Operative Societies Act (Ch 24:05)
Companies Act (Ch 24:03)
Companies Amendment Act, 2006 (Act 5, 2006)
Companies and Associations Trustees Act (Ch 24:04)
Competition Act 1996
Non-Governemental Organizations Act
Private Business Corporations Act (Ch 24:11)
Small Enterprises Development Corporation Act (Ch 24:12)
Zimbabwe Act To amend the Competition Act, 1996; to repeal the Tariff Commission Act

Labor Law

Labour Act (Ch 28:01)
Labour Act [Chapter 28:01] amended 2006
Labour Amendment Act, 2005 (Act 7/2005)
Manpower planning and Development Act (Ch 28:02)
Parliamentary Pension Act (Ch 2:02)
Pensions (Increase and Adjustment) Act (Ch 16:02)
Pensions and other Benefits Act (Ch 16:01)
Presidential Pension and Retirement Benefits Act (Ch 2:05)
Presidential Salary and Allowances Act (Ch 2:06)
Social Welfare Assistance Act (Ch 17:06)

Health Law

Dangerous Drugs Act (Ch 15:02)
Dangerous Drugs Act (Ch 15:02)
Dangerous Drugs Regulations RGN 1111 of 1975
Disabled Persons Act (Ch 17:01)
Disabled Persons Act as amended to December 01, 2002
Food and Food Standards Act (Ch 15:04)
Hazardous Substances and Articles Act (Ch 15:05)
Medical Dental and Allied Pr5ofessions Act (Ch: 08)
Medical Services Act (Ch 15:13)
Medicines and Allied Substances Control (Import and Export of Medicines) Regulations, 2008 (Statutory Instrument 57 of 2008).
Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act (Ch 15:03)
Medicines and Allied Substances Control Act (Ch 15:03)
Medicines and Allied Substances Control Regulations (S.I. 150 of 1990)
Mental Health Act (Ch 15:12)
Public Health Act (Ch 15:09)
Termination of Pregnacy Act (Ch 15:10)
Traditional Medical Practioners Act (Ch 27:14)

Mining Law

Base Minerals Export Control Act (Ch 21:01)
Mines and Minerals Act (Ch 21:05)
Mines and Minerals Act (Ch 21:05)

Tax Law

Capital Gains Tax Act (Ch 23:01)
Customs and Excise Act (Ch 23:02)
Estate Duty Act (Ch 23:03)
Income Tax (Transitional Period Provisions) Act (Ch 23:07)
Income Tax Act (Ch 23:06)
Revenue Authority Act (Ch 23:11)
Sales Tax Act (Ch 23:08)
Stamp Duties Act (Ch 23:09)
Tax Reserve Certificates Act (Ch 23:10)
Value Added Tax Act (Ch 23:12)

Banking Law

Bank use Promotion and Surpression of Money Laundering Act (Ch 24:24)
Banking Act (Ch 24:20)
Banking Act 24:20
Chartered Accountants Act (Ch 27:02)
Collective Investment Scheme Act 24:19
Collective Investment Schemes Act (Ch 24:19)
Collective Investment Schemes Act 1997
Exchange Control Act (Ch 22:05)
Exchange Control Act 22:05
Export Credit Reinsurance Act 24:06
Finance (No. 2) Act 2007 (Act 16, 2007)
Finance Act (Ch 23:04)
Finance Act, 2006 (Act 6, 2006)
Finance Act, 2007 (Act 8, 2007)
Finance Act, 2009 (Act 3, 2009)
Finance Bill, 2005 [H.B.26, 2004]
Insolvency Act (Ch 6:04)
International Financial Organizations Act (Ch 22:09)
Money Lending and Rates of Interest Act 14:14
National Payment Systems Act (Ch 24:23)
National Payment Systems Act 24:23
National Trust Act (Ch 25:12)
Pension and Provident Funds Act (Ch 24:09)
Prescribed Rate of Interest Act 8:10
Public Accountant and Auditors Act (Ch 27:12)
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Act 22:15
State Loans and Guarantees Act 22:13
Troubled Financial Institutions (Resolution) Act [Chapter 24:28] Act 31/2004
Zimbabwe Development Bank Act (Ch 24:14)
Zimbabwe Investment Authority Act (Act 4, 2006)
Zimbabwe Investment Centre Act (Ch 24:16(
Zimbabwe Investment Centre Act 24:16
Zimbabwe Sotck Exchange Act (Ch 24:18)
Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Act 24:18

