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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court of Pakistan is the highest judicial instance. It consists of a Chief Justice, appointed by the president, and a number of other judges as may be determined by the Act of Parliament, at present 13 judges. The Supreme Court has own jurisdiction on judgements in any dispute between the Federal Government or a provincial government or between any two or more provincial governments. Furthermore it is the highest appellate court for the lower courts.

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Appellate Courts

In each of the 4 provinces, a High Court exists. A High Court has extensive appellate jurisdiction against the judgements, decisions, decrees and sentences passed by the civil and criminal courts. Own Judicial jurisdiction as where the law describes. A high Court can withdraw any civil or crimnal case from the trial courts. The principal seat of the Lahore High Court is at Lahore and it has three Benches at Bahawalpur, Multan and Rawalpindi. The principal seat of the High Court of Sindh is at Karachi with a Bench at Hyderabad and Sukkur. The principal set of Peshawar High Court is at Peshawar and it has two Benches at abbottabad and Dera Ismail Khan. The principal seat of High Court of Balochistan is at Quetta with a Bench at Sibi.

High Courts
High Court of Balochistan (Quetta)
Islamabad High Court
Lahore High Court (PUNJAB)
Peshawar High Court of North West Frontier
Sindh High Court Bar (Karachi)

Religious Appeal Courts

The Federal Shariat Court comprises eight Muslim Judges and decides on muslim relatedd matters. The court is appellate court for the lower courts and hears appeals from the decison of criminal courts under any law relating to enforcement of Hudood Law i.e. laws pertaining to offences to intoxication, theft, Zina (unlawful sexual intercourse) and Qazf (false imputation of Zina). The principal seat of the Federal Shariat Court is at Islamabad, but it runs circuits at Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar and Quetta.

Federal Shariat Court

First Instance Courts

The District, Magistrates and Session Courts are the courts of first insance and are located in the districts of each province. Criminal cases punishable with death and cases arising out of the enforcement of laws relating to Hudood are tried by Sessions Judges. The Court of a Sessions Judge is competent to pass any sentence authorised by law. Offences not punishable with death are tried by Magistrates.

District, Magistrates and Session Courts

Other Courts

Accountability Courts
Anti- Terrorism Courts
Banking Courts
Drug Courts
Excise & Sales Tax Appellate Tribunal

Judiciary (general)

Federal Judicial Academy
Judicial System of Pakistan

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