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Constitutional Court

Satversmes tiesa

The Constitutional Court shall have the right to declare laws or other acts or parts thereof invalid. The Constitutional Court is independent in functional and organizational aspects. The court consists of 7 judges, appointed by a majority of the votes of not less than fifty-one members of the Saeima, for a period of ten years.

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Augstaka Tiesa

The chambers of the Supreme Court are the appellate courts for matters that have been adjudicated by regional courts as the courts of first instance.
The senate of the Supreme Court is the court of last instance for all matters that have been adjudicated by district and regional courts.
The court is composed of 24 senators (judges of the senate) and 21 judges in Chambers. All together they form the Plenum (common session) of the Supreme Court.

Republic of Latvia Supreme Court

Appellate Courts

Apgabal Tiesa

The decisions of district courts are reviewed by the regional courts in the second instance by way of appeal proceedings on the basis of an appeal, appeal against a ruling or a protest. There are 5 Regional Courts in Latvia

Kurzemes Regional Court
Latgales Regional Court
Riga Regional Court
Vidzemes Regional Court
Zemgales Regional Court

First Instance Courts

All civil, criminal and misdemeanour matters in first instance There are 34 District Courts in Latvia

Aizkraukles district court (Z)
Aluksnes district court (V)
Balvu district court (L)
Bauskas district court (Z)
Cesu district court (V)
Daugavpils district court (L)
Dobeles district court (Z)
Gulbenes district court (V)
Jekabpils district court (Z)
Jelgavas district court (Z)
Jurmalas pilsetas district court (R)
Kraslavas district court (L)
Kuldiga District Court (K)
Liepajas district court (K)
Limbazu district court (V)
Ludzas district court (L)
Madonas district court (V)
Ogres district court (R)
Preilu district court (L)
Rezeknes district court (L)
Rigas pilsetas City Court (R)
Rigas pilsetas Kurzemes district court (R)
Rigas pilsetas Latgales priekšpilsetas district court (R)
Rigas pilsetas Vidzemes priekšpilsetas court (R)
Rigas pilsetas Zemgales priekšpilsetas court (R)
Rigas pilsetas Ziemelu district court (R)
Rigas rajona district court (R)
Saldus district court (K)
Siguldas district court (R)
Talsu district court (K)
Tukuma district court (Z)
Valkas district court (V)
Valmieras district court (V)
Ventspils district court (K)

Administrative Appellate Court

Administrative Court of Appeal

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

Adminstrative Court

Court of Audit

Valsts Kontrole (State Audit Office)

Other Courts

Land Register

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Compilations of Supreme Court Decisions
Decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Latvia
Decisions of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Latvia

Judiciary (general)

Courts Administration
Courts Hierarchy Overview
Foundation Latvian Judicial Training Centre
Latvia Courts Portal
Prosecutor's Office

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