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Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court handles constitutional issues such as the constitutionality of a law, impeachment, dissolution of a political party, constitutional petitions filed directly to the Constitutional Court, and jurisdictional conflicts involving State agencies and/or local governments. The Court consists of 9 justice of which three are elected by the National Assembly, and three are designated by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The Constitutional Court of Korea

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial instance in Korea. The Court is comprised of the Chief Justice and 13 Justices, including the Chief Justice.
As the court of last resort, the Supreme Court hears appeals from judgments or rulings rendered by the High Courts, the Patent Court, and the appellate panels of the District Courts or the Family Court in civil, criminal, administrative, patent and domestic relations cases.

Supreme Court of Korea

Appellate Courts

The High Courts are the appelate courts for the district courts, family court and administrative court. The Patent Court is on the same level as the High Court.

Busan High Court
Daegu High Court
Daejon High Court
Gwangju High Court
Seoul High Court

First Instance Courts

The District Court, The Family Court and the administrative court are the courts of first instance. The District Court and Family Court may establish Branch Court(s) and/or Municipal Court(s) and Registration Office(s) if additional support is necessary to carry out their task.

Busan District Court
Changwon District Court
Cheongju District Court
Chuncheon District Court
Daegu District Court
Daejeon District Court
Gwangju District Court
Incheon District Court
Jeju District Court
Jeonju District Court
Seoul Central District Court
Seoul Eastern District Court
Seoul Northern District Court
Seoul Southern District Court
Seoul Western District Court
Suwon District Court
Uijeongbu District Court
Ulsan District Court

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

Seoul Administrative Court

Other Courts

Family Court
Korean Maritime Safety Tribunal
Patent Court (Daejeon)
Seoul Family Court

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Decisions of the Korean Constitutional Court
Supreme Court Decisions
Supreme Court Library

Judiciary (general)

Court System Chart
National Court Administration
Prosecutor's Office
The Judicial Research and Training Institute
The Judiciary

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