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Constitutional Court

The Supreme Constitutional Court

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Court of Cassation is the highest judicial body.

Court of Cassation

Appellate Courts

The Court of Appeal hears appeals from the courts of first instance. The 7 courts of appeal are located in the major cities of Egypt.

Court of Appeal (isti’naf)
Court of Appeal Alexandria
Court of Appeal Asyut
Court of Appeal Beni Swaif
Court of Appeal Cairo
Court of Appeal Ismailia
Court of Appeal Mansoura
Court of Appeal Tanta

First Instance Courts

The 24 courts of first instance hear appeals from summary courts and have original jurisdiction over all matters outside the competence of summary courts. (amounts exceeding 5000 L.E.)

Court of First Instance (ibtida’iyya)

Minor Courts Justices of the Peace

The 200 summary courts are at the lowest level. It's juridisdiction extends to cases involving small amounts (not exceeding 5000 L.E.) in dispute and to minor misdemeanours.

Summary Courts

Administrative Supreme Court

Administrative Supreme Court

Administrative Appellate Court

Disciplinary Courts

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

Administrative Courts

Other Courts

Courts of State Security
Courts of Values
Family Courts
Military Courts

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