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Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court interprets, upon request, the Constitution and undertakes the review of constitutionality of laws and decrees.

Conseil constitutionnel

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court of Cameroon is the highest judicial instance. It is composed of 3 chambers , a judicial (civil/criminal/social), an administrative and a chamber of audit. The Court acts as a court of cassation for the lower courts.

Cour Supreme

Appellate Courts

The Courts of Appeal are the Appellate courts for the courts of first instance and the Regional courts. The Courts of Appeal are located in each province of Cameroon.

Cour d'Appel
Cour d'Appel Adamaoua (Ngaoundéré)
Cour d'Appel Centre (Yaounde)
Cour d'Appel Est (Bertoua)
Cour d'Appel Extreme Nord (Maroua)
Cour d'Appel Littoral (Douala)
Cour d'Appel Nord (Garoua)
Cour d'Appel Nord-Ouest (Bamenda)
Cour d'Appel Ouest (Bafoussam)
Cour d'Appel Sud (Ebolowa)
Cour d'Appel Sud-Ouest (Buea)

Regional courts

The regional Courts have a territorial jurisdiction in their corresponding department, a civil jruisdiction in cases exceeding the 500.000 FCPA and a criminal jurisdiction in matters of crime.

Tribunal de Grande Instance

First Instance Courts

The Courts of First Instance have a civil jurisdiction in cases where claims do not exceed 500.000 FCFA and a criminal jurisdiction in offences (not crimes).

Tribunal de Première Instance

Other Courts

La Haute Cour de Justice

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Jurisprudence de la Cour Suprême du Cameroun

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