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Constitutional Court

The Supreme Court also fulfills the functions of a constitutional court in it's constitutional review chamber. Here the Court hears petitions for constitutional review and decides on significant constitutional issues

Constitutional Review Chamber of Supreme Court

Supreme Court (Highest Instance)


In the role of court of cassation, the court accepts matters for proceedings if the statements presented in the appeal allow an opinion that the court of appeal has applied a provision of substantive law incorrectly or has materially violated a procedural right that may involve an incorrect judicial decision. The Supreme Court is comprised of a Civil, a Administrative, a Criminal and a Constitutional Review Chamber. The Total of judges, divided over it's chamber is 28 , including the chief justice.

Supreme Court of the Republic of Estonia (Tartu)

Appellate Courts


The decisions of county, city and administrative courts are reviewed by courts of appeal (circuit courts) in the second instance by way of appeal proceedings on the basis of an appeal, appeal against a ruling or a protest. There are 46 judges all together divided over the three circuit courts.

Court of Appeal Tallin
Court of Appeal Tartu
Court of Appeal Viru (Jõhvi)

First Instance Courts

All civil, criminal and misdemeanour matters in first instance

Harju County Court
Pärnu County Court
Tartu County Court
Viru County Court

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

Adjudication of disputes in public law and grant of permission to take administrative measures in the cases provided by law.

Tallinn Administrative Court
Tartu Administrative Court

Court of Audit

State Audit Office

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Administrative Decisions of the Supreme Court
Constitutional Judgments
Database of court statistics and judicial decisions (KOLA)
Iuridicum database

Judiciary (general)

Estonian Association of Judges
Estonian Courts
Prosecutor’s Office

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