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Constitutional Law

Constititution of the Republic of Kosovo

Human Rights

Law No. 02/L-31 On Freedom Of Religion In Kosovo
Law No.2004/ 3 The Anti-discrimination Law
Law No.2004/2 On Gender Equality In Kosovo

Litigation And Court Procedure

Law 03-L-117 Law on the Bar
Law No. 02-L40 Law on Bar Examination
Law No. 02/L-40 On Bar Examination
Law No. 03-L-010D Lav on Notary
Law No. 03-L-101 Law on Pardon
Law No. 03-L-121 Law on the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo
Law No. 03-L-123 Law on the Temporary Composition of the Kosovo Judicial Council
Law on jurisdiction,case selection and case allocation .
Law on special prosecution office of the republic of Kosovo
Law on the auditor general

Electoral Law

Law No. 03-L072 Law on Local Elections in the Republic of Kosovo
Law No. 03-L073 Law on General Elections in the Republic of Kosovo
Law on general elections in the Republic of Kosovo
Law on local elections

Administrative / Public Law

Law No 2004/12 On Standardization
Law No. 02-L28 Law on the Administrative Procedure
Law No. 02-L31 Law on Freedom of Religion in Kosovo
Law No. 02-L37 Law on the Use of Languages
Law No. 02-L59 Law on Philharmonic, Opera and Balet
Law No. 02-L88 The Cultural Heritage Law
Law No. 02/L-12 on Theatre
Law No. 02/L-17 On Social And Family Services
Law No. 02/L-24 for Adulta Education and Training
Law No. 02/L-25 On Establishing The Kosovo Judicial Institute
Law No. 02/L-28 On The Administrative Procedure
Law No. 02/L-34 on Metrology
Law No. 02/L-37 On The Use Languages
Law No. 02/L-41 On Fire Protection
Law No. 02/L-52 on Preschool Education
Law No. 02/L-59 On Philharmonic, Opera And Ballet Of Kosova
Law No. 02/L-67 On Publ.School Textbooks,Edu.Teaching Res.,Reading Materials And Pedagogical Doc.
Law No. 02/L-68 For Protection Against Natural And Other Disasters
Law No. 03-L-094 Law on on the President of the Republic of Kosovo
Law No. 03-L-126 Law on Foreigners
Law No. 03-L034 Law on Citizenship of Kosova
Law No. 03-L037 Law on Travel Documents
Law No. 03-L040 Law on Local Self Government
Law No. 03-L063 Law on the Kosovo Intelligence Agency
Law No. 03-L066 Law on Asylum
Law No. 2003 / 16 On The Kosovo Population And Housing Census
Law No. 2003 / 17 Law On Public Procurement In Kosovo
Law No. 2003/15 On The Social Assistance Scheme In Kosovo
Law No. 2003/24 Law On Sport
Law No. 2004/ 19 Law On Academy Of Science And Arts Of Kosovo
Law No. 2004/39 On The Announcement Of The Memorial Complex With A Special National Interest Adem Ja
Law No. 3-L099 Law on Identity Cards
Law No.02/L-57 On Institutions Of Culture
Law No.2004 / 16 On Hotel And Tourist Activities
Law No.2004/35 on games of Chance
Law No.2004/37 On Inspection Of Education In Kosova
Law No.2004/42 On Scientific Research Activity
Law No.2004/46 On Civil Status Registers
Law on Kosova Police Inspectorate
Law on administrative municipal boundaries
Law on amending seven laws
Law on asylum
Law on citizenship of Kosova
Law on education in the municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo
Law on integrated management and control of the state border
Law on local government finance
Law on local self goverment
Law on ministry for foreign affairs and diplomatic service of Republic of Kosovo
Law on privatisation agency of Kosovo
Law on priviledges and diplomatic immunity
Law on public financial management and accountability
Law on service in the Kosovo security force
Law on the Kosovo Intellegence agency
Law on the Kosovo security force
Law on the establishment of the Kosovo security council
Law on the protection and promotion of the rights of communities and their members in Kosovo
Law on travel documents
Law on use of state symbols of Kosova

Criminal Law

Law No. 03-L-002 Law on Supplementing and Amending of the Criminal Code of Kosovo
Law No. 03-L-003 Law on Supplementing and Amending of the Kosovo Code of Criminal Procedure
Law No. 03-L035 Law on Police
Law No.2004/34 Suppression Of Corruption Law
Law on Police
Provisional Criminal Code Of Kosovo
Provisional Criminal Procedure Code of Kosovo of 6 July 2003.

