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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Afgan Supreme Court is the highest judicial instance in Afghanistan.
The Court consists of 4 divisions (Dewans) (article 18 of the Law on Organization and jurisdiction of the courts);
1. General Criminal Dewan
2. Public Security Dewan
3. Civil and Public Rights Dewan
4. Commercial Dewan
The Court is composed of 9 judges appointed by the president in an agreement with Wolusi Jirga (house of people) (art 117 of the constitution) On judge is appointed by the president as the chief of the Supreme Court.

Supreme Court

Appellate Courts

Based on Article 31 of the Law on Organization and Jurisdiction, A court of Appeal can be found in each province of Afghanistan. The Courts consists of the following Dewans (divisions): 1. General Criminal Dewan 2. Public Security Dewan 3. Civil and Family Dewan 4. Public Rights Dewan 5. Commercial Dewan 6. Juveniles Dewan

Court of Appeals

First Instance Courts

Commercial Primary Court
District Primary Court
Family Issues primary court
Primary Courts
Central provincial primary court
Juveniles Court

Other Courts

The Specialized Family Court
The Primary and Appellate Courts of Crimes against Internal and External Security
The Primary and Appellate Narcotics Courts
The Primary and Final Courts of Property Disputes
The Specialized Juvenile Court

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