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Constitutional Law

Constitution of the Turks and Caicos Islands
Constitution of the Turks and Caicos Islands

Litigation And Court Procedure

Legal Profession Ordinance 1997

Administrative / Public Law

Confidential Relationships Ordinance
Confidential Relationships Ordinance
Encouragement of Development Ordinance
Gaming Machines Ordinance
Immigration Ordinance
Strata Titles Ordinance

Criminal Law

Anti-Money Laundering Regulations 2010
Anti-Money Laundering and Prevention of Terrorist Financing Code
Anti-Terrorism (Financial and Other Measures)(Overseas Territories) Order 2002
Counter-Terrorism (Terrorism Financing, Money Laundering and Certain Other Activities: Financial Restrictions) Turks & Caicos Islands Order 2010
Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) ETC (Amendment) Ordinance 2001
Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Ordinance
Mutual Legal Assistance (U.S.A.) Ordinance
Mutual Legal Assistance (U.S.A.) Ordinance
Mutual Legal Assistance (USA) Ordinance
Proceed of Crime Ordinance of 1998
Proceed of Crime for Designated Countries
Proceed of Crime for Money Laundering of 2000
Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Ordinance 2009
Proceeds of Crime (Amendment) Ordinance 2010
Proceeds of Crime Ordinance (Money Laundering) Regulations 2000
Proceeds of Crime Ordinance 1998 (Designated Countries and Territories) Order 2001
Proceeds of Crime Ordinance 2007
Summary Offences Ordinance
The Proceeds of Crime Ordinance 1998

Civil Law

Purchase of Land (Extended Payment Agreements) Ordinance
Registered Land Ordinance
Universal Service and Public Telecommunications Regulations 2005

Commercial Law

Investment Dealers (Licensing) Ordinance 2001
Service Charges (Hotels and Restaurants) Ordinance 2003

Company Law

Business Names (Registration) (Amendment) Ordinance 2004
Business Names (Registration) Ordinance
Companies (Amendment) (No.2) Ordinance 1999
Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2001
Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2002
Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2007
Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2009
Companies (Fees) (Amendment) Ordinance 2009
Companies (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2000
Companies Ordinance
Companies Ordinance
Companies Ordinance
Companies Ordinance (Schedules and Sub Legislation)
Company Management (Licensing) (Fees) Regulations 2009
Company Management (Licensing) Ordinance 1999
Company Management Ordinance 1999
Land Holding Companies (Transfer Duty) Ordinance
Limited Partnerships Ordinance
Limited Partnerships Ordinance
The Business Licensing Fee Schedule
The Business Licensing Ordinance
The Business Names (Registration) Ordinance
The Protected Cells Companies Ordinance 2006
Unfair Contract Terms Ordinance

Labor Law

Employment Ordinance (Labour Tribunal Procedure) Rules 2004
Employment Ordinance 2004
Trade Unions Ordinance

Mining Law

Minerals (Exploration and Exploitation) Ordinance

Tax Law

Insurance Ordinance
Insurance Ordinance
Retention Tax Ordinance

Banking Law

Banking (Amendment) Regulations 2001
Banking (Amendment) Regulations 2002
Banking (Amendment) Regulations 2009
Banking (Capital) Regulations 2003
Banking (Special Provisions) Ordinance
Banking Ordinance
Banking Ordinance
Financial Services Commission Ordinance
International Financial Institutions Ordinance
Investment Dealers (Licensing) Ordinance 2001
Investment Dealers (Licensing) Regulations 2003
Investment Dealers Licensing Fees 2003
Miscellaneous Provisions (Amendment) Ordinance 2004
Money Transmitters Ordinance 2007
Mutual Funds (Amendment) Ordinance 2000
Mutual Funds Ordinance 1998
Mutual Funds Regulations 2001
The Financial Services Commission (Prescribed Instruments) Regulations 2007
The Financial Services Commission Ordinance 2007
The Mutual Funds Ordinance 1998
Trustees Licensing (Amendment) Ordinance 2000
Trustees Licensing (Amendment) Regulations 2001
Trustees Licensing (Amendment) Regulations 2009
Trustees Licensing Ordinance
Trustees Licensing Ordinance
Trusts Ordinance
Trusts Ordinance
Turks and Caicos Islands National Trust Ordinance

Insurance Law

Insurance (Amendment) Ordinance 2002
Insurance (Amendment) Regulations 2009
Insurance Ordinance

Communications And Media Law

Application Form for Telecommunications License(s)
Broadcasting Ordinance 1998
Frequency Management Regulations 2005
Interconnection and Access to Telecommunication Facilities Regulations 2005
Stamp Duty Ordinance
Telecommunications Numbering Regulations 2005
Telecommunications Ordinance 2004
Telecommunications Ordinance 2004
Telecommunications Pricing Regulations 2005
Telecommunications and Frequency Licensing Regulations 2005

Transport And Maritime Law

Marine Pollution Ordinance 2010
Merchant Shipping (Registry) Ordinance
Merchant Shipping (Registry) Ordinance
Merchant Shipping (Registry) Ordinance
Merchant Shipping Ordinance 2002
Turks and Caicos Islands Coast Protection Ordinance
Turks and Caicos Islands Fisheries Limits Ordinance
Turks and Caicos Islands Fisheries Protection Ordinance
Wreck and Salvage Ordinance

Environmental Law

Turks and Caicos Islands National Park Ordinance
Turks and Caicos Islands Plant Protection Ordinance
Wild Birds Protection Ordinance

Intellectual Property Law

Patents (Amendment) Rules 2009
Patents Ordinance
Patents Ordinance
Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules 2006
Trade Marks (Amendment) Rules 2009
Trade Marks Ordinance
Trade Marks Ordinance

Energy Law

Petroleum Ordinance

Construction Law

Physical Planning Ordinance
Physical Planning Ordinance

Law Sources

Department of Economic Planning and Statistics
Department of Environmental and Coastal Resources (DECR)
Department of Labour
Financial Services Commission
Misick & Stanbrook
Telecommunications Commission
The Financial Industry Association (FIA)
Turks & Caicos Islands Department of Environment & Coastal Resources
Turks and Caicos Department of Labour
Turks and Caicos Islands Immigration Board

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