Civil Law

Law No. 02/L-65 Civil Law Against Defamation And Insult
Law No.2004/26 Law on Inheritance
Law Nr.2004/32 Family Law
Law on the resolution of claims relating to private immovable property

Commercial Law

Law No. 02-L21 Law on General Safety of Products
Law No. 02/L-1 Market Inspection Law
Law No. 02/L-103 On Pressure Equipment
Law No. 02/L-20 of Technical Demands for Products and valuation of Conformation
Law No. 02/L-21 On General Safety Of Products
Law No. 03-L-042 Law on Protection Products
Law No. 03-L039 Law on Special Protective Zones
Law No. 2004 / 17 On Consumer Protection
Law No. 2004 / 7 On Kosovo Chamber Of Commerce
Law No.2004/18 On Internal Trade
Law No.2004/28 On Precious Metal Products
Law on special protective zones

Company Law

Law No. 02-L123 Law on Business Organizations
Law No. 02/L-123 On Business Organizations
Law No. 02/L-5 on Support to Small and Medium Enterprises
Law No. 02/L-70 On Road Traffic Safety
Law No. 03-L-134 Law on freedom of Association in Non-Governmental Organizations
Law No.2004/36 On Competition
Law on publicly owned enterprises

Labor Law

Law No : 2003 / 19 On Occupational Safety, Health And The Working Environment
Law No. 03-L-019 Law on Vocational Ability, Rehabilitation and Employment of People with Disabilities
Law No. 03-L064 Law on Official Holidays in Republic of Kosovo
Law No.02/L-42 on Vocational Education and Training
Law on official holidays in Republic of Kosovo
Law on pensions trust fund

Health Law

Law No. 02-L101 Law on Blood Transfusion, Blood Control and its Products
Law No. 02-L109 Law for prevention and fighting against infectious diseases
Law No. 02-L128 Law for narcotic medicaments, psycho-tropes and precursors
Law No. 02-L36 Tobacco Law
Law No. 02-L78 Law on Public Health
Law No. 02/L-109 For Prevention And Fighting Against Infectious Diseases
Law No. 02/L-36 Tobacco Law
Law No. 02/L-38 on health Inspectorate
Law No. 02/L-50 on Medical Emergency Services
Law No. 02/L-76 On Reproductive Health
Law No. 02/L-78 On Public Health
Law No. 02/L-81 On Infants’ Breastfeeding Incitement And Protection
Law No. 03-L-016 Law on Food
Law No. 03-L-110 Law on Termination of Pregnancy
Law No. 03-L-124 Law on Amending the Law on Health
Law No. 2003/22 The Law On The Sanitary Inspectorate Of Kosovo
Law No. 2003/23 On Disability Pensions In Kosovo
Law No.2003/26 On Medicinal Products And Medical Devices
Law No.2004 / 4 On Health
Law No.2004/38 For The Rights And Responsibilities Of The Kosovo Residents In The Health Care
Law No.2004/50 On Private Practices In Health
Law No: 02/L-101 For Blood Transfusion, Blood Control And Its Products

Mining Law

Law on the establishment of the independent commission for mines and minerals

Tax Law

Law No 03-L-115 Law on Personal Income Tax
Law No 03-L-161 Law on Personal Income Tax 2009
Law No 03-L-170 Law on Customs Measures for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights 2009
Law No. 03-L-109 Customs and Excise Code of Kosovo
Law No. 03-L-112 Law on Excise Tax Rate in Kosova
Law No. 03-L-113 Law on Corporate Income Tax
Law No. 03-L-114 Law on Value Added Tax
Law No. 03-L-146 Law on Value Added Tax 2009
Law No. 03-L-162Law on Corporate Income Tax 2009
Law No.2004/48 On Tax Administration And Procedures

Banking Law

Law No. 02-L74 Law on Internal Audit
Law No. 02/L-43 On Accreditation
Law No. 02/L-74 On Internal Audit
Law No. 03-L-175 Law on Public Debt
Law No. 03-L074 Law on the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo
Law No. 2003/2 Law On Public Financial Management And Accountability
Law No. 2003/4 On Liquidation And Reorganization Of Legal Persons In Bankruptcy
Law No.2004 / 14 On International Financial Agreements
Law on amendment of a budget for 2008
Law on the central bank of the Republic of Kosovo

