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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Högsta domstolen

The Supreme Court is the highest instance in civil and criminal cases. Leave to appeal is required for a case to be considered. This is granted by the Supreme Court itself, where it is important to establish a judgment that may provide guidance for the Swedish district courts and courts of appeal. (precedents). The court consists of 16 justices.

The Supreme Court of Sweden

Appellate Courts


The court of appeal is the second instance on issues relating to criminal and civil cases that have already been dealt with by a district court. The Environmental Court of Appeal is part of the Svea Court of Appeal, and determines appeals from all the environmental courts.

Court of Appeal for Northern Norrland in Umeå.
Court of Appeal for Southern Norrland in Sundsvall
Court of Appeal for Western Sweden in Gothenburg
Göta Court of Appeal in Jönköping
Scania and Blekinge Court of Appeal in Malmö
Svea Court of Appeal in Stockholm

First Instance Courts


The district court is the first instance court for matters relating to crominal and civil cases. There are 56 District courts in Sweden.

District Courts
Alingsås tingsrätt
Attunda tingsrätt
Blekinge tingsrätt
Borås tingsrätt
Eksjö tingsrätt
Eskilstuna tingsrätt
Falu tingsrätt
Gotlands tingsrätt
Gällivare tingsrätt
Gävle tingsrätt
Göteborgs tingsrätt
Halmstads tingsrätt
Haparanda tingsrätt
Helsingborgs tingsrätt
Hudiksvalls tingsrätt
Hässleholms tingsrätt
Jönköpings tingsrätt
Kalmar tingsrätt
Kristianstads tingsrätt
Linköpings tingsrätt
Luleå tingsrätt
Lunds tingsrätt
Lunds tingsrätt - Landskrona
Lycksele tingsrätt
Malmö tingsrätt
Mora tingsrätt
Nacka tingsrätt
Norrköpings tingsrätt
Norrtälje tingsrätt
Nyköpings tingsrätt
Oskarshamn tingsrätt
Skaraborgs Lidkoping tingsrätt
Skaraborgs Mariestad tingsrätt
Skaraborgs tingsrätt
Skellefteå tingsrätt
Solna tingsrätt
Stockholms tingsrätt
Stockholms tingsrätt - Avdelning 1
Stockholms tingsrätt - Avdelning 2
Stockholms tingsrätt - Avdelning 3
Stockholms tingsrätt - Avdelning 4
Stockholms tingsrätt - Avdelning 5
Sundsvalls tingsrätt
Södertälje tingsrätt
Södertörns tingsrätt
Uddevalla tingsrätt
Umeå tingsrätt
Uppsala tingsrätt
Varbergs tingsrätt
Vänersborgs tingsrätt
Värmlands tingsrätt
Västmanlands tingsrätt
Växjö tingsrätt
Ystads tingsrätt
Ångermanlands tingsrätt
Örebro tingsrätt
Örnsköldsvik tingsställe
Östersunds tingsrätt

Administrative Supreme Court


The Supreme Administrative Court is the highest instance in cases of administrative matter. It wil decide on appeals from any of the four administrative courts of appeal in Sweden.

Supreme Administrative Court

Administrative Appellate Court

The administrative courts of appeal function as appellate courts for decisions of the administrative courts. For a case to be reconsidered, it is required that the county administrative court grants leave to appeal

Administrative Court of Appeal Gothenburg
Administrative Court of Appeal Jönköping
Administrative Court of Appeal Stockholm
Administrative Court of Appeal Sundsvall

Administrative Courts (First Instance)


The administrative court decides in first instance in cases of administrative matter. The administrative courts in Sweden have geographical jurisdiction.

Administrative Courts
Förvaltningsrätten i Falun
Förvaltningsrätten i Göteborg
Förvaltningsrätten i Härnösand
Förvaltningsrätten i Jönköping
Förvaltningsrätten i Jönköping - arbetsort Mariestad
Förvaltningsrätten i Karlstad
Förvaltningsrätten i Linköping
Förvaltningsrätten i Linköping - arbetsort Nyköping
Förvaltningsrätten i Luleå
Förvaltningsrätten i Malmö
Förvaltningsrätten i Stockholm
Förvaltningsrätten i Umeå
Förvaltningsrätten i Uppsala
Förvaltningsrätten i Växjö
Migrationsdomstolen vid Förvaltningsrätten i Göteborg
Migrationsdomstolen vid Förvaltningsrätten i Malmö
Migrationsdomstolen vid Förvaltningsrätten i Stockholm

Labor Courts


The Swedish Labour Court is a special court ruling on labour-related disputes. A labour dispute is any dispute which affects the relationship between employers and employees.

Labour Court

Other Courts

The Court of Patent Appeals is an independent special court which, on appeal, reviews decisions by the Patent and Registration Office, in matters of intellectual propety. The Environmental courts are special courts for environment and water resources issues, that are regulated by the Environmental Code. The Environmental courts are part of the district courts. The Market Court decides on market law cases, competition law and public procurement.

Court of Patent Appeals (PBR)
Environmental Court Nacka
Environmental Court Umeå
Environmental Court Vänersborg
Environmental Court Växjö
Environmental Court Östersund
Immigration Court Göteborg
Immigration Court Skåne län
Immigration Court Stockholm län
Tenants Tribunal Göteborg
Tenants Tribunal Jönköping
Tenants Tribunal Linköping
Tenants Tribunal Malmö
Tenants Tribunal Stockholm
Tenants Tribunal Sundsvall
Tenants Tribunal Umeå
Tenants Tribunal Västerås
The Swedish Market Court

Judiciary (general)

Administrative Judicial Map
The National Courts administrations
The National Courts administrations in Göteborg
The National Courts administrations in Malmö
The National Courts administrations in Stockholm

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