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Appellate Courts

The Court of Appeal is established under Section 64(1) of the Constitution of Kenya. This court is a superior court of record and has only appellate jurisdiction meaning that the court only hears appeals from the High court.

Court of Appeal

High Courts

The High Court is created by Section 60 of the Constitution of Kenya and is the highest court of original jurisdiction in Kenya. The court has unlimited original jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters and hears appeals from various administrative bodies and subordinate courts.

High Court

First Instance Courts

The Kadhis’ Court has jurisdiction on questions of Muslim Law relating to personal status,marriage,divorce or inheritance in proceedings in which all parties are Muslims. There are about 17 Kadhis in Kenya.

Khadi Courts
Chief Magistrates Courts
Court Martial

Minor Courts Justices of the Peace

Magistrates Court Grade I
Magistrates Courts Grade 2
Magistrates Courts Grade III

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Decisions of the High Court
Keya Law Reports

Judiciary (general)

The Judiciary

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