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Constitutional Court

Tribunal Constitutional

The Constitutional court is the guardian of the Constitution. The Court interprets and monitors compliance with the constitution of laws and processes in the Bolivian territory.
The Court is composed of only one chamber lead by 5 magistrates and 5 substitute magistrates. They are appointed by the National Congress by 2/3 of the votes, for a period of 10 year, and can be reelected for the same period.

Tribunal constitutional de Bolivia

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Corte Suprema

The Supreme Court (Corte Suprema) is the highest Judicial instance in Bolivia in criminal,civil and administrative cases. It is located in Sucre.
The Court consists of 12 judges ('ministros'), appointed by the National Congress by 2/3 majority for a period of 10 years. The Chief Justice is also a President of the Council of the Judicature and is chosen by the Supreme court by a 2/3 majority for a 2 year period.
The court is composed of 5 chambers, 1 civil (2 judges), 2 criminal (each 2 judges) and 2 administrative-social chambers ( 2 and 3 judges).

Corte Suprema de Justicia de Bolivia

Appellate Courts

Corte Superior

The Courts of Appeal (Corte Superior) are spread over the 9 departments of Bolivia, and hear appeals from the lower courts in their territorial jurisdiction. The Judges of the Court are called 'Vocales' . The Courts are composed of specialized chambers on civil, criminal, administrative, social and mining law. The judges are appointed by the Supreme Court on recommendation from the Judicial Council.

Corte Superior de Beni
Corte Superior de Chuquisaca
Corte Superior de Cochabamba
Corte Superior de La Paz
Corte Superior de Oruro
Corte Superior de Pando
Corte Superior de Potosi
Corte Superior de Santa Cruz
Corte Superior de Tarija

First Instance Courts

Juzgado de Partido

The courts of first instance are the civil and criminal trial courts. (Juzgados de partido). The Criminal Courts have investigating judges (Juzgados de Instruccion) who prepare and investigate the criminal cases for trial.

Juzgados de Partido

Minor Courts Justices of the Peace

Small claim courts

Court of Audit

Contraloría General de la República de Bolivia

Other Courts

Corte Departamental Electoral La Paz - Murillo
Corte Departamental Electoral de Cochabamba
Corte Departamental Electoral de Oruro
Corte Departamental Electoral de Potosí
Corte Departamental Electoral de Tarija
Corte Nacional Electoral
Tribunal Agrario

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Jurisprudencia Tribunal Constitutional

Judiciary (general)

Consejo de la Judicatura (Court administration)
Defensor del Pueblo
Poder Judicial

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