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Constitutional Law

Act of Constitution of Tonga
Constitution of Tonga
Constitution of Tonga

Litigation And Court Procedure

Court Fees Act
Court of Appeal Act
Divorce Rules 1991
Judicial Services Commission Act
Land Court Rules
Law Practitioners Act 1989
Magistrate's Court (Civil) Rules 2007
Magistrates Courts (Allowances to Witnesses) Regulations 1990
Magistrates' Courts Act
Magistrates' Courts Rules
Obtaining Evidence for Foreign Courts Rules
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Rules
Service of Foreign Process Rules
Supreme Court (Allowances to Witnesses) Regulations 1990
Supreme Court (Change of Name) Rules
Supreme Court Act
Tonga Defence Services Act 1992
Tonga Defence Services Pensions Regulations 1994
Tonga Defence Services Regulations 1994
Tonga Defence Services Summary Jurisdiction Rules 1994

Electoral Law

Constitutional and Electoral Commission Act 2008.
Electoral Act 1989

Administrative / Public Law

Bazaars and Concerts Act
Boxing Matches (Regulation) Act
Commissioner for Public Relations Act 2001
Diplomatic Privileges Act
Diplomatic Relations Act
District and Town Officers Act
Education Act
Educational Films Act
Emergency Management Act 2007
Emergency Powers Act
Emergency Powers Act (CAP. 45) (Section 2)
Evacuation Act
Evacuation of Foreigners Act
Fire Service Act
Government Act
Guardianship Act 2004
Immigration Act
Immigration Regulations
Interpretation Act
Laws Consolidation Act 1988
Legislative Assembly Act
Metrication Act
National Anthem of Tonga Act
Nationality (Re-admission) Regulations 2007
Nationality Act
Naturalization Regulations 1996
Notaries Public Act
Official Secrets Act
Order in Public Places Act
Passport Act
Passport Regulations 2004
Public Order (Preservation) Act
Public Service Act 2002
Raffles Act
Retirement Fund (Administration) Regulations 1999
Retirement Fund Act 1998
Retirement Fund Board Act 1998
Royal Arms and Flag Act
Royal Commissions Act
Royal Estates Act
Special Missions Privileges and Immunities Act
Statistics Act
Tonga National Qualifications and Accreditation Board Act 2004
Tonga Sports Council Act 1989
Treaty of Friendship
Village Regulations

Criminal Law

Adultery and Fornication Act
Anti-Corruption Commissioner Act 2007
Arms and Ammunition Act
Bail Act 1990
Bailiffs Act 2000
Computer Crimes Act
Computer Crimes Act
Criminal Offences (Amendment) Act 2007
Drugs and Poisons Act
Evidence Act
Explosives Act
Extradition Act
Foreign Evidence Act 2000
Illicit Drugs Control Act 2003
Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act 2000
Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act 2000
Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act 2000 Notice
Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 2000
Police Act
Pornography Control Act 2002
Prison Rules
Prisons Act
Probate Act
Transfer of Prisoners Act 1997

Civil Law

Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act
Civil Law Act
Divorce Act
Dogs Act
Fatal Accidents Act
Land Act
Legitimacy Act
Maintenance of Deserted Wives Act
Maintenance of Illegitimate Children Act

Commercial Law

Consumer Protection Act 2000
Manufacture of Intoxicating Liquor Act
Price and Wage Control Act
Tonga Trade and Investment Board Act 2005
Trading with the Enemy Act
Weights and Measures Act

Company Law

Business Licences Act 2002
Business Licences Regulations 2007
Co-operative Societies Act
Companies (Liquidation) Regulations 1999
Companies Act 1995
Companies Regulations 1999
Incorporated Societies Act
Industrial Development Incentives Act
Industrial Development Incentives Regulations
International Organisations (Immunities and Privileges of Certain Officers) Act
Protection Against Unfair Competition Act 2002
Public Enterprises Act 2002
Registration of Business Names Act 2002

Labor Law

Pensions Act
Pensions Regulations
Public Holidays Act
Trade Unions Act

Health Law

Health Practitioners Review Act 2001
Health Services Act 1991
Intoxicating Liquor Act
Medical Services Regulations
Medical and Dental Practice Act 2001
Mental Health Act 2001
Methylated Spirits Act 2001
Nurses Act 2001
Public Health (Meat) Regulations
Public Health Act
Quarantine (Aerial Navigation) Regulations
Quarantine Act
Quarantine Regulations
Restaurants and Food Stores Regulations
Therapeutic Goods Act 2001
Tobacco Control Act 2000
Tonga Red Cross Society Act
Vaccination Act

