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Constitutional Court

Constitutional court

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Highest court in Georgia, consisting of three Chambers of Cassation and a Collegium of Criminal Law.

Supreme Court (Tbilisi)

Appellate Courts

Court of first instance and court of appeal In first instance: lawsuits related to intellectual property, lawsuits which exceed 500.000 GEL (250.000 EUR) and administrative cases. Three Chambers of Appeal (tax,criminal and civil) consider the appeals from the city courts.

High Court of Abkhazia
High Court of Ajarian
Kutaisi Appeal Court
Tbilisi Appeal Court

First Instance Courts

First Instance Courts; there are 74 regional or city courts in georgia Regional or city courts hear both civil and criminal cases

Abasha Court
Adigeni Court
Akhalgori Court
Akhalkalaki Court
Akhaltsikhe Court
Akhmeta Court
Ambrolauri Court
Aspindza Court
Bagdati Court
Batumi Court
Bolnisi Court
Borjomi Court
Chiatura Court
Chkhorotsku Court
Chokhatauri Court
Dedoplistskaro Court
Didube-chugureti Regional Court
Dmanisi Court
Dusheti Court
Gagra Court
Gali Court
Gardabani Court
Gldani-nadzaladevi Regional Court
Gori City Court
Gudauta Court
Gulripshi Court
Gurjaani Court
Isani-samgori Regional Court
Java Court
Kareli Court
Kaspi Court
Kazbegi Court
Keda Court
Kharagauli Court
Khashuri Court
Khelvachauri Court
Khobi Court
Khoni Court
Khulo Court
Kobuleti Court
Krtsanisi-mtatsminda Regional Court
Kutaisi City Court
Kvareli Court
Lagodekhi Court
Lanchkhuti Court
Lentehki Court
Marneuli Court
Martvili Court
Mestia Court
Ninotsminda Court
Ochamchire Court
Oni Court
Ozurgeti Court
Poti Court
Rustavi Court
Sachkhere Court
Sagaredjo Court
Samtredia Court
Senaki Court
Shuakhevi Court
Signagi Court
Sokhumi City Court
Sokhumi Regional Court
Telavi Court
Terjola Court
Tetritskaro Court
Tianeti Court
Tkibuli Court
Tkvarcheli Court
Tsageri Court
Tsalka Court
Tsalrnjikha Court
Vake-Saburtalo Regional Court
Vani Court
Zestaponi Court
Zugdidi Court

Other Courts

Tbilisi Board Of Arbitration

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Decisions of the Supreme Court

Judiciary (general)

Georgian Courts

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