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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Court of Appeal, located in Belize City, hears appeals from the Supreme Court. The Court is headed by a president appointed by the Governor in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister.There is no fixed term for their appointment.

Appeals from the Court of Appeal lie to the Privy Council

Court of Appeal
Privy Council UK

Appellate Courts

The Supreme Court has unlimited original jurisdiction in both civil and criminal proceedings. The Supreme Court hears appeals from the magistrates' courts. The governor general appoints the head of the Supreme Court, the chief justice in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister.

Supreme Court of Belize

First Instance Courts

Each of the six districts has a Summary Jurisdiction Court, which hears criminal cases, and a District Court, which hears civil cases. Both types of court of first instance are referred to as magistrates' courts because their presiding official is a magistrate.

Magistrates Courts
Belize City District Court
Belize City Summary Jurisdiction Court
Corozal Town District Court
Corozal Town Summary Jurisdiction Court
Dangriga District Court
Dangriga Summary Jurisdiction Court
Orange Walk District Court
Orange Walk Summary Jurisdiction Court
Punta Gorda District Court
Punta Gorda Summary Jurisdiction Court
San Ignacio District Court
San Ignacio Summary Jurisdiction Court

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Court of Appeal Judgments
Supreme Court Judgments

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