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Constitutional Court

Ustavno sodišce

The powers of the Constitutional Court are explicitly determined by the Constitution. The Court decides on the conformity of laws and regulations with the Constitution, on jurisdictional disputes between courts and other state authorities and between government authorities and on the conformity of laws and other regulations with ratified treaties and with the general principles of international law. The Constitutional Court is composed of nine Constitutional Court judges elected on the proposal of the President of the Republic by the National Assembly. The President of the court is elected by secret ballot by the judges of the Constitutional Court from among their own number for a term of three years. Court judges are elected for a term of nine years and may not be re-elected.

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Vrhovno sodišce

The Supreme Court is the highest appellate court in the state and functions primarily as a court of cassation. It is a court of appellate jurisdiction in criminal and civil cases, in commercial lawsuits, in cases of administrative review and in labour and social security disputes. The grounds of appeal to the Supreme Court are limited to issues of substantive law and to the most severe breaches of procedure. The Supreme Court consists of seven departments: a criminal, a civil, a commercial, a labour and social, an administrative, a registry department and a department for International Cooperation. The number of Judges of the Supreme Court is decided upon by the Judicial Council. There are to be 37 Judges (not including the President of the Court). Judges are elected by the National Assemblee.

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Appellate Courts

Višje sodišce

The 4 higher courts are courts of appellate jurisdiction. In addition to determination of appeals against decisions of the county and district courts in their territories, they also determine disputes of jurisdiction between county and district courts.

Višja sodišca (High Courts)
Višje sodišce v Celju
Višje sodišce v Kopru
Višje sodišce v Ljubljani
Višje sodišce v Mariboru

Regional courts

Okrožno sodišce

There are 11 regional courts wich function as appellate courts for the county courts and as first instance courts in cases which exceed the jurisdiction of county courts;

Regional Courts (Okrožna sodišca)
Okrožno sodišce v Celje
Okrožno sodišce v Kopru
Okrožno sodišce v Kranju
Okrožno sodišce v Krškem
Okrožno sodišce v Ljubljani
Okrožno sodišce v Mariboru
Okrožno sodišce v Murska Soboti
Okrožno sodišce v Novem Mestu
Okrožno sodišce v Novi Gorici
Okrožno sodišce v Ptuj
Okrožno sodišce v Slovenj Gradcu

First Instance Courts

The 44 local courts are courts of the first instance with jurisdiction over less serious criminal cases, over civil cases concerning claims for damages or property rights up to a certain value and over all civil cases concerning disturbance of possession, easement of real burdens, hire, lease or tenancy relations;

County Courts (Okrajna sodišca)
Okrajno sodišce v Ajdovšcini
Okrajno sodišce v Brežicah
Okrajno sodišce v Celju
Okrajno sodišce v Cerknici
Okrajno sodišce v Crnomlju
Okrajno sodišce v Domžalah
Okrajno sodišce v Gornji Radgoni
Okrajno sodišce v Grosupljem
Okrajno sodišce v Idriji
Okrajno sodišce v Ilirski Bistrici
Okrajno sodišce v Jesenicah
Okrajno sodišce v Kamniku
Okrajno sodišce v Kocevju
Okrajno sodišce v Kopru
Okrajno sodišce v Kranju
Okrajno sodišce v Krškem
Okrajno sodišce v Lenartu
Okrajno sodišce v Lendavi
Okrajno sodišce v Litiji
Okrajno sodišce v Ljubljani
Okrajno sodišce v Ljutomeru
Okrajno sodišce v Mariboru
Okrajno sodišce v Murski Soboti
Okrajno sodišce v Novem Mestu
Okrajno sodišce v Novi Gorici
Okrajno sodišce v Ormožu
Okrajno sodišce v Piranu
Okrajno sodišce v Postojni
Okrajno sodišce v Ptuj
Okrajno sodišce v Radovljici
Okrajno sodišce v Sevnici
Okrajno sodišce v Sežani
Okrajno sodišce v Slovenj Gradcu
Okrajno sodišce v Slovenski Bistrici
Okrajno sodišce v Slovenskih Konjicah
Okrajno sodišce v Tolminu
Okrajno sodišce v Trbovljah
Okrajno sodišce v Trebnjem
Okrajno sodišce v Velenju
Okrajno sodišce v Vrhniki
Okrajno sodišce v Šentjurju
Okrajno sodišce v Škofji Loki
Okrajno sodišce v Šmarju pri Jelšah
Okrajno sodišce v Žalcu

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

Upravno Sodišce

The Administrative Court decides on the legality of official acts and the functioning of administrative bodies. Appeals for this court go to the Supreme Court.

Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia

Court of Audit

Court of Audit of the Republic of Slovenia

Labor Appeal Court

Delovno sodišce

Visje Delovno sodišce Ljubljana

Labor Courts

Delovno sodišce

The labour courts rule in particular on labour disputes, on the concluding, existence and termination of employment, on the obligations and rights deriving from such employment, on disputes between workers and employers and on disputes over work contracts.

Delovno sodišce Celje
Delovno sodišce Koper
Delovno sodišce Ljubljana (labour and social court)
Delovno sodišce Maribor

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Case law of the Constitutional Court

Judiciary (general)

Supreme State Prosecutor`s Office of the Republic of Slovenia

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