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Constitutional Law

The Constitution of Antigua and Barbuda 1981

Litigation And Court Procedure

Caribbean Court of Justice (Amendment) Act
Caribbean Court of Justice Act 2004
Contempt of Court Act
Courts of Justice Fees Act
Evidence (Proceedings in Other Jurisdictions) Act
Evidence Act
Evidence Special Provisions Act 2009
High Court (Constitutional Redress) Act
Industrial Court Act
Industrial Court Act
Judgments Act
Jury Act
Jury Act 2009
Juvenile Courts Act
Law Revision (Miscellaneous) (Amendment) Act, 2004
Magistrate's Code of Procedure (Amendment) 2005
Magistrate's Code of Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2004
Magistrate's Code of Procedure Act
Magistrates Code of Procedure (Amendment) Act 2004
Oaths Act
Representation of the People amendment Act 2008
Supreme Court Order
The Caribbean Court of Justice Act, 2004
The Legal Profession Act, 2007

Electoral Law

Referendum Act 1997

Administrative / Public Law

ABST (Transitional Provision & Consequential Amendments) Act, 2006
Aliens Restriction Act
Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Act 1982
Auctioneers Act
Disaster Management Act 2002
Education Act
Emergency Powers (Hurricane, Earthquake, Fire or Flood) Act
Immigration and Passport (Amendment) Act 2003
Immigration and Passport (Amendment) Act, 2007
Immigration and Passport Act
Law Revision Amendment Act 2005
Ombudsman Act 1994
Public Utilities (Amendment) Act, 2004
Social Security (Amendment) Act 1993
Social Security (Amendment) Act 2005
Social Security (Amendment) Act 2005
Social Security Act

Criminal Law

Computer Misuse Act 2006
Computer Misuse Act 2006
Criminal Law Amendment Act
Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act 2004
Criminal Procedure (Committal for Sentence) Act
Criminal Procedure Act
Domestic Violence (Summary Proceedings) Act 1999
Extradition Act 1993
Misuse of Drugs (Amendment) Act 1973
Misuse of Drugs Act
Misuse of Drugs Act 1973
Money Laundering (Prevention (Amendment) Act 2003
Money Laundering (Prevention) (Amendment) Act 1999
Money Laundering (Prevention) (Amendment) Act 2001
Money Laundering (Prevention) (Amendment) Act 2002
Money Laundering (Prevention) (Amendment) Act, 1999
Money Laundering (Prevention) Act 1996
Money Laundering (Prevention) Act. 1996
Money Laundering (Prevention) Act. 1996
Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act 1993
Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters (Government of Antigua and Barbuda and the Government of the United States of America) Ratification Act 2000
Offences against the Person Act
Police (Amendment) Act 1998
Police Act
Prevention of Corruption Act 2004
Prevention of Corruption Act, 2004
Prevention of Terrorism Act 2005
Proceeds of Crime Act 1993
Proceeds of Crime Amendment Act 2008
Sexual Offences Act 1995
Suppression of Terrorism Act 1993

Civil Law

Adoption of Children Act
Adoption of Children Act 1944
Childcare and Protection Act 2003
Contracts in Writing Act
Divorce Act 1997
Juvenile Act
Land Acquisition Act
Land Development Regulations
Marriage (Amendment) Act 1993
Marriage (Amendment) Act 1994
Marriage (Prohibited Degrees of Relationship) Act
Marriage Act
Partnership Act
Registered Land Act
The Administration of Small Estates (Amendment) Act 2004
Unfair Contract Terms Act
Wills Act

Commercial Law

Bill of Sale (Amendment) Act, 2004
Bills of Exchange Act
Bills of Lading Act
Bills of Sale (Amendment) Act 2004
Bills of Sale Act
Consumer Protection and Safety Act
Distribution and Price of Goods Act
Exportation of Fruit Act
External Trade Act
Free Trade and Processing Zone Act 1994
Intoxicating Liquor (Price Control) Act
Sale of Goods Act
Standards Act
Weights and Measures Act

Company Law

Antigua and Barbuda Sugar Industry Corporation Act
Business Licenses Act 2004
Business Names Act
Business Registration Act
Co-Operative Societies Act 1997
Companies (Amendment) Act 2004
Companies (Amendment) Act 2004
Companies Act 1997
Companies Amendment Act 2006
Companies Amendment Act 2006
Friendly Societies Act
International Business Corporation (Amendment) Act 2002
International Business Corporation (Amendment) Act 2004
International Business Corporation Act
International Business Corporations (Amendment) (No 2) Act 2000
International Business Corporations (Amendment) Act 2000
International Business Corporations (Amendment) Act 2005
International Business Corporations (Amendments) Act 2004
International Business Corporations Act

