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Constitutional Law

The Gibraltar Constitution 2006

Litigation And Court Procedure

Court Fees Act
Court of Appeal Ordinance
Court of Appeal Rules 2004
International Criminal Court (Elements of Crime) Regulations 2009
International Criminal Court (Immunities and Privileges) Regulations 2009
International Criminal Court (Remand Time) Regulations 2009
International Criminal Court Act 2007
Judicial Service Act 2007
Supreme Court Ordinance
Supreme Court Rules 2000

Electoral Law

European Parliamentary Elections (Amendment) Act 2009

Administrative / Public Law

Asylum Regulations 2008
Immigration Control (Amendment) Act 2008
Immigration Control Act
Immigration Control Act
Immigration Rules 2010
Immigration, Asylum and Refugee (Amendment) Act 2009
Parliament Act
Public Appointments Act 2007
Statistics Act

Criminal Law

Crime (Computer Hacking) Act 2009
Crime (Money Laundering and Proceeds) Act 2007
Crime (Vulnarable Witness) Act 2009
Criminal Justice (Amendment) Act 2007
Criminal Justice (Amendment) Ordinance 2004
Criminal Justice Act 1996
Criminal Offences Ordinance
Criminal Procedure Ordinance
Crown Proceedings Act
Drugs Misuse Ordinance
Drugs Misuse Regulations 2004
Mutual Legal Assistance Act 2005
Police (Amendment) Act 2008
Police Act 2006
Prison Act
Terrorism Act 2005
Transnational Organized Crime Act

Civil Law

Adoption Act
Children (Care planning etc.) Regulations 2010
Children Act 2009
Contract and Tort Act
Land (Aquisition) Act
Minors Act 1962
Unfair Terms In Contracts Consumer Act
Wills Act 2009

Commercial Law

Bills of Exchange Act
Consumer Protection (Unfair Trading) Act 2008
Factories (Control of Chemical Agents at Work) (Amendment) Regulations 2008
Imports and Exports Act
Sale of Goods Act
Shop Hours Act
Weight and Measures Act
Weights And Measures Regulations

Company Law

Companies Act
Cooperative Societies (Sce) Act 2007
Factories Act
Parent And Subsidiary Company Rules 2008

Labor Law

Bank and Public Holidays Order 2010
Education and Training (Amendment) Act 2009
Employment (Amendment) Regulations 2008
Pensions (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2007
Pensions (Amendment) Regulations 2007
Trade Unions and Trade Disputes Act
Working Time Act
Workplace (Health, Safety And Welfare) Regulations, 1996

Health Law

Food and Drugs Act
Medical and Health Act 1997
Medicines (General Sale List) Regulations 1987
Mental Health Act 1972
Public Health (Blood Safety And Quality) Act 2007
Public Health Act
Tobacco (Advertising And Sponsorship) Act 2006
Tobacco Act 1997

Mining Law

Deap Sea Mining (Licensing) Ordinance

Tax Law

Imports And Exports Regulations 2007
Imports and Exports (Control) (Amendment) Regulations 2008
Income Tax (Deduction Of Approved Expenditure On Premises In Tax Deductible Property Zone) Rules 2007
Income Tax (Deduction Of Approved Expenditure On Premises In Tax Deductible Property Zone) Rules 2010
Income Tax Act

Banking Law

Appropriation 2008
Appropriation 2010
Banking (Fees) (Amendment) Regulations 2010
Banking Act 1992
Bankruptcy Act
Financial Services (Auditors Approval And Registration) Act, 1998
Financial Services (Banking) Act
Financial Services (Conduct Of Business In The United Kingdom) Regulations 2006
Financial Services (Conduct Of Business: Investment Firms & Insurance Intermediaries) Regulations 2006
Financial Services (Conduct Of Fiduciary Services Business) Regulations 2006
Financial Services (Consolidated Supervision Of Credit Institutions) Regulations 2007
Financial Services (Distance Marketing) Act 2006
Financial Services (Fees) Regulations 2007
Financial Services (Investment And Fiduciary Services) Act
Financial Services (Listing Of Securities) Act 2006
Financial Services (Markets In Financial Instruments) (Penalty Fees) Regulations 2007
Financial Services (Markets In Financial Instruments) Act 2006
Financial Services (Markets In Financial Instruments) Regulations 2007
Financial Services (Money Service Business) (Transitional Provisions) Regulations 2008
Financial Services (Moneylending) Act
Financial Services (Occupational Pensions Institutions) Act 2006
Financial Services (Takeover Bids) Act 2006
Financial Services (Temporary Business Continuity) (Fees) Regulations 2007
Financial Services Act 1989
Financial Services Commission Act 2007
Financial Services Regulations (Auditor Fees) 2010
Financial Services Regulations (Auditos) 2010
Public Finance (Borrowing Powers) Act 2008
Public Finance (Statutory Benefits Fund) Act 2008

Insurance Law

Insurance Companies (Licence Fees) Regulations 2007
Insurance Companies (Reinsurance Directive) Regulations 2007
Insurance Companies (Special purpose) Vehicles) regulations 2009
Insurance Companies (Supplementary Supervision) Regulations 2007
Insurance Companies Act 1987

Communications And Media Law

Data Protection Ordinance 2004
Newspapers Act 1946

Transport And Maritime Law

Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
Civil Aviation (Air Navigation) Regulations 2009
Civil Aviation (Dangerous Goods) Regulations 2009
Civil Aviation (Investigation Of Air Accidents And Incidents) Regulations 2009
Civil Aviation (Overseas Territories) (Gibraltar) (Revocations) (No.2) Order 2008
Civil Aviation (Overseas Territories) (Gibraltar) (Revocations) Order 2008
Civil Aviation (Rules Of The Air) Regulations 2009
Civil Aviation Act 2009
Control of Traffic (Amendment) Regulations 2008
Merchant Shipping (Oil Polllution) Regulations 1999
Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution) (Amendment) Regulations 2008
Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution) (Amendment)(No. 2) Regulations 2008
Merchant Shipping Ordinance
Port (Enhancing Security) Rules 2008
Port Act
Traffic (Driversí Qualification And Training) Regulations 2008
Traffic (Wearing Of Safety Belts) Regulations 2008
Traffic Act
Transport (Combined Operations) Regulations 2003
Transport (Recording Equipment) (Minimum Conditions) Regulations 2008
Transport Regulations 2000
Truck Act

Environmental Law

Control Of Asbestos Regulations 2007
Environment (Abstraction Of Ground Water) Regulations 2007
Environment (Biofuels) Regulations 2005
Environment (Control of Dust) Regulations 2010
Environment (Waste) Regulations 2007
Environment Act 2005
Environmental Liability Regulations 2008
Environmental Protection (Energy end-use efficency) Act 2010
Freedom Of Access To Information On The Environment Regulations 2005
Nature Protection (Amendment) Act 2009
Quarantine Act
Water Rules
Water Tariff Regulations 2008

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright (Gibraltar) Order 2005
Patents Act
Patents Rules
Trademarks Act

Energy Law

Electricity (Charges and Tariffs) regulations 2010
Electricity (High Efficiency cogeneration) regulations 2010
Petroleum Act
Petroleum Rules

Construction Law

Building (Energy Performance) Rules 2008
Building Rules 2007
Housing Act 2007
Town Planning Act 1999


Eletronic Commerce Ordinance 2001

Arbitration Law

Arbitration Act

Law Sources

Laws of Gibraltar

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