Mining Law

Minerals Act

Tax Law

Consumption Tax (Amendment) Act 2007
Consumption Tax Act 2003
Consumption Tax Act 2003
Consumption Tax Act 2003
Consumption Tax Ammendment Act (2003)
Consumption Tax Regulations 2005
Consumption Tax Regulations 2005
Customs And Excise Management Act 2007
Customs Regulations 2008
Income Tax Act
Income Tax Act 2007
Income Tax Regulations 2008
Public Revenue Ammendment Act (2000)
Revenue Administration Act 2000
Revenue Administration Act 2000
Revenue Administration Amendment Act 2002
Revenue Services Administration Act 2002
Revenue Services Administration Act 2002
Revenue Services Administration Act 2002
Revenue Services Administration Amendment Act 2003
Revenue Services Administration Amendment Act 2007
Revenue Services Administration Amendment Regulations 2006
Revenue Services Administration Regulations 2003
Wharves Act

Banking Law

Appropriation Act 2007-2008
Asian Development Bank Act
Bank of Tonga Act
Bills of Exchange Act
Financial Institutions Act 2004
Financial Institutions Act 2004
Financial Institutions Regulations 1997
Financial Institutions Regulations 2006
Foreign Exchange Control (Amendment) Regulations, 2000
Foreign Exchange Control (Amendment) Regulations, 2009
Foreign Exchange Control Act
Foreign Exchange Control Regulations
Foreign Exchange Control Regulations, 1965
Foreign Investment Act 2002
Market Regulations
Markets Act
National Reserve Bank of Tonga (Amendment) Act, 1990
National Reserve Bank of Tonga (Amendment) Act, 2000
National Reserve Bank of Tonga (Amendment) Act, 2007
National Reserve Bank of Tonga (Currency) Regulations 1989
National Reserve Bank of Tonga Act
National Reserve Bank of Tonga Act 1988
National Reserve Bank of Tonga Regulations 1989
National Reserve Bank of Tonga Regulations 1989
Public Audit Act 2007
Public Finance Management Act 2002
Public Finance Management Act 2002
Talamahu Market Regulations 1995
Tonga Development Bank Act
Tonga Trust Fund Act

Communications And Media Law

Cinematograph Act
Communications Act 2000
Media Operators Act 2003
Newspaper Act 2003
Post Office Act
Postal Regulations
Prohibited Publications Act
Protection from Abuse of Press Freedom Ordinance 2003
Radiocommunication Act
Stamp Act
Telegraph Act
Tonga Broadcasting Commission Act
Tonga Communications Corporation Act 2000

Transport And Maritime Law

Aircraft Offences Act
Bicycle Registration Act
Carriage by Air Act 1991
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Sea Act
Civil Aviation (Aerodromes and Licensing Charges) Regulations 1996
Civil Aviation (Passenger Service Charge) Regulations 1996
Civil Aviation (Restriction of Use of Land) Regulations 1996
Civil Aviation Act 1990
Civil Aviation Regulations 1992
Customs Airports Regulations
Dock Regulation Act
Fisheries Management Act 2002
Fisheries Regulations 1992
Harbours Act
Marine Insurance Act
Ports Authority Act 1998
Ports Management Act 2001
Roads Act
Shipping (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Regulations 2004
Shipping (Life Saving Appliances) Regulations
Shipping (Limitation of Liability) Act
Shipping (Registration) Regulations 2002
Shipping (STCW Convention) Regulations 1998
Shipping Act
Shipping and Navigation Regulations
Territorial Sea and Exclusive Economic Zone Act 1987
Traffic (Driving Test) Regulations
Traffic (Signs) Regulations
Traffic Act
Traffic Regulations
Vessels Replacement Fund Act

Environmental Law

Animal Diseases Act
Aquaculture Management Act 2003
Birds and Fish Preservation Act
Continental Shelf Act
Environmental Impact Assessment Act 2003
Forest Produce Regulations
Forests Act
Marine Pollution Prevention Act 2002
Parks and Reserves Act
Pounds and Animals Act
Preservation of Objects of Archaeological Interest Act
Tonga Water Board Act 2000
Tourist Act
Waste Management Act 2005

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act 2002
Industrial Property Act 1994
Protection of Geographical Indications Act 2002
Protection of Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits Act 2002

Energy Law

By-Laws Governing Terms and Conditions of Supply
Electric Power Board (Submarine Cables) By-laws
Electrical Contractor By-Laws
Electrical Wiring By-Laws
Electricity Act 2007
Lighting Act
Petroleum Act
Petroleum Regulations
Tonga Electric Power Board Act

Construction Law

Building Code Regulations 2007
Building Control and Standards Act 2002
Town Regulations Act

Agriculture Law

Agricultural Commodities Export Act 2002
Noxious Weeds Act
Pesticides Act 2002

Internet Law

Tongan Internet Corporation Register (Fees) Regulations 2000
Tongan Internet Corporation Register Act 2000

Law Sources

Legislation of Tonga
Inland Revenue Department
Ministry of Civil Aviation
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Finance and National Planning
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Lands, Survey and Natural Resources
Tonga Legal Gazette
Tongan Government

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