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Constitutional law

Freedom of Information Act
Norges Riges Grundlov (Norwegian constitution)
The Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway
The Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway
The Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway
The Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway

Human Rights

The Human Rights Act 1999

Electoral law

Election Act (2002)
Political Parties Act 2005

Administrative / Public Law

Act and Instructions relating to the Office of the Auditor General
Act concerning the Entry of Foreign Nationals into the Kingdom of Norwey and Their Presence in the Realm (Immigration Act) (1988, amended 2002)
Act concerning the Storting's Ombudsman for Public Administration of 22 June 1962
Act on an introductory programme and Norwegian language instruction for newly arrived immigrants (Introduction Act) 2003
Act relating to Estate Agency
Act relating to Universities and Colleges 1995
Act relating to religious communities (1969)
Act relating to security guard services 2000
Act relating to state aid
Act relating to the Monitoring of Intelligence, Surveillance and Security Services 1995
Act relating to the prevention of fire, explosion and accidents involving hazardous substances and the fire service 2002
Act relating to universities and university colleges.
Education Act 1998
Immigration Act (1988)
Local Government Boundaries Act 2001
Local government act 1992
Nationality Act (1951, as amended 1989)
Norwegian Nationality Act 2005
Public Administration Act
Public procurement act 1999
Security Act
The Act of 20 December 1985 No. 108 on Public Iåbraries
The Passport Act 1997
The Statistics Act of 1989

Criminal Law

Act of 20 June 2003 No 41 on measures to combat the laundering of proceeds of crime
Compensation for Victims of Violent Crime Act 2001
Criminal Code
Criminal Procedure Act
Criminal Procedure Act (No. 25 of 1981)
Criminal Procedure Code
General Civil Penal Code (1902)
Money Laundering Act 2003
Money Laundering Regulations
Penal Code
The Police Act 1995

Civil Law

Act relating to Land 1995
Act relating to concession in the acquisition of real property (Concession Act)
Act relating to control of communicable diseases 1995
Act relating to registered partnership
Estate Agency Act (No. 53 of 16 June 1989)
Land Act (1995)
Tenancy Act 1999
The Land Act
The Marriage Act 1991

Commercial Law

Act of 18 December 1987 relating to Control of the Export of Strategic Goods, Services, Technology, etc.
Act relating to cosmetic products and body care products, etc. 2005
Act relating to product liability 1988
Act relating to the regulation of exports of fish and fish products 1990
Act relating to the regulation of imports and exports 1997
English Translation of the Norwegian Sale of Goods Act 1988.
Marketing Control Act
Sale of Goods Act (1988)
The Electronic Commerce Act (norwegian)
The Industrial Licensing Act
The Price Policy Act
The product control act

Company law

Competition Act (1993)
Competition Act of 2004
Cooperative Societies Act 2007
Foundations Act (1980)

Labor Law

Act (No. 4 of 1977) respecting worker protection and working environment (consolidation).
Act of 17 June 2005 No. 62 relating to working environment, working hours and employment protection, etc. (Working Environment Act).
Act relating to Veterinarians and Other Animal Health Personnel
Working Environment Act 2005

Health law

Act 9 March 1973 no 14 relating to prevention of harmful effects of tobacco.
Act No. 14 of 9 March 1973 relating to Prevention of the Harmful Effects of Tobacco
Act No. 64 of 27 June 2003 relating to the alternative treatment of disease, illness, etc.
Act amending the Patients' Rights Act and the Biobank Act 2006
Act of 2 July 1999 No. 64 relating to Health Personnel etc.
Act of 5 December 2003 No. 100 relating to the application of biotechnology in human medicine, etc
Act on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation (No. 36 of 12 May 2000)
Act on health and social preparedness 2000
Act prohibiting female genital mutilation 1995
Act relating to biobanks
Act relating to the alternative treatment of disease, illness, etc 2003
Act relating to the application of biotechnology in human medicine, etc. (The Biotechnology Act)
Act relating to transplantation, hospital autopsies and the donation of bodies etc. 1973
Food Act 2003
Hospitals Act 1969
Mental Health Act 1961
Mental Health Care Act 1997
Patients' Rights Act 1999
Personal Health Data Filing System Act
Personal Health Data Filing System Act 2001
The Act of 2 July 1999 No. 63 relating to Patients’ Rights
The Act relating to the application of biotechnology in medicine 1994
The Health Personnel Act 1999

Insurance Law

Act no 41 on Insurance Mediation (2005-06-10)
Act on Insurance Activity
Act on insurance mediation 2005
Act relating to Insurance Contracts 2003
Regulation no. 1421 on Insurance Mediation 2006