Communications And Media Law

Law No. 02/L-15 On The Independent Media Commission And Broadcasting
Law No. 02/L-47 On Radio Television Of Kosovo
Law No. 02/L-51 On Publishing Activities And Books
Law No. 2002/7 Law On Telecommunications
Law No. 2003 / 12 Law On Access To Official Documents
Law No. 2003 / 18 On Postal Services
Law No. 2007/7 On Archive Material And Archives
Law No.2003 / 6 On Libraries
Law No.2004/22 On Cinematography
Law on Access to Official Documents [Kosovo]

Transport And Maritime Law

Law No. 02-L70 Law on Road Traffic Safety
Law No. 03-L051 Law on Civil Aviation
Law No. 03-L076 Law on Railways in Republic of Kosovo
Law No. 2003/11 On The Law On Roads
Law No. 2004/1 on Road Transport
Law No.2004 / 6 On Transport Of Dangerous Goods
Law No.2004/44 On Crafts
Law on Civil Aviation
Law on railways in the Republic of Kosovo

Environmental Law

Law No. 02-L102 Law on Noise Protection
Law No. 02-L116 Law on Chemical
Law No. 02-L30 The Waste Law
Law No. 02-L53 Law on Hunting
Law No. 02/L-102 On Noise Protection
Law No. 02/L-30 The Waste Law
Law No. 02/L-53 On Hunting
Law No. 03-L-024 Law on Environmental Impact Assessment
Law No. 03-L-027 Law on Accommodation Tax in Hotel and Tourist Facilities
Law No. 03/L-025 On Environmental Protection
Law No. 2003/3 On Forests In Kosovo
Law No.02/L-10 Law on Animal Welfare
Law No.02/L-18 on Nature Conservation
Law No.02/L-79 on Hydro-Meteorological Activities
Law No.2002/8 The Environmental Protection Law
Law No.2004/24 Water Law
Law No.2004/30 on Air Protection
Law on the activities of water and wastewater

Intellectual Property Law

Law No. 02-L54 Law on Trademarks
Law No. 02-L98 Law on Protection of Plants Varieties
Law No. 02/L-100 On An Amendments And Additions To Patent Law No. 2004/49
Law No. 02/L-45 on Industrial Design
Law No. 02/L-54 On Trademarks
Law No. 02/L-98 On Protection Of Plants Varieties
Law No. 45 Law on Copyright and Related Rights
Law No.2004/45 On Copyright And Related Rights
Law No.2004/49 Patent Law

Energy Law

Law No. 02/L-89 On Amendments And Additions To Law No. 2004/5 On Trade Of Petroleum And Petroleum Products
Law No. 03-L-116 Law on Central Heating
Law No. 2004 / 8 On Energy
Law No. 2004 / 9 On The Energy Regulator
Law No. 2004/ 10 Law On Electricity
Law No.2004/5 on Trade of Petroleum and Petroleum Products

Construction Law

Law No. 02-L62 Law on Inspectorate of Construction Products
Law No. 02-L96 On Amendments and Additions to Law No. 2003/25 on Cadastre
Law No. 02/L-62 On Inspectorate Of Construction Products
Law No. 2003 / 14 Law On Spatial Planning
Law No. 2003/25 Law On Cadastre
Law No. 2004 / 15 On Construction

Agriculture Law

Law No. 02-L122 Law on Organic Farming
Law No. 02-L26 Law on Agricultural Land
Law No. 02-L85 Law on Fishery and Aquaculture
Law No. 02/L-26 On Agricultural Land
Law No. 02/L-85 On Fishery And Aquaculture
Law No. 03-L-029 Law on Agriculture Inspection
Law No. 2003/10 Law On Artificial Fertilizers
Law No. 2003/9 Law On Farmer’s Cooperatives
Law No.02/L-8 The Wine Law
Law No.02/L-9 For The Irrigation Of Agricultural Lands
Law No.2003/20 Law On Pesticides
Law No.2004 / 13 On Planting Material
Law No.2004/ 33 On Livestock
Law No.2004/21 The Veterinary Law

Arbitration Law

Law No. 02-L75 Law on Arbitration
Law No. 02/L-75 On Arbitration
Law No. 3-L057 Law on Mediation

Law Sources

Official Gazette of Kosovo
United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo
United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo

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