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Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court reviews the constitutionality of legislation. The court consists of 18 judges, appointed by the president, the parliament and the congress of judges , for a 9-year period The President, at least 45 Members of Parliament, the Supreme Court, the Ombudsman, and the Crimean legislature may apply a case to the Constitutional Court hear a case.

The Constitutional Court of Ukraine

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court of Ukraine is the highest judicial instance of general jurisdiction in the Ukraine. The court consists of 4 chambers: a chamber for criminal cases, a chamber for Military cases, a chamber for civil cases and a chamber for economic cases.

The Supreme Court of Ukraine

High Courts

Appeals Court of Ukraine
Court of Cassation of Ukraine
High Commercial Court

Appellate Courts

(Oblast) Courts of Appeal
Commercial court of appeal
Kiev Court of Appeal
Sevastopol Court of Appeal

First Instance Courts

The district courts are the courts of first instance and hear criminal and civil cases involving private persones. Commercial courts are the courts of first instance when a legal entity or state institutions are involved.

District Courts
Economic (commercial) courts
Kiev City Court
Sevastopol City Court

Administrative Supreme Court

High Administrative Court

Administrative Appellate Court

District administrative courts of appeal

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

Administrative courts

Other Courts

Arbitration Courts
High Court of Arbitration

Judiciary (general)

High Council of Justice of Ukraine

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