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Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Council controls the conformity of Organic Laws and Rules of procedure of the two Chambers of Parliament and international agreements with the Constitution. The Council is composed of nine members: three appointed by the president, two by each parliamentary chamber, one by the Supreme Court and one by the State Council. Its president is appointed for a six year-term and one-half of the remaining members are replaced every three years.

Constitutional Council

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court, located in Algiers is the highest judicial instance. It is composed of four chambers: a Private Law chamber for civil and commercial cases, a Social Division that presides over issues of social security and labor, a Criminal Court, and an Administrative Division. The court is the cassation court for the lower courts, it can only review lower court decisions on questions of procedure. When overruled the case will be returned to the lower courts for retrial.

Cour Suprême

Appellate Courts

Wilaya Courts
Cour d'Appel Adrar
Cour d'Appel Ain Defla
Cour d'Appel Ain Temouchent
Cour d'Appel Algiers
Cour d'Appel Annaba
Cour d'Appel Batna
Cour d'Appel Bechar
Cour d'Appel Beijaja
Cour d'Appel Biskra
Cour d'Appel Blida
Cour d'Appel Bordj Bou Arreridj
Cour d'Appel Bouira
Cour d'Appel Boumerdes
Cour d'Appel Chlef
Cour d'Appel Constantine
Cour d'Appel Djelfa
Cour d'Appel El Bayadh
Cour d'Appel El Oued
Cour d'Appel El Tarf
Cour d'Appel Ghardaia
Cour d'Appel Guelma
Cour d'Appel Ilizzi
Cour d'Appel Jijel
Cour d'Appel Khenchela
Cour d'Appel Laghouat
Cour d'Appel M'Sila
Cour d'Appel Medea
Cour d'Appel Mila
Cour d'Appel Mostaganem
Cour d'Appel Muaskar
Cour d'Appel Naama
Cour d'Appel Oran
Cour d'Appel Ouargla
Cour d'Appel Oum-El Bouaghi
Cour d'Appel Relizane
Cour d'Appel Saida
Cour d'Appel Setif
Cour d'Appel Sidi Bel Abbes
Cour d'Appel Skikda
Cour d'Appel Souk Ahras
Cour d'Appel Tamanghasset
Cour d'Appel Tebessa
Cour d'Appel Tiaret
Cour d'Appel Tindouf
Cour d'Appel Tipasa
Cour d'Appel Tizi Ouzou
Cour d'Appel Tlemoen

First Instance Courts

Daira Tribunals

Administrative Supreme Court

The Council of State has jurisdiction over administrative cases.

Conseil d'Etat

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

Tribunal administratif

Court of Audit

Cour des Comptes

Other Courts

The Tribunal of Conflicts settles jurisdictional disputes between the High Court and the Council of State. The High Islamic Council (Haut Conseil Islamique) is a consultative body in the area of religious affairs. The High Court of State (Haute Cour de l’Etat)is empowered to judge the president on high treason and the head of government for crimes and offences

Haut Conseil Islamique
Haute Cour de l’Etat
Tribunal of conflicts

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Jurisprudence Conseil d'Etat
Jurisprudence of the Constitutional Council

Judiciary (general)

The High Council of Magistracy (Conseil Superieur de la Magistrature) is the judiciary’s regulatory body. It handles appointments, careers of judges, and disciplinary matters. It is headed by the President of the Republic.

Conseil Superieur de la Magistrature

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