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Constitutional law

Constitution of Ghana
Constitution of Ghana
Constitution of Ghana
Constitution of Ghana

Electoral law

Act 699 Representation Of The People (Amendment) 2006
Electoral Commision of Ghana
Electoral Commission Act 1993
Establishment of Electoral commision Act
Laws of registration
Local Governement elections Laws
Political Parties Law
Politicals Parties law.
Presendential/Parliamentary Elections laws

Administrative / Public Law

Citizenship Act, 2000 (Act 591)
Confiscated Assets (Recovery and Disposal) Committee Act, 1979
Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Act, 1996
Ghana Meteorological Agency Act, 2004
Laws of Ghana (Revised edition) (Amendment) Act 2007 (Act 729)
Local Government Act 1993
Local Government Service Act, 2003
Local Government Service Act, 2003
National Commission on Small Arms & Light Weapons Act 2007 (Act 736)
National Reconstruction Levy (Repeal) Act, 2007 (Act 728)
Public Procurement Act, 2003 (Act 663)
Standards Authority Act, 1973
The Millennium Development Authority Act 702, 2006
The West African Examinations Council Act, 2006
Towns Act 1892
Whistleblower Act 2006, (Act 720)

Criminal Law

Domestic Violence Act 2007 (Act 732)
Human Trafficking Act, 2005
Narcotic Drugs (Control, Enforcement And Sanctions) Law, 1990
Narcotic Drugs (Control, Enforcement and Sanctions) Law, 1990
Pharmacy and Drugs Act 1961
Pharmacy and Drugs Regulations 1961
The Computer and Computer related Crimes Act 2005

Civil Law

Abandoned Property (Disposal) Act, 1974
Administration of Lands Act, 1962
Cases in Ghanaian Land Law
Land Registry Act, 1962
Land Title Registration Act, 1986
Lands (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1963
Lands (Statutory Wayleaves) Act, 1963
Lands Commission Act, 1994
The Children’s Act, 1998

Commercial Law

Free Zone (Amendment) Act 2002
Free Zones Act 1995
Free Zone Act (No. 504 of 1995)
Free Zone Act (No. 504 of 1995)
Ghana Free Zones Act 1995 ACT 504
Ghana Investment Act
Ghana Standards Board (Food, Drugs And Other Goods) General Labelling Rules, 1992
Mercury Act, 1989
The Millennium Development Authority Act, 2006
Weights and Measures Act, 1975

Company Law

Companies Code Act 179, 1963 br>

Labor Law

Fair Wages and Salaries Commission Act, 2007 (Act 737)
Labour Act, 2003

Health law

National Health Insurance Act (Act 650)
Food and Drugs Act. 1992
Infectious Diseases Act, 1908
National Health Insurance Act 2003
National Health Insurance Regulations 2004
Traditional Medicine Practice Act, 2000

Mining Law

Concessions Act, 1962
Diamonds Act, 1972
Minerals Commission Act, 1993
Minerals and Mining Law 1986
Minerals and Mining Law 1986
Minerals Export Duty (Abolition) Act, 1987
Mining Health Areas Act, 1925
Small-scale Gold Mining Act, 1989

Tax law

Internal Revenue Act 2000
Revenue Agencies (Governing) Board Act 1998 (Act 558)
The Taxpayers Identification Numbering System Act, 2002

Banking law

Banking (Amendment) Act, 2007
Banking Act 2002 (ACT 612)
Banking Act, 2004 (Act 673)
Central Securities Depository Act, 2007 (Act 733)
Financial Institutions (Non-Bank) Law 1993, PNDC Law 328
Financial administration Act 2003
Foreign Exchange Act 2006 (Act 723)
Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003 (Act 658)
Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003
Internal Audit Agency Act, 2003 (Act 658)
Ministries, Dept and Agencies (Retention of Funds) Act, 2007 (Act 735)

Communications and Media Law

National Communications Authority Act of 2008, Act 769
National Communications Authority Act of Parliament, Act 524 of 1996.
National Communications Authority Legislative Instrument, L.I. 1719 0f 2003
Stamp Duty Act, 2005 (Act 689)
Telecommunications (Frequency Registration and Control) Act, 1977
The Electronic Transactions Act of Ghana, Act 772 of 2008
The National Information Technology Agency, Act 771 of 2008

Transport and Maritime Law

Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority Act
Ghana Civil Aviation Authority Law
Ghana Maritime Authority Act, 2002
Ghana Maritime Security Act, 2004
Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority Act, 1986
Ghana Shipping Act, 2003
Ghana Highway Authority Act : ACT 540 1997
Ghana Port and Harbour Authority Law
Maritime Zones (Delimitation) Act, 1986
National Road Safety Commission Act : ACT 567 1999
Road (Vehicle) Fee Act, 1998
Road Fund Act 1997
Road Traffic Act, Act 683 2004

Environmental Law

Animals (Artificial Insemination) Act, 1955
Animals (Control of Importation) Act, 1952
Control and Prevention of Bushfires Act, 1990
Environmental Assessment Regulations 1999
Environmental Assessment (Amendment) Regulations, 2002
Environmental Assessment Regulations, 1999
Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1994
Fisheries Act, 2002
Forest Plantation Development Fund Act, 2000
Ghana National Fire Service Act, 1997
Ghana Tourist Control Authority Act, 1973
Ghana Water and Sewerage Corporation Act, 1965
Irrigation Development Authority Act, 1977
Landed Properties of Ghana Rubber Estates Limited and Firestone Ghana Limited (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 1977
Management Of Ozone Depleting Substances And Products Regulations, 2005
Pesticides Control and Management Act, 1996 Act 528
Rivers Act, 1903
The Environmental Protection Agency Act, 1994 Act 490
Timber Industry and Ghana Timber Marketing Board (Amendment) Act, 1977
Timber Operations (Government Participation) Act, 1972
Timber Resource Management Act, 1998
Timber Resources Management Regulations. 1998
Trees and Timber Act, 1974
Volta River Development Act, 1961
Water Resources Commission Act, 1996
Wild Animals Preservation Act, 1961

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act 2005 (Act 690)
Copyright Act, 2005
Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits Act, 2004
The Patent Law, 1992

Energy law

Atomic Energy Commission Act, 2000
Energy Commission Act, 1997 (Act 541)
Concessions Act, 1939
Energy Commission Act, 1997
Ghana National Petroleum Corporation Act, 1983
National Petroleum Authority Act, 2005 (Act 691) The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission Act, 1997
West African Gas Pipeline Act, 2004

Construction law

Town and Country Planning Act, 1945

Agriculture law

Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine Act, 1975
Economic Plants Protection Act, 1979
Land Planning and Soil Conservation Act, 1953
Seeds (Certification and Standards) Act, 1972
Vaccination Act, 1919

Law Sources

Bank of Ghana
Energy Commission of Ghana
Environmental Protection Agency
Ghana Civil Aviation Authority
Ghana Environmental Protection Agency
Ghana Government
Ghana Investment promotion Center
Ghana legal Environmental Legislation
Ghana Minerals Commission
Ghana Parliament
Internal Revenue Service
Local Government Service
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Manpower Youth and Employment
Ministry of Road Transport
Ministry of Women and Children Affairs
National Communications Authority of Ghana

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