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Constitutional Law

Constitution of the Republic of Liberia
Liberian Constitution
Liberian Constitution
Liberian Constitution 1984

Administrative / Public Law

Act Creating The Public Procurement And Concessions Commission
Act of 2005 granting status of Independent Autonomous Agency of government to the General Auditing Office
Administrative Procedure Act
Domestic Travel Ordinance 2007
Foreign Travel Ordinance 2007
Public Lands Law
Public Procurement & Concessions Act - 2005
Public Welfare Law
Public Works Law
Refugee Act, 1993
Revised Laws and Administrative Regulations For Governing The Hinterland
Rules and Regulations Governing the Hinterland of Liberia 1949
The Act Establishing The National Security Agency

Criminal Law

An Act to Amend the New Penal Code Chapter 14 Sections 14.70 and 14.71 and to Provide for Gang Rape
Criminal Procedure Law

Commercial Law

Act Creating the Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Investment Incentive Code
Zoning Law

Health Law

Public Health Law

Mining Law

An Act Adopting a New Mineral and Mining Law
Mineral and Mining Law
Mining Regulations

Banking Law

Act Adopting a New Financial Institutions Act
Central Bank of Liberia Act
Financial Rules 2007

Communications And Media Law

Telecommunications Act 2007

Environmental Law

A New Wildlife and National Parks Act
Act Adopting The National Forestry Reform Law Of 2006
An Act Adopting The National Forestry Reform Law of 2006
Environment Protection Agency Act of Liberia
Environment Protection and Management Law of Liberia
Environmental Protection Agency Act
Forestry Development Authority Act
Natural Resources Law
Regulations of the Forestry Development Authority
The Forestry Development Authority Act
The New National Forestry Law

Energy Law

Act Granting Exclusive Rights to the Liberia Petroleum refining Company 1989
Petroleum Law of The Republic of Liberia
The New Petroleum Law of Liberia
The New Petroleum Law of Liberia

Law Sources

Central Bank of Liberia
Forestry Development Authority
Ministruy of Transport
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Information
Ministry of Justice
Ministry of Land, Mines and Energy
Ministry of National Defence
Ministry of Planning & Economic Affairs
Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications -
Ministry of Youth & Sports

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