Administrative / Public Law / Agriculture Law / Arbitration law / Banking law / Civil Law / Commercial Law / Communications and Media Law / Company law / Constitutional law / Construction law / Criminal Law / E-Commerce / Electoral law / Energy law / Environmental Law / Health law / Human Rights / Insurance Law / Intellectual Property Law / Labor Law / Law Sources / Litigation and court procedure / Mining Law / Tax law / Transport and Maritime Law / Treaties /

Constitutional law

Constitution of Sri Lanka
Constitution of Sri Lanka 2000

Human Rights

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka Act

Litigation and court procedure

Administrative Appeal Tribunal Act 2002
Civil Courts (Special Provisions) Act
Civil Courts Procedure (Special Provisions) Act
Court of Appeal Act
Courts and their Powers Act
Courts of Criminal Appeal Act
Evidence (Amendment) Act 2005
Evidence Act
High Court of the Provinces (Special Provisions) (Amendment) Act 2006
High Court of the Provinces (Special Provisions) Act
Judicature (Amendment) Act 1999
Judicature (Amendment) act 2007
Judicature Act
Powers of Attorney Act
Primary Courts' Procedure
Privy Council Appeals Act
Rural Courts Act
Supreme Court Appeals act

Electoral law

Elections (Special Provinces) Act 2004
Local Goverment Elections Act 2007
Parliament Elections Act
Presedential Elections Act
Provincial Councils Elections Act
Referendum Act

Administrative / Public Law

Aiyenayaka Devala Development Act 2003
Anuradhapura Jaya Sri maha bodhi Development Fund (Incorporation) Act 2006
Births and Deaths Registration (Amendment) Act 2006
Board of Trustees of the Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act 2007
Calvary Church of Sri Lanka Act 1999
Central Ceylon Muslim Ladeis' Union (Incorporation) Act 2007
Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2003
Citizenship Act
Commercial Mediation Centre of Sri Lanka (Amen) Act 2005
Common Amenities Board (Amendment) Act 2003
Community Recovery & Deve. Foundation Act 2007
Competent Authority (Power&Functions) Act 2002
Council of the College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act 1999
Dharmayathana Conservation Society (Incorporation) Act 2006
Disaster Management Act
Economic Service Charges Act 2006
Education Act
Explosives Act 2005
Higher Education Act
Hotels Corporation Act 2007
Immigrants and Emigrants (Amendment) Act 2006
Indian Origin Act 2003
Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka (Amendment) Act 1999
Institute of Quantity Surveyors, Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act 2007
Internationl Buddhist Research & Development Centre (Incorporation) Act 2007
Japan Sri LAnka Educational and Cultural Association (Incorporation) Act 2006
Jeyaraj Fernandopulle Foundation (Incor.) Act 2007
K. Jayatillake Foundation (Incoporation) Act 2007
Kapruka Fund Act 2005
Kesbewa Development Foundation (Incorporation) Act 1999
Lanka Children's and Youth Theater Foundation (Incoporation) Act 2007
Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya Shramadana Sangamaya (Incorporation) Act 1999
Leo and Josephine de Almeida Memorial Foundation(Incorporation) Act 2007
Local Authorities (Special Provisions) Act 2007
Local Authorities (Special Provisions) Act 2007
Local Authorities Act 2006
Markez Islamic Centre (Incorporation) Act 1999
Marriage Registration (Amendment) Act 36 of 2006
Marriage Registration (Amendment) Act 38 of 2006
Mawathagama Development Foundation (Incorporation) Act 1999
Mental Development and Reserch Center (Incoporation) Act 2007
Muditha Social Service Foundation (Incorporation) Act 2007
National Archives Act
National Education Commission Act, No. 19 of 1991
National Enterprise Development Act 2006
National Institute of Language Education & Training Act 2007
Navodaya Foundation (Incorporation) Act 1999
Nawalapitiya Dharul Uloom Al Hashimiya Arabic College (Incorporation) Act 2006
Palaka Sabhawa of Beruwala Malewana Sri Gnanissara Ayurvedic Medical College (Incorporation) Act 1999
Parliament (Powers and Privileges) Act
Parliamentary Scholarship Board Act 2002
Pasyodunrata Development Foundation (Incorporation) Act 1999
Pradeshiya Sabhas (Amendment) Act 1999
Protection of Government Revenue Act 2006
Public Contracts Act
Public Service Provident Fund (Amendment) Act 2003
Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Act 2002
Publications On Horse-racing Act
Rambukwella Sri Vipassi Development Foundation (Incorporation) Act 2007
Ratnapura Marapana Sastrodaya Foundation (Incorporation) Act 2007
Regional Infrastructure Development Levy (Amendment) Act 2007
Registration of Deaths Act 2005
Removal of Officers (Procedure) Act 2002
Resettlement Authority Act 2007
Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act 2006
Samastha Lanka International Development Association (Incoporation) Act 2007
Sarana Buddhist (Relief) Foundation (Incorporation) Act 2007
Sareeram Sri Lanka National Foundation (Incorporation) Act 1999
Saumyamoorthi Thondaman Memorial Foundation Act 2005
Save the Nation Contribution (Abolition) Act 2002
Seethawaka Maniyangana Rajamaha Viharastha Sanwardhana Sabhawa Act 2007
Shantha Children's Education Services Foundation (Incorporation) Act 2007
Sir John Kothalawala Defence Academy Act 2007
Social Security Board (Amendment) Act 1999
Special Educational Society (Incorporation) Act 1999
Sports Act
Sports Act 2005
Sri Lanka Accreditation Board for Conformity Assessment Act 2005
Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Devala Foundation (Incorporation) Act 2007
Sri Lanka Disaster Management Act 2005
Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technical Education (Amendment) Act 2006
Sri Lanka Institute of Local Governance Act 1999
Sri Lanka Institute of Strategic Studies (Amendment) Act 2006
Sri Lanka Land Reclamation and Development Corporation (Amendment) Act 2006
Sri Lanka Standards Institution Act
Sri Lanka Tea Board (Amendment) Act 2006
Sri Lanka-Nippon Educational and Cultural Centre Act 2007
Sri Sarananda Development Foundation (Incoporation) Act 2007
Statistics Act
Sugathadasa National Sports Complex Authority Act 1999
Tea Research Board (Amendment) Act 2006
Thai Sri Lanka Budd.-Cultural Association Act 2007
Tourism Act
Tourist Development Act
UNESCO Scholarship Fund Act 1999
Universities Act
Universities Act
Weights and Measures Act
Welfare Benefits Act 2002
Youth Corps Act 2002