Tax law

Act relating to value Added tax 1969
Customs Act (1966)
Lottery Act 1995
The Petroleum Taxation Act
VAT Act (Norwegian)

Banking law

Auditors act 2006
Bankruptcy Act (1984)
Commercial Banks Act 2004
Financial Contracts Act 1999
Financial Contracts Act 2000
Financial Institutions Act 2004
Financial Supervision Act
Foreign Exchange Register Act 2004
Guarantee Schemes Act
Norges Bank Act
Regulations on Marketing of Securities Funds
Savings Banks Act 2004
Securities trading act 2007
Stock Exchange Act 2000
The Securities Trading Act 2006

Communications and Media Law

Act relating to films and videograms 1985
Broadcasting Regulations 1992
Freedom of Information Act
Personal Data Act (2000)
Personal data Act
Regulations on authorization of electronic communications networks and radio equipment installation contractors
Regulations on numbering resources for electronic communications networks and services (Numbering Regulations).
Regulations on safety in electronic communications network.
Regulations providing general authorisations for the use of radio frequencies
The Broadcasting Act 1992
The Electronic Communications Act
The Electronic Communications Act
The Freedom of Information Act
The Media Ownership Act 1997
The Media Ownership Act 1997
The Postal Service Act

Transport and Maritime Law

Act on Professional Transport by Motor Vehicle and Vessel (Professional Transport Act)
Act relating to sea-ranching 2000
International Ship Register Act (1987)
No. 38, 13 June 1969 , Act on Launching Objects from Norwegian Territory into Outer Space
Railways Act
The Aquaculture Act
The Norwegian Maritime Code 1994

Environmental Law

Act 13 March 1981 no 6 relating to protection against pollution and relating to waste. Last amended by Act 10 December 1999 no 83.
Act on radiation protection and use of radiation 2000
Act relating to biobanks 2003
Animal Welfare Act 1974
Cultural Heritage Act 1978
Environmental Information Act 2003
Forestry Act 2005
Gene Technology Act 1993
Greenhouse Gas Emission Trading Act 2004
Nature Conservation Act 1970
Pollution Control Act Act of 13 March 1981 No.6
Regulations relating to pollution control (Pollution regulations)
Regulations relating to restrictions on the use of chemicals and other products hazardous to health and the environment (Product regulations)
Svalbard Environmental Protection Act 2001
The Water Resources Act 2000
The Watercourse Regulation Act 1917
The Wildlife Act 1981
The pollution control act
Waste Regulations
Water Resources Act 2000

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Act 1961
Copyright, Act (Consolidation), 12/05/1961 (30/06/1995), No. 2
Design Regulations
Designs (Protection) Act, 13/03/2003, No. 15
Designs Act
Designs, Regulations, 04/04/2003, No. 418
Patents Act
Patents, Act (Consolidation), 15/12/1967 (24/06/1994), No. 9 (No. 40)
Plant Breeder's Right Act (1993)
Trademarks Act
Trademarks Regulations 

Energy law

Act on Radiation Protection and Use of Radiation 2000
Energy Act (1990)
Energy Act 1990
Nuclear Energy Act
Petroleum activities Act 1996
Petroleum activities act 29 / 1996
Regulations Relating To Conduct Of Activities In The Petroleum Activities (The Activities Regulations)
Regulations Relating To Design And Outfitting Of Facilities Etc. In The Petroleum Activities (The Facilities Regulations)
Regulations Relating To Health, Environment And Safety In The Petroleum Activities
Regulations Relating To Management In The Petroleum Activities
Regulations Relating To Material And Information In The Petroleum Activities
Regulations relating to work with ionizing radiation.
Temporary regulations relating to safety and working environment for certain petroleum facilities on land and associated pipeline systems

Construction law

Planning and Building Act 1985

Agriculture Law

Act on Seeds 1970
Act relating to veterinarians and other animal health personnel 2001


Electronic Commerce Act 2003
The Electronic Signatures Act
The Electronic Signatures Act

Internet Law

Regulation on domain names under Norwegian country code top-level domains (The Domain Regulation)

Law Sources

Financial Supervisory Authority
Lovdata (norwegian)
Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Ministry of Children and Equality
Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs
Ministry of Health and Care Services
Ministry of Justice and Police
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
Ministry of Transport and Communication
Ministry of the Environment
Norwegian Advisory Council on Bankruptcy
Norwegian Competition Authority
Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
Norwegian Pollution Control Authority
Norwegian Post- and Telecommunications Authority
Norwegian laws translated to English (Lovdata)
Norwegian water resources and energy Directorate
University of Oslo Translated Norwegian legislation

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