Insurance Law

Export Credt Reinsurance Act (Ch 24:06)
Insurance Act (Ch 24:07)

Communications And Media Law

Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) (2003)
Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Amendment Act, 2007 (Act 20, 2007)
Broadcasting Services Act, 2001
Broadcasting Services Amendment Act, 2007 (Act 19, 2007)
Censorship and Entertainments Control Act 2004
Interception of Communications Act Ch 11:20, Act 6/2007
National Archives of Zimbabwe Act (Ch 25:06)
National Museum and Monuments Act (Ch 25:11)
Official Secrets Act (Ch 11:09)
Official Secrets Act [Chapter 11:09]
Postal and Telecommunications Act (Ch 12:05)
Printed Publications Act (Ch 25:14)
Radio Communications Services Act (Ch 12:04)

Transport And Maritime Law

Aviation Act (Ch 13:03)
Carriage by Air Act (Ch 13:04)
Civil Aviation Act (Ch 13:16)
Railways Act (Ch 13:09)
Road Motor Transportation Act (Ch 13:10)
Road Motor Transportation Act (Ch 13:15)
Road Traffic Act (Ch 13:11)
Roads Act (Ch 13:12)
Roads Act (Ch 13:18)

Environmental Law

Environmental Management Act (Ch 20:27)
Environmental Management Act [Chapter 20:27] 2006
Forest Act (Ch 19:05)
National Biotechnology Authority Act (Act 3, 2006)
Parks and Wildlife Act (CH 20:14)
Protection of Wild Life (Indemnity) Act (CH 20:15)
Tourism Act (Ch 14:20)
Water Act (Ch 20:24)
Water Act (Ch 20:24)

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act (Ch 26:1)
Copyright Act (Chapter 26:1)
Geographical Indications Act (Ch 26:06)
Industrial Designs Act (Ch 26:02)
Industrial Designs Act (Chapter 26:02)
Intergrated Circuit Layout Act (Ch 26:07)
Loi sur les brevets [chapitre 26:03]*
Patents Act (Ch 26:03)
Patents Act (Chapter 26:03) (as last amended by Act 20/1994 (S.7))
Plant Variety Protection Act (1974)
Trade Marks Act (Ch. 26:04)
Trademarks Act (Ch 26:04)

Energy Law

Electricity Act
Electricity Act (Ch 13:05)
Electricity Act (Ch 13:19)
Electricity Amendment Act
Petroleum Act [Chapter 13:22] - Act 11/2006
Pipelines Act (Ch 13:08)

Construction Law

Architects Act (Ch 27:01)
Building Societies Act (Ch 24:02)
Building Societies Act 24:02
Housing Standards Control Act (Ch 29:08)
Housing and Building Act (Ch 22:07)
Regional Town and Country Planning Act (Ch 29:12)

Agriculture Law

Agricultural Finance Act (Ch 18:02)
Agricultural Products Marketing Act (Ch 18:22)
Animal Health Act (Ch 19:01)
Bees Act (Ch 19:02)
Dairy Act (Ch 18:08)
Farmers Licensing and Levy Act (Ch 18:10)
Fruit Marketing Act (Ch 18:13)
Grain Marketing Act (Ch 18:14)
Plant Breeders Rights Act (Ch 18:16)
Plant Pests and Diseases Act (Ch 19:08)
Produce Export Act (Ch 18:17)
Rural Land Act (Ch 20:18)
Seeds Act (CH 19:13)
Sugar Production Controil Act (Ch 18:19)
Tobacco Industry and Marketing Act (Ch 18:20)
Veterinary Surgeons Act (Ch 27:15)

Arbitration Law

Arbitration Act (Ch 7:15)

Law Sources

Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe
Justice for Children Trust
Medicines Control Authority
Ministry Of Home Affairs
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Educatio, Sports and Culture
Ministry of Environment and Tourism
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Health and Child Welfare
Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education
Ministry of Industry and Commerce
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Local Government, Public Works & Urban Development
Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Transport and Communications
National Constituional Assembly
National Social Security Authority
Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe
Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Electricity Regulatory Commission (ZERC)
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority

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