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Constitutional Court

Ustavni Sud

The Constitutional Court is an autonomous and independent state body which protects constitutionality and legality, as well as human and minority rights and freedoms.
The Constitutional Court shall decides on:
1. compliance of laws and other general acts with the Constitution, generally accepted rules of the international law and ratified international treaties,
2. compliance of ratified international treaties with the Constitution,
3. compliance of other general acts with the Law,
4. compliance of the Statute and general acts of autonomous provinces and local self-government units with the Constitution and the Law,
5. compliance of general acts of organisations with delegated public powers, political parties, trade unions, civic associations and collective agreements with the Constitution and the Law.

The Constitutional Court shall have 15 justices who shall be elected and appointed for the period of nine years.
(Constitution 2006 : Part Six : art 166 - 175 )
(Law no 109/2007 Law on the Constitutional Court)

Constitutional Court

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Vrhovni sud

The Supreme Court of Serbia decides on regular and extraordinary legal remedies instituted against decisions of all courts in the Republic of Serbia and on other issues prescribed by the law.
The Supreme Court of Serbia decides on a conflict of jurisdiction between the courts and the transfer of jurisdiction of courts to facilitate conducting of procedure or other significant reasons.
The Supreme Court of Serbia:
determines general legal positions in order to provide uniform application of law by courts;
provides opinions on draft laws and other regulations relevant for performance of judicial authority;
analyses application of laws and other regulations and work of the courts;
selects the invited members of the High Judicial Council among judges and proposes candidates for one permanent member of the High Judicial Council;

The Supreme Court of Cassation is the immediately higher instance court to the Commercial Appellate Court, the Higher Misdemeanour Court, the Administrative Court, and the Appellate Court.

(Law no 116 / 2008 Law on the Organization of the Courts art. 12, 30, 31 )

Supreme Court

Appellate Courts

Apelacioni Sud

The Appellate Court in Belgrade was founded by the Law on Courts and the Law on Seats and areas of courts and public prosecution of 22 December 2008. year. It started 01 January 2010
A Appellate Court shall decide on appeals:
- against decisions of the high courts;
- against decisions of municipal courts in criminal proceedings, if the decisionmaking on appeal is not in the competence of the district court;
- against judgments of the municipal courts in disputes where the nature of the dispute allows the initiation of the revision procedure.
- on conflicts of jurisdiction of lower courts in their territory if the decision is not competent to a high court;
- on the transfer of jurisdiction of primary and high courts when they are prevented or unable to act in a legal matter;

(Law no 116 / 2008 Law on the Organization of the Courts art. 24 )

Apelacioni Sud Beograd
Apelacioni Sud Kragujevac
Apelacioni Sud Niš
Apelacioni Sud Novi Sad

Regional courts

Visi Sud

The high court tries in first instancea and in second instance decide on appeals against decisions of municipal courts:
In first instance the court decides on criminal offences for which the main punishment prescribed is imprisonment of more than ten years, Try criminal offences against Serbian Army, criminal offences against honour and reputation committed through the media, Try disputes relating to strikes; collective agreements if not settled through arbitration, (...)
(Law no 116 / 2008 Law on the Organization of the Courts art. 23 )

High Courts
Visi Sud Beograd (Beograd)
Visi Sud Cacak (Kragujevac)
Visi Sud Jagodina (Kragujevac)
Visi Sud Kosovska Mitrovica (Niš)
Visi Sud Kragujevac (Kragujevac)
Visi Sud Kraljevo (Kragujevac)
Visi Sud Kruševac (Kragujevac)
Visi Sud Leskovac (Niš)
Visi Sud Negotin (Beograd)
Visi Sud Niš (Niš)
Visi Sud Novi Pazar (Kragujevac)
Visi Sud Novi Sad (Novi Sad)
Visi Sud Pancevo (Novi Sad)
Visi Sud Pirot (Niš)
Visi Sud Požarevac (Beograd)
Visi Sud Prokuplje (Niš)
Visi Sud Smederevo (Beograd)
Visi Sud Sombor (Novi Sad)
Visi Sud Sremska Mitrovica (Novi Sad)
Visi Sud Subotica (Novi Sad)
Visi Sud Užice (Kragujevac)
Visi Sud Valjevo (Beograd)
Visi Sud Vranje (Niš)
Visi Sud Zajecar (Beograd)
Visi Sud Zrenjanin (Novi Sad)
Visi Sud Šabac (Beograd)

First Instance Courts

Osnovni Sud

The Municipal courts try in first instance
- on criminal offences for which the main prescribed punishment is a fine or imprisonment of maximum ten years, unless some of these offences fall under the jurisdiction of another court; on pleas for termination of a security measure or legal effects of sentencing for criminal offences within its jurisdiction; on civil disputes, unless some of these disputes fall under the jurisdiction of another court; (...) on housing disputes; disputes on starting, duration and termination of employment; rights, obligations and responsibilities pursuant to employment; compensation for the damage suffered by a worker during work or related to work; disputes related to solving housing needs pursuant to labour regulations.
(Law no 116 / 2008 Law on the Organization of the Courts art. 22 )

