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Constitutional Law

Fiji Constitution
Fiji Independence Act (ch 1)

Litigation And Court Procedure

Administration of Justice (Amendment) (No 2) Decree 2009
Administration of Justice (Amendment) Decree 2009
Administration of Justice Decree 2009
Court of Appeal Act (ch 12)
Court of Appeal Act (ch 12)
Crown Proceedings Act (ch 24)
Judges Renumeration and Emoluments Act (Ch 16)
Legal Aid Act (ch 15)
Magistrates Courts Act (Ch 14)

Electoral Law

Electoral Act 1998

Administrative / Public Law

Aliens Act (ch 91)
Census Act (ch 72)
Dogs Act (Ch 168)
Fiji Museum Act
Immigration Act (ch 88)
Local Government Act 1985
Ombudsman Act 1998
Ombudsman Act 1998
Public Order Act (Ch 20)
Public Safety Act (Ch 19)
Public Service Act (ch 74)
Public Trustee Act (Chapter 64)
Statistics Act

Criminal Law

Criminal Procedure Code (ch 21)
Evidence Act (ch 41)
Extradiction Act (ch 23)
Extradiction Act (ch 23)
Juveniles Act (ch 56)
Minor Offences Act (ch 18)
Penal Code (Amendment Act) no 42 of 1999
Penal Code (ch 17)
Police Act (ch 85)
Police Act (ch 85)
Prisons Act (ch 86)
Prisons Act (ch 86)
Probation of Offenders Act (ch 22)

Civil Law

Adoption of Infants Act (Ch 58)
Crown Acquisition of Lands Act (Chapter 135)
Crown Lands Act (Chapter 132)
Land Sales Act (ch 137)
Land Sales Act (ch 137)
Land Transfer Act (ch 131)
Marriage Act (ch 50)
Native Land Trust Act (Chapter 134)
Native Lands Act (Chapter 133)
Native Lands Amendment Act No 13 Of 2002
Property Law Act (ch 130)
Property Law Act (ch 130)
Public Trustee Act (Chapter 64)

Commercial Law

Bills of Exchange Act (Ch 227)
Bills of Sale Act (ch 225)
Capital Markets Development Authority Act 1996
Sale of Goods Act (ch 230)
Trade Dispute Act 1978 (ch 97)

Company Law

Industroal Associations (ch 95)
Public Enterprise Act 1996
Trust Accounts Act 1996
Trustee Act (ch 65)

Labor Law

Employement Relations (Administration) Regulations 2008
Employement Relations (Employment Agencies) Regulations 2008
Employement Relations (Labour Management Consultation) Regulations 2008
Employment Act (ch 92)
Employment Act (ch 92)
Factories Act (ch 99)
Health And Safety At Work (Amendment) Act 2003
Health and Safety At Work Act (Control of Hazardous Substances) Regulations 1997
Health and Safety At Work Act (Diving) Regulations 2006
Health and Safety At Work Act (Reps and comittees) Regulations 1997
Health and Safety At Work Act (training) Regulations 1997
Health and Safety At Work Act 1996
Health and Safety At Work Act Regulations 2003
National Training Act
Pensions Act (ch 77)
Trade Unions Act (ch 96)
Workers Compensation Act (Cap. 94)

Health Law

Mental Treatment Act (ch 113)

Mining Law

Mining Act (ch 146)
Mining Act (ch 146)

Tax Law

Customs Act 1986
Customs Tariff Act Amendment 2007
Income Tax Act (ch 201)
Income Tax Act 2007
Income Tax Act Amendment 2009
Public Holidays (ch 101)
Revenue and Customs Authority 1998
Shop Regulation of Hours and employment (ch 100)
Trade Unions Act (ch 96)
Trade Unions recognition Act
Value Added Tax Act 1991 revised 2004
Wages Councils (ch 98)

Banking Law

Bankers Book Evidence Act (Ch 45)
Banking Act 1995
Bankruptcy Act (ch 48)
Bankruptcy Act (ch 48)
Debtors Act (ch 32)
Exchange Control Act Rev. 1985
Finance Act (ch 69)
Finance Act (ch 69)
Financial Management Act 2004
Financial Transactions Reporting Act 2004
Financial Transactions Reporting Regulations 2007
Reserve Bank of Fiji Act (ch 210)

Insurance Law

Insurance Act 1998

Transport And Maritime Law

Air Navigation Regulations 1981
Civil Aviation (Reform) Act 1999
Civil Aviation (Security) Act 1994
Civil Aviation Act 1976
Civil Aviation Authority Act 1979
Civil Aviation Authority Act 1979

Environmental Law

Animals Importation Act (Ch 159)
Animals Importation Act (Ch 159)
Birds and Game Protection Act (Ch 170)
Forest Act
Forest Decree 1992
Law On Preservation Of Objects Of Archaeological And Palaeontological Interest (ch 264)
Rivers and Streams Act (Chapter 136)

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act 1999
Copyright Act 1999
Merchandise Marks Act (ch 241)
Patents Act (ch 239)
Trade Marks Act (ch 240)

Energy Law

Petroleum (Exploration And Exploitation) (Amendment) Act 1995

Agriculture Law

Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act (Chapter 270)
Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Act (Chapter 270)
Fisheries Act (ch 158)

Arbitration Law

Arbitration Act (ch 38)
Arbitration Act (ch 38)

Law Sources

Audit Act (Ch 70)
Civil Aviation Authority of the Fiji Islands
Department of Lands
Fiji Consolidated Legislation (Paclii)
Fiji Government
Fiji Trade & Investment Board
ITC Service of the Fiji Government
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations & Productivity
Parliament of Fiji
Reserve Bank of Fiji
Revenue and Customs Authority
The Fiji Islands Trade And Investment Bureau

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