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Constitutional Law

Constitution of the Maldives
Constitution of the Maldives 2008

Human Rights

Human Rights Commission Act
Human Rights Commission Act

Litigation And Court Procedure

Regulation on seeking and obtaining the assistance of a lawyer
Regulations of the Employment Tribunal

Electoral Law

Regulation on Political Parties 2005

Administrative / Public Law

Addressing of Questions to Cabinet Minister's Act
Business Visa Regulation
Disaster Management Act 2006
Maldives Immigration Act
Maldivian Civil Service Act
Passport Regulation
Public Finances Law

Criminal Law

Bail regulations 2004
Law on Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances
Penal Code Chapter 1
Penal Code Chapter 2
Penal Code Chapter 3
Penal Code Chapter 4
Prevention and Prohibition of Corruption Act
Prevention and Prohibition of Corruption Act
Prevention of Terrorism Act
Regulation for arrestable and non-arrestable offences

Civil Law

Family Act
Maldivian Land Act
Partnership Act of Maldives
Partnership Act of Maldives

Commercial Law

Consumer Protection Act
Law of Foreign Investments in the Republic of Maldives
Law of Foreign Investments in the Republic of Maldives

Company Law

Association Act
Companies General Regulation
The Company Act of the Maldives
The Company Act of the Maldives
The Company Act of the Maldives
The Company Act of the Maldives
The Company Act of the Maldives

Labor Law

Employment Act 2008
Employment Act 2008
Employment Agency Regulation 2009
Employment Tribunal Regulation 2009
Pension Act (Dhivehi)

Tax Law

Business Profit Tax Act
Tax Administration Act
Tourism Goods and Services Tax Act

Banking Law

Central Depository Licensing Regulation
Islamic banking regulation 2011
Maldives Banking Act 2010
Maldives Monetary Authority Act 1981
Monetary Regulation
Negotiable Instruments Act 2002
Regulation for the Replacement of Damaged Banknotes
Regulations Outlining Arrangements for Money Changers
Regulations for finance leasing companies and finance leasing transactions
Securities (General) Regulations 2007
Securities Act
Securities Act
Securities Act 2/2006
Securities Act 2/2006 (Dhivehi)
Securities General Regulations
Stock Exchange Licensing Regulation

Communications And Media Law

Cable Television Service Regulation 2007
Maldives Telecommunications Regulation 2003
Regulation for Issuing Frequencies for Terrestrial Broadcasting

Transport And Maritime Law

Civil Aviation Act
Civil Aviation Regulations
Fisheries Act of Maldives 1987
Land Transport Act (Dhivehi)
Maritime Law of the Maldives
Maritime Regulation (Dhivehi)
Maritime Zones of Maldives Act No. 6/96

Environmental Law

EIA Regulations 2007
Environment Protection and Preservation Act (Law 4/93)
Environment Protection and Preservation Act (Law 4/93)
Environmental Protection and Preservations Act of Maldives
Foreign Tourist Vessel Regulation - January 2009
Maldives Recreational Diving Regulation
Regulation on the Protection and Conservation of Environment in the Tourism Industry
The Environmental Protection and Preservation Act 1993
Tourism Act of Maldives 1999
Tourism Act of Maldives 1999

Construction Law

Maldives National Building Act 2010

Agriculture Law

Fisheries Law of the Maldives (Law No. 5/87).


Multilateral Environmental Treaties

Law Sources

Anti Corruption Commission
Attorney General's Office
Capital Market Development Authority
Civil Aviation Department (CAD)
Communications Authority
Department of Immigration and Emigration
Human Rights Commission of the Maldives
Maldives Customs
Maldives Food and Drug Authority
Maldives Gazette
Maldives Inland Revenue Authority
Maldives Monetary Authority
Maldives Stock Exchange
Maldives Water and Sanitation Authority
Ministry of Economic Development
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Finance and Treasury
Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Housing, Transport and Environment
Ministry of Human Resources, Youth & Sports
Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture
People's Majlis
Transport Authority

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