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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court, located in Port Moresby is the final court of appeal and has original jurisdiction on constitutional matters (s. 18). The court is established under s.160 of the constitution. It is composed of the Chief Justice, the deputy Chief Justice and all judges the judges of the National Court excluding the acting judges. It sits in a bench of three or five judges. The most senior judge shall preside over the Court.

Supreme Court

Appellate Courts

The National Court is established by s. 163 of the Constitution and sits in all provincial and other major centres. It consists of the Chief Justice, Deputy Chief Justice and not less than four (4) or more than six (6) other judges or as determined by an act of parliament (see s. 164 of the Constitution). The National Court is a court of unlimited jurisdiction.

National Court

First Instance Courts

"Village courts were established in 1974, under the Village Courts Act of 1973, and are now governed by the Village Courts Act 1989, and Village Courts Regulation 1974. There are many hundreds of these courts. The courts consist of at least three lay magistrates appointed from the local village or community by the Minister for Justice. Appeal is to the local or district court magistrate."

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Jurisprudence (Case Law)

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