Municipal Courts
Osnovni Sud Bor (Zajecar)
Osnovni Sud Cacak (Cacak)
Osnovni sud Beograd I (Beograd)
Osnovni sud Beograd II (Beograd)
Osnovni sud Beograd III
Osnovni sud Beograd IV
Osnovni sud Beograd V
Osnovni sud Jagodina (Jagodina)
Osnovni sud Kikinda (Zrenjanin)
Osnovni sud Kosovska Mitrovica (Kosovska Mitrovica)
Osnovni sud Kragujevac (Kragujevac)
Osnovni sud Kraljevo (Kraljevo)
Osnovni sud Kruševac (Kruševac)
Osnovni sud Leskovac (Leskovac)
Osnovni sud Loznica (Šabac)
Osnovni sud Negotin (Negotin)
Osnovni sud Niš (Niš)
Osnovni sud Novi Pazar (Novi Pazar)
Osnovni sud Novi Sad (Novi Sad)
Osnovni sud Pancevo (Pancevo)
Osnovni sud Paracin (Jagodina)
Osnovni sud Pirot (Pirot)
Osnovni sud Požarevac (Požarevac)
Osnovni sud Požega (Užice)
Osnovni sud Prijepolje (Užice)
Osnovni sud Prokuplje (Prokuplje)
Osnovni sud Smederevo (Smederevo)
Osnovni sud Sombor (Sombor)
Osnovni sud Sremska Mitrovica (Sremska Mitrovica)
Osnovni sud Subotica (Subotica)
Osnovni sud Užice (Užice)
Osnovni sud Valjevo (Valjevo)
Osnovni sud Vranje (Vranje)
Osnovni sud Vrsac (Pancevo)
Osnovni sud Zajecar (Zajecar)
Osnovni sud Zrenjanin (Zrenjanin)
Osnovni sud Šabac (Šabac)

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

The Administrative Court shall in first instance try administrative disputes. The Administrative Court shall perform other tasks prescribed by law.
(Law no 116 / 2008 Law on the Organization of the Courts art. 29 )

Administrative Court Kragujevac
Administrative Court Nis
Administrative Court Novi Sad

Other Courts

The High Commercial Court shall decide on appeals against decisions of commercial courts, and in first instance on matters prescribed by law. The High Commercial Court shall decide on conflict and transfer of jurisdiction of commercial courts, determine legal positions in order to provide uniform application of law within the jurisdiction of commercial courts and perform other tasks prescribed by law.
(Law no 116 / 2008 Law on the Organization of the Courts art. 25 )
The Commercial Appellate Court decides on appeals against decisions of commercial courts and other bodies, in accordance with law.
(Law no 116 / 2008 Law on the Organization of the Courts art. 26 )
Misdemeanour courts in the first instance adjudicate in minor offence cases unless under the competence of an administrative authority, decide on appeals against decisions passed by administrative authorities in misdemeanour proceedings, and perform other tasks set forth by law.
(Law no 116 / 2008 Law on the Organization of the Courts art. 27 )
The Higher Misdemeanour Court decides on appeals against decisions of misdemeanour courts, on conflict and transfer of territorial jurisdiction of misdemeanour courts, and performs other tasks set forth by law.
(Law no 116 / 2008 Law on the Organization of the Courts art. 28 )

High Commercial Court
Commercial Courts
Commercial Court in Belgrade
Commercial Court in Cacak
Commercial Court in Kragujevac
Commercial Court in Kraljevo
Commercial Court in Leskovac
Commercial Court in Nis
Commercial Court in Novi Sad
Commercial Court in Pancevo
Commercial Court in Požarevac
Commercial Court in Sombor
Commercial Court in Sremska Mitrovica
Commercial Court in Subotica
Commercial Court in Užice
Commercial Court in Valjevo
Commercial Court in Zajecar
Commercial Court in Zrenjanin
Higher Misdemeanour Court Kragujevac
Higher Misdemeanour Court Nis
Higher Misdemeanour Court Novi Sad
Misdemeanour Court in Arandjelovac (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Backa Palanka (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Becej (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Belgrade
Misdemeanour Court in Cacak (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Gornji Milanovac (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Jagodina (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Kikinda (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Kosovska Mitrovica (Nis)
Misdemeanour Court in Kragujevac (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Kraljevo (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Kruševac (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Lazarevac
Misdemeanour Court in Leskovac (Nis)
Misdemeanour Court in Loznica
Misdemeanour Court in Mladenovac
Misdemeanour Court in Negotin (Nis)
Misdemeanour Court in Nis (Nis)
Misdemeanour Court in Novi Pazar (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Novi Sad (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Obrenovac
Misdemeanour Court in Pancevo (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Paracin (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Pirot (Nis)
Misdemeanour Court in Požarevac
Misdemeanour Court in Požega (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Preševo (Nis)
Misdemeanour Court in Prijepolje (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Prokuplje (Nis)
Misdemeanour Court in Raška (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Ruma (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Senta (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Sjenica (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Smederevo
Misdemeanour Court in Sombor (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Sremska Mitrovica (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Subotica (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Trstenik (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Užice (Kragujevac)
Misdemeanour Court in Valjevo
Misdemeanour Court in Vranje (Nis)
Misdemeanour Court in Vršac (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Zajecar (Nis)
Misdemeanour Court in Zrenjanin (Novi Sad)
Misdemeanour Court in Šabac
Misdemeanour Courts

Judiciary (general)

Appellate Public Prosecutor in Kragujevac
Appellate Public Prosecutor in Nis
Appellate Public Prosecutor in Novi Sad
Appellate Public Prosecutor's Office in Belgrade
Association of Magistrates
Association of Prosecutors and Deputy Public Prosecutors of Serbia
High Judicial Council
Judges Association of Serbia
Judicial Training Centre and Professional Development

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