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Constitutional Law

Montserrat Constitution
Montserrat Constitution
Montserrat Constitution Order 1989
U.K. Forces (Jurisdiction of Courts) Act

Litigation And Court Procedure

Evidence Act
Judgments Act

Administrative / Public Law

Administration of Estates Act
British Nationality (Fees, Offences and Penalties) Act
Community Service Orders Act
Dogs Act
Dogs Act
Education act
Immigration Act Revised 2008
Public Order Act
Public Order Act
Registration and Records Act
Statistics Act
Tourist Board Act
Universities and Colleges Act

Criminal Law

Costs in Criminal Cases Act
Costs in Criminal Cases Act
Criminal Justice (International Co-operation) Act 1991
Criminal Procedure Code 1982
Criminal Procedure Code 1982
Drugs (Prevention of Misuse) Act
Drugs (Prevention of Misuse) Act
Drugs Trafficking Offences Act
Drugs Trafficking Offences Act
Explosives Act
Family (Protection against Domestic Violence) Act
Family (Protection against Domestic Violence) Act
Firearms Act
Penal Code
Penal Code
Prevention of Crimes Act
Prevention of Crimes Act
Probation of Offenders Act
Probation of Offenders Act
Terrorism (United Nations Measures) (Overseas Territories) Order 2001
The Anti-Terrorism (Financial and Other Measures) (Overseas Territories) Order 2002

Civil Law

Adoption of Children Act
Adoption of Children Act
Child Abduction and Custody Act
Civil Procedure Act 1951
Guardianship of Infants Act
Land Acquisition Act
Landholding Control Act
Race Relations Act
Real Estate Agents (Registration) Act
Wills Act

Commercial Law

Bills of Exchange Act
Bills of Sale Act
External Trade Act
Trade Licences Act
Weights and Measures Act

Company Law

Co-operative Societies Act 1959
Companies Act 1998
Company Management Act
Company Management (Fees) Regulations Act
Limited Partnership Act
Small Enterprises Development Act

Labor Law

Employment Act
Labour Act
Public Holidays Act
Trade Disputes Act

Health Law

Medical Act
Mental Treatment Act
Nurses and Midwives Act
Public Health Act
Quarantine Act
Quarantine Act
Social Welfare Act
Vaccination Act

Mining Law

Minerals (Vesting) Act
Radio-Active Minerals Act

Tax Law

Cruise Ships Tax Act 1994
Customs (Control and Management) Act
Customs Duties and Consumption Tax Act 1995
Customs Service Tax Act
Entertainment Tax Act
Foreign Currency Levy Act
Hotels Tax Act
Income Tax Act
Insurance Levy Act
Property Tax Act
Tax Amnesty Act 2008
Telecommunications Service (Tax) Act

Banking Law

Appropriation Act 2008
Audit Act 2001
Banking Act 2002
Bankruptcy Act 2002
Development Bonds Act 2008
Financial Services Act 2008
Financial Services Commission Act
Forfeited Recognizances Act
Forfeiture Act
Forfeiture Act
International Banking Trust Companies Amendment Act 2008
Money Services Business Act 2008
Montserrat National Trust Act
Payment Systems Act 2008
Public Finance and Accountability Act 2008
Supplementary Appropriation Act 2008
Treasury Bills Act 2008

Insurance Law

Insurance Levy Act
Motor Vehicle Insurance (3rd Party Risks) Act

Communications And Media Law

Exchange of Information Act
Telephone Act

Transport And Maritime Law

Aviation Act
Bills of Lading Act
Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Cruise Ships Tax Act
Port Dues Act
Road Traffic Act
Roads Act
Wrecks Inquiries Act

Environmental Law

Animals (Control of Experiments) Act
Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act
Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act
Animals (Trespass and Pound) Act
Beach Protection Act
Endangered Animals and Plants
Endangered Animals and Plants
Exportation of Fruits Act
Forestry Wildlife National Parks Act
Turtles Act
Turtles Act

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act
Merchandise Marks Act
Plant Protection Act
Registration of UK Patents Act

Energy Law

Electricity Supply Act
Petroleum Act
Water Authority Act

Construction Law

Building Societies Act 1965

Agriculture Law

Agriculture Act
Agriculture Act
Cadavers Importation Act
Pesticides Control Act
Vaccination Act

Arbitration Law

Arbitration Act

Law Sources

Attorney General Chambers
Customs and Excise Department
Department of Labour
Financial Services Commission
Inland Revenue Department
Laws Consolidated
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Health
Montserrat Legislation

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