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Constitutional Court

The constititutional court (the Tsets) examines and settles constitutional disputes at the request of the Ikh Khural, the President, the Prime Minister, the Supreme Court, the General Prosecutor, on its own initiative, or on the basis of petitions received from citizens. The court consists of nine judges, appointed by the Ikh Khural for a term of six years.

Constitutional Court (Tsets)

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court in Ulaanbaatar is the highest judicial instance in Mongolia.

Supreme Court

Appellate Courts

The Aimag Courts can be found in the capital cities of the aimags and in the capital city Ulaantabaar. The courts are the appellate courts for the lower courts and have own jurisdiction in cases of more serious crime and in civil matters where the amount in dispute is over Tug 10 million.

Aimag Courts
Aimag Court of Arhangai (Tsetserleg)
Aimag Court of Bayan-Olgiy (Olgiy)
Aimag Court of Bayanhongor (Bayanhongor)
Aimag Court of Bulgan (Bulgan)
Aimag Court of Dornod (Choybalsan)
Aimag Court of Dornogovi (Buyant-Uhaa)
Aimag Court of Dundgovi (Mandalgovi)
Aimag Court of Dzavhan (Uliastay)
Aimag Court of Govi-Altai (Altay)
Aimag Court of Hentiy (Undurhaan)
Aimag Court of Hovd (Dund-Us)
Aimag Court of Huvsgul (Moron)
Aimag Court of Selenge (Suhbaatar)
Aimag Court of Sukhbaatar (Baruun-Urt)
Aimag Court of Tuv (Ozuunmod)
Aimag Court of UVS (Ulaangom)
Aimag Court of Umnu Govi (OalandZadgad)
Aimag Court of Uvurhangai (Arvayheer)
Capital City Court of Ulaanbaatar

First Instance Courts

Soum, intersoum and district courts are the courts of first instance and deal with misdemeanours and less serious crimes and civil disputes where the amount in dispute is less than Tug 10 million ($22,000).

District Courts
Intersoum Courts
Soum Courts

Judiciary (general)

General Council of Courts
Judicial Information Center
State General Prosecutors Office

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