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Constitutional Law

Constitution Of The Second Republic Of The Gambia
The Constitution of the Gambia
The constitution of the Gambia

Electoral Law

Elections Decree

Administrative / Public Law

Gambia Divestiture Act 2001
Gambia Nationality and Citizenship Act, Cap 82
Local Government Act (Amendments) Sections 1-23
National Education Levy (Amendment) Bill, 2005
Public Service Act 1991
Refugee Act, 2008
Statistics Act
The Gambia Public Procurement Act 2001
The Gambia Public Procurement Regulations 2003

Criminal Law

Money Laundering Act
The Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Ordinance, 1960
The Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, 1935. (Cap. 31).

Commercial Law

Free Zones Act 2001
Gambia Investment Promotion Act 2001

Company Law

Business Registration Act 2005
Companies Act

Labor Law

Labour Act

Health Law

Injuries Compensation Act

Mining Law

Minerals Act (Cap. 121).

Tax Law

Income and Sales Tax Act 2005
Income and SalesTax Act 2004

Banking Law

Central Bank Act 2005
Financial Institutions Act

Insurance Law

Insurance Act

Environmental Law

Environmental Quality Standars Regulations 1999
Forest Act, 1998.
Forest Regulations, 1998.
Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticide Control and Management Act 1994
Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticide Control and Management Act 1994
National Environment Management Act(1994)
Plant Importation and Regulation act
Wildlife Conservation Act, 1977 (Act No. 1 of 1977).

Energy Law

Electricity Act 2005

Agriculture Law

Fisheries Act, 2007 (Act No. 20 of 2007)

Law Sources

Central Bank of The Gambia
Gambia Divestiture Agency
Gambia Investment Promotion and Free Zones Agency
Gambia Public Procurement Authority
Gambia Revenue Authority
Independent Electoral Commission
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Information and Communication
National Assembly Services Authority
Public Service Commission, Gambia
Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
The Gambia Civil Aviation Authority

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