Criminal Law

Bribery Act
Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act 2005
Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act 2006
Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act 21 of 2005
Code of Criminal Procedure (Special Provisions) Act 2005
Code of Criminal Procedure (Special Provisions) Act 2007
Code of Criminal Procedure 1999
Community Based Correction Act 1999
Computer Crime Act 2007
Computer Crime Act
Computer Crime Act 2000
Criminal Procedure code
Extradition Act
Firearms Act
Firearms Act
Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 2002
Mutual Assistance in criminal matters Act
Offences Against Public Property (Amendment) Act 1999
Payment Devices Frauds Act 2006
Penal Code
Penal Code (Amendment) Act 2002
Penal Code Amendment Act 2006
Poison, Opium and Dangerous Drugs Act
Police Act
Prevention Act 2005
Prevention of Crimes Act
Prevention of Money Laundering Act
Prevention of Money Laundering Act 2006
Prevention of terrorism Act
Prisons Act
Prisons Act 2005
Suppression of Terrorist Bombings Act 1999

Civil Law

Adoption of Children Act
Apartment Ownership (Special Provisions) Act 1999
Births and Deaths Act
Civil Procedure Act 2005
Civil Procedure Code
Debits Act 2007
Debt Concilation (Amendment) Act 1999
Foreign Marriages Act
Kandyan Law
Kandyan Marriage and Divorce (Amendment) Act 2006
Land Acquisition Act
Land Development Act
Land Transfer Act
Marriage and Divorce (Kandyan) Act
Marriage and Divorce (Muslim) Act
Marriages Act
Mortgage Act
Muslim Marriage and Divorce (Amendment) Act 2006
Rent (Amendments) Act 2002
Rent Act
Wills Act
Women and Children Act 2005