Labor Law

Antigua and Barbuda Labour Code (Amendment) Act 1998
Antigua and Barbuda Labour Code 1975
Labour Code Act
Labour Code Amendment 1998
Labour Commissioner Act
Pensions Act
Public Holidays (Amendment) Act 2000
Public Holidays (Amendment) Act 2003
Public Holidays (Amendment) Act 2004
Public Holidays (Amendment) Act 2005
Public Holidays Act
Workmen's Compensation Act
Workmens Compensation (Amendment) Act 1994
Workmenís Compensation (Amendment) Act, 1994
Workmenís Compensation Act

Health Law

Medical Act
Medical Practitioners Act 2009
Mount St. Johns Medical Centre Act 2009
Pharmacy Act 1995
Public Health Act
Red Cross Society Act
Tobacco Control Act

Mining Law

Radio-Active Minerals Act

Tax Law

Antigua Barbuda Sales Tax 2006
Business Tax Act
Consumption Tax Act 1993
Customs Duties Act 1993
Customs Surcharge Act
Hotel Guest (Levy) Act
Hotels Tax Act
Income Tax (Amendment) (No 2) Act 2000
Income Tax (Amendment) (No 2) Act 2003
Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2000
Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2003
Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2005
Income Tax Act
Interactive Gaming & Interactive Wagering Regulations
Land Sales Duty Act
Personal Income Tax Act 2005
Personal Income Tax Act 2005
Property Tax Act 2000
Property Tax Amendment Act 2006
Revenue (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2005
Sales Tax Act 2006
Sales Tax Act 2006
Tax Information Exchange Act 2002
Telecommunications Tax Act
The Income Tax Amendment Act, 2006
Travel Tax Act

Banking Law

Antigua Commercial Bank (Loan) Act 2001
Appropriation Act 2008
Banking Act 2004
Banking Act 2005
Bankruptcy Act
Currency (No. 2) Act
Currency Act
Debtors Act
Exchange Control Act
Foreign Currency Levy Act
General Loan Act 2005
International Business Corporation Amendment Act 2008
International Exempt Trust Act, 2004
International Trust Act 2004
Securities (Amendment) Act 2005
Securities Act 2001
The General Loans Act ,2005
The ONDCP and Money Laundering Amendment Act 2008
Trustee Act

Insurance Law

Insurance Act, 2004

Communications And Media Law

Archives and Records Act
Cinematograph Act
Electronic Transactions Bill
Freedom of Information Act 2004
Freedom of Information Act 2004
Freedom of Information Act, 2004
Integrity in Public Life Act, 2004
Telecommunications (Prevention and Prohibition of Unauthorized Use and Services) (Amendment) Act 2003
Telecommunications Act
The National Economic Social Council Act, 2004 [

Transport And Maritime Law

Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Civil Aviation Act 2003
Dumping at Sea Act
Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Agreement Act 2003
Maritime Areas Act
Merchant Shipping (Amendment) (No 2) Act 1998
Merchant Shipping (Amendment) (No 2) Act 2001
Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Act 1996
Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Act 1997
Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Act 2001
Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Act 2002
Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Act 2003
Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Act Cap 28 1998
Merchant Shipping Act
Merchant Shipping Act 2006
Merchant Shipping Agreements Act
Motor Vehicles (Control of Hire) Act
Motor Vehicles (Customs Duty Exemption) Act
Motor Vehicles Insurance (Third-Party Risks) Act
Oil Pollution of Maritime Areas Act 1995
Port Authority (Validation of Regulations) Act
Port Authority Act
Roads Act
Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 1995
Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Act 2000
Vehicles and Road Traffic (Enforcement and Administration) Act
Vehicles and Road Traffic Act

Environmental Law

Beach Control Act
Beach Control Regulations
Beach Protection (Amendment) Act 1993
Beach Protection Act
Customs Duties (Dumping and Subsidies) Act
Draft Fisheries Act
Draft Fisheries Regulations
Environmental Protection Levy Act 2002
Fisheries Act 1983
Fisheries Regulations 1990
Forestry Act
Forestry Regulations
Hotel Proprietors Act
Litter (Amendment) Act 2004
Litter Act
National Parks (Amendment) Act 2004
National Parks Act
National Solid Waste Management Authority Act 2005
Noise Abatement Act 1996
Protection of Animals Act
The Litter (Amendment) Act 2004
The Litter Act
Wild Birds Protection Act

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act 2003
Geographical Indications Act 2003
Industrial Design Act 2003
Integrated Circuits Topography Act 2003
Patents Act 2003
Plant Protection Act,1941
Trade Marks Act 2003

Energy Law

Oil Pollution of Maritime Areas Act 1995
Petroleum Act
Petroleum Industry (Encouragement) Act

Construction Law

Architects (Registration) Act
Building Societies Act

Agriculture Law

Fisheries Act
Fisheries Regulations
Pesticides Control Act
Pesticides and Toxic Chemicals Act 2008
Veterinary Act

Arbitration Law

Arbitration Act

Law Sources

Laws on line
Anitgua Public Utilities Authority
Cariblex Labour legislation
Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Marine Resources and Agro-Industries
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Parliament of Antigua and Barbuda

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