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Constitutional Law

Constitution of the Republique of Sudan 1998
Constitution of the Republique of Sudan 1998
Interim Constitution of Sudan of 2005
The Constitutional Court Act 1998

Litigation And Court Procedure

The High Judicial Council Act, 2003

Electoral Law

National Elections Act 2008

Administrative / Public Law

Khartoum Public Order Act 1998
Nationality Act, 2003
Passports and Immigration Act, 2003
The Non-Governmental Organizations Act, 2003
The Statistics Act, 2003
The Statistics Act, 2003

Criminal Law

Penal Code 2003
The Police Regulations, 2003
The Prison Act, 2003

Commercial Law

The Investment (Encouragement) Act 2000
The Investment Encouragement Act,1999.

Company Law

Public Corporations Act, 1976

Labor Law

Labour Act 1997
Labour Act 1997
The 1997 Labour Code.

Mining Law

The Mineral Resources and Mining Development Act,2007
The Mines and Quarries Act
The Mining and Quarries Regulation, 1973.

Tax Law

Customs Act, 1986
Stamp Duty ACT Schedule June 2002
The Income Tax Act, 1986
Value Added Tax Regulation (2000)
Value Added Tax act 1999

Banking Law

Bank of Sudan Act
Bank of Sudan Act
Central Bank of Sudan Act
Financial Institution Act, 2003
Law on the Regulation of Banking Activity (Arabic)
Money Laundry Combating Act (Arabic)
The Investment Encouragement Act 1999
The Sudan Accountability and Divestment Act of 2007

Communications And Media Law

Telecommunications Act 2001
The Press and Printed Press Materials Act, 2004

Environmental Law

Environmental Health Act of 1975.
Environmental Protection Act of 2001.
Forestry Commission Act, 2003.
Forests Act No. 14 of 1989.

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright, Act, 12/12/1996
Patent Law No. 58 of 1971
The Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Protection Act 1996

Agriculture Law

Freshwater Fisheries Act of 1954.
Law No. 37 of 1974 on pesticides
Quarantine Law No. 18 of 1974
Seeds Law of 1990.

Law Sources

Bank of Sudan
Central Bank of Sudan
Central Bureau of Statistics
Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries
Ministry of Energy and Mining
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Industry
Ministry of Investment
Ministry of Science and Technology
Sudan Government
Taxation Chamber
The geological Research Authority

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