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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

"The Supreme Court is the highest legal authority. Its judges are appointed by the president in consultation with the Judicial Service Commission; Maldives Constitution Ch 6 / 141 b : The Supreme Court shall be the highest authority for the administration of justice in the Maldives. The Chief Justice shall be the highest authority on the Supreme Court. All matters adjudicated before the Supreme Court shall be decided upon by a majority of the judges sitting together in session.

Supreme Court of the Maldives

Appellate Courts

High Court of The Maldives

First Instance Courts

There are 204 first instance courts in the Maldives comprising of an island court in each of the 200 inhabited islands and four specialized courts in Male’, these being the Civil court, the Criminal court, the Family court and the Juvenile court. There is an automatic right of appeal from all these courts to the High Court which sits in Male’, the capital

Civil Court Male
Criminal Court Male
Family Court Male
Island Magistrates Courts
Juvenile Court Male

Court of Audit

Auditor General's Office of the Maldives

Other Courts

Employment Tribunal

Judiciary (general)

Attorney General's Office
Judicial Service Commission Maldives
Prosecutor General's Office

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