Commercial Law

Articles and Services (Regulation & Maintenance) Act 2003
Bills of Exchange Act
Board Of Investment Of Sri Lanka
Consumer Affairs Authority Act 2003
Consumer Protection Act
Economic Act 2007
Factories Act
Factories Act 2002
Imports and Exports Control Act
Imports and Exports Control Act
Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act 1999
Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act 2003
Industrial Disputes (Hearing & Determination of Proceeding) Act 2003
Industrial Product Act
Industrial Promotion Act, No. 46 of 1990
Rubber Replanting Subsidy (Amendment) Act 2006
Sale of Goods Act
Sri Lanka Inventors Incentives Act

Company law

Business Names Act
Companies Act
Companies Act 2007
Companies Act No 17 of 1982
Corporal Punishment Act 2005
Fair Trading Commission Act No. 1 OF 1987- Added pages
Fair Trading Commission Act No. 1 of 1987
Fair Trading Commission Act No. 57 OF 1993 (Amendment)
Foreign Companies (Special Provision) Act
Societies Act

Labor Law

Allowances to Plantation Workers Act no 72 1981
Budgetary Relief Allowances of workers Act no 36 2005
Employees Holidays Act
Employees' Provident Fund Act, Chapter 623
Employees’ Councils Act, No.32 Of 1979
Employment Of Women, Young Persons, And Children Act
Employment of Women, Young Persons and Children (Amendment) Act 2006
Employment of Women,Young Persons and Children(Amendment) Act 2003
Industrial Disputes (Amendment) Act
Industrial Disputes Act, Chapter 152
Minimum Wages Act
National Workers Charter
Payment of Gratuities Act no 12 1983
Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment Act
Termination of Employment of Workmen Act 2003
Tertiary and Vocational Education (Amendment) Act 1999
Trade Unions Act
Wages Boards (Amendment)Acts
Workmen's Compensation (Amendment) Act 2005
Workmen's Compensation Act
Workmen's Compensation(Amendment) Act

Health law

Cosmetics Devices And Drugs Act
Cosmetics, Devices and Drugs Act, 1980
Diseases Of Animals Act
Drug Dependant Persons (Treatment & Rehabilitation) Act 2007
Food Act
Food Act
Food Control Act
Food Control Act
Food Supplies Act
Food and Drugs Act
Health Services Act
Mental Diseases Act
National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol Act 2006
National Kidney Foundation of Sri Lanka (Incorporation) Act 2006
Nurses Act 2005
Poisons Opium And Dangerous Drugs Act
Private Medical Institutions (Registration) Act 2006
Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act 2003
Social Security Benefit Scheme for Media Personnel Act 2006
Sri Lanka Federation of th Visually Handicapped (Incoporation) Act 2007
Tobacco Tax (Amendment) Act 2004
Vijaya Kumaratunga Memorial Hospital Board Act 1999

Mining Law

Mines and Minerals Act
Mines and Minerals Act
National Gem And Jewellery Authority act
Radioactive Minerals Act

Insurance Law

Insurance Industry (Amendment) Act 2007
National Insurance Trust Fund (Amendment) Act 2007
National Insurance Trust Fund Act 2006

Tax law

Betting & Gaming Levy Act 2006
Betting And Gaming Levy (Amend) Act 2005
Betting and Gaming Levy
Betting and Gaming Levy (Amendment) Act 2003
Business Turnover Tax Act
Companies Tax
Customs (Amendment) Act No. 2 of 2003
Customs Act
Customs Ordinance
Debits Tax Act
Debits Tax Act 2002
Double Taxation (relief) Act
Entertainment Tax Act
Excise (Special Provision ) (Amendment) Act 2006
Excise (Special Provisions) (Amendment) Act 2007
Excise Act
Export (Special Tax) Act
Fiscal Management (Responsibility) Act 2003
Goods and Services Tax Act
Imports and Exports (Control) Regulation No. 01 of 2006
Income Tax Act
Income Tax Evasion And Nondisclosure Of Profits And Income
Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act 1999
Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act 2001
Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act 2002
Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act 2003
Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act 2003
Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act 2004
Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act 2005
Inland Revenue (Amendment) Act 2007
Inland Revenue (Regulation of Amnesty) Act 2004
Inland Revenue (Special Provisions) Act 2003
Inland Revenue (Special Provisions) Act 2003
Inland Revenue Act 2006
Lan Tax Act
Lotteries Act
Personal Tax Act
Profits Tax
Regional Infrastructure Development Levy Act 2006
Sales Tax Act
Special Commodity Levy Act 2007
Stamp Duty (Special Provisions) Act 2006
Surcharge on Income Tax Act
Surcharge on Wealth tax Act
Tobacco Tax Act
Tobacco Tax Act
Tobacco Tax Act 1999
Transfer of Property Tax Act
Turnover Tax Act
Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act 2003
Value Added Tax (Amendment) Act 2005
Value Added Tax Act
Value Added Tax Act 2004
Value Added Tax Act 2007
Value Added Tax Amendment Act 2006

Banking law

Appropriation (Amendment) Act 1999
Appropriation (Amendment) Act 2002
Appropriation Act 2002
Appropriation Act 2003
Appropriation Act 2004
Appropriation Act 2005
Appropriation Act 2006
Bank of Ceylon Act
Banking (Amendment) Act 2005
Banking (Amendment) Act 2006
Banking (Amendment) Act 46 of 2006
Banking Act
Banking Act, NO 30 OF 1988
Banking Act, NO 30 OF 1988
Budgetary Act 2005
Exchange Control Act
Exchange Control Act
Exchange Control Act
Finance (Amendment) Act 1999
Finance (Amendment) Act 2003
Finance (Amendment) Act 2004
Finance (Amendment) Act 2005
Finance (Amendment) Act 2006
Finance (Amendment) Act 2007
Finance (Amendment) Act 2007
Finance (Amendment) Act 4 of 2003
Finance (Amendment) Act 45 of 2007
Finance (Amendment) Act 6 of 2003
Finance (Amendments) Act 2002
Finance Act 2004
Finance Act 2005
Finance Act 2006
Finance Companies Act No. 78 of 1988
Finance Companies Amendment Act
Finance Leasing (Amendment) Act 2005
Finance Leasing Act 2007
Finance Leasing Act No.56 of 2000
Financial Transactions Reporting Act 2006
Financial Transactions Reporting Act No. 6 of 2006
Foreign Loans Act
Local Treasury Bills Ordinance No. 8 of 1923
Monetary Law
Monetary Law Act (Chapter 422)
Monetary Law Act (Chapter 422)
Monetary Law Act 2002
Monetary law (Amendment) Act 2006
Money Lending Act
National Development Bank of Sri Lanka (Amendment) Act 1999
National Development Bank of Sri Lanka Act 2005
National Savings Bank (Amendment) Act 1999
Payment Act 2005
Payment and Settlement Systems Act No 28 of 2005
People's Bank Act
Registered Stock and Securities Ordinance No. 7 of 1937
Registered Stock and Security Act 2004
Registered Stocks and Securities Act
Securities and Exchange Commission of Sri Lanka (Amendment) Act 2003
Trusts Act

Communications and Media Law

Information and Communication Technology Act 2003
Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act
Telecommunication Act
Telecommunications Act
Telecommunications Act

Transport and Maritime Law

Air Navigation Act
Air Navigation Act
Air Navigation Act
Airports Authority Act
Airports Authority Act
Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka Act 2002
Fines Act 2005
Fisheries Act
Licensing of shipping Agents Act 2002
Maritime Zones Act
Merchant Shipping (Change of Designation) Act 2006
Merchant Shipping Act
Merchant Shipping Act
National Institute of Fisheries and Nautical Engineering Act 1999
Pearl Fisheries Act
Railways Act
Regional Infrastructure Development Levy (Amendment) Act 2008
Sri Lanka Transport Board Act 2005

Environmental Law

Animal Diseases Act
Animals Act
Animals Act
Control of Pesticides (Amendment) Act
Environment Conservayion Levy Act 2008
Fauna And Flora Protection Act
Fauna and Flora Protection Act
Fisheries And Aquatic Resource Act
Fisheries and Acquatic Resources (Amendment) Act 2006
Flood Protection Act
Forests Act
Forests Act
Gaming Act
Marine Pollution Prevention Act
National Acquaculture Development Authority of Sri Lanka (Amendment) Act 2006
Plant Protection Act
Soil Conservation Act
Tourism act 2005
Tsunami Act 2005
Water Hyacinth act
Water Resources Board (Amendment) Act 1999
Wildlife Protection Society act

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act
Designs Act
Intellectual Property Act
Intellectual Property Act
Intellectual Property Act 2003
Intellectual Property Code
Patents Act
Plant Protection Act
Plant Protection Act
Plant Protection Act 1999
Protection of New Plant Varieties (2001, draft)
Trade Marks Act

Arbitration law

Arbitration Act
Mediation (Special Categories of Disputes) Act 2003

Energy law

Atomic Energy Authority Act
Atomic Energy Authority Act
Ceylon Petroleum Corporation Act
Electricity Act
Gas Act
Petroleum Act
Petroleum Ordinance
Petroleum Products Act
Petroleum Products (Regulation And Control Of Supplies) Act
Petroleum Products (Special Provisions) Act 2002
Petroleum Products(Special Provisions) Act
Petroleum Resources Act
Petroleum Resources Act 2003
Sri Lanka Sustanable Energy Authority Act 2007

Construction law

Housing Act
Housing Development Finance Corporation of Sri Lanka(Amendment) Act 2003
Housing and Town Improvement Act
National Housing Development Authority (Amendment) Act 1999
National Housing Development Authority Act 2002
National Housing Development Authority Act 2003
Urban Development Authority Act 2007


Bretton Woods Agreement (Amendment) Act 1999
Chemical weapons Convention Act 2007
Convention of the Suppression of Terrorist Act 2005
International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights (Iccpr) Act 2007

Agriculture Law

Agrarian Development Act
Agricultural Lands Law
Agricultural Products (Regulations)
Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance Act 1999
Control Of Pesticides Act
Fisheries Act
National Institute of Plantation Management Act 2003
Prevention of Mosquito Breeding Act 2007
Rubber Control Act
Rubber Research Act 2003
Seed Act
Tea Board Act 2003
Tea Control Act
Tea Reasearch Act 2003
Tea Small Holding Development Act 2003
Tea and Rubber Estates (Control of Fragmentation) (Amendment) Act 2007
Textile Quota Board Act


Electronic Transactions Act 2006

Law Sources

Central bank of Sri lanka
Civil Aviation Authority
Department of Government Printing
Department of Immigration
Department of Labour
Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA)
Legal Draftsman's Department
Ministry Of Christian Affairs Sri Lanka
Ministry Of Foreign Employment Promotion & Welfare
Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and National Integration
Ministry of Constitutional Affairs and National Integration
Ministry of Cultural Affairs
Ministry of Disaster Management and Human Rights Sri Lanka
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Finance & Planning
Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources
Ministry of Healthcare & Nutrition
Ministry of Higher Education
Ministry of Highways and Road Development
Ministry of Housing and Construction
Ministry of Industrial Development
Ministry of Justice and Law Reform
Ministry of Mass Media & Information
Ministry of Nation Building & Development
Ministry of Plan Implementation
Ministry of Plantation Industries
Ministry of Ports & Aviation Sri Lanka
Ministry of Power & Energy
Ministry of Public Administration and Home Affairs
Ministry of Public Security, Law and Order
Ministry of Resettlement in Sri Lanka Asia
Ministry of Rural Industries & Self-Employment Promotion
Ministry of Science and Technology
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Trade Commerce & Consumer Affairs
Ministry of Transport
Ministry of Urban Development & Sacred Area Development
Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training
Official Gazette
Sri Lanka Customs
Sri Lanka Government
Sri Lanka Legislation AT Common LII
Sri Lanka Parliament
Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka

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