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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)


the Supreme Court is Norway's most superior court. The Supreme Court has general jurisdiction and hears issues of both civil law, criminal law, administrative law and constitutional law Based on Article 88 of the Norwegian Constitution the Supreme Court pronounces judgement in the final instance. Any matter brought before the Supreme Court must initially be considered by the Appeals Selection Committee. The court consists of 18 judges lead by the chief justice.

Supreme Court of Norway

Appellate Courts


The Court of Appeal is the appellate court for decisions made by the district courts in criminal and civil cases. The court is composed of 17 judges. In each case three judges will serve.

Agder lagmannsrett (Skien)
Borgarting lagmannsrett (Oslo)
Eidsivating lagmannsrett (Hamar)
Frostating lagmannsrett (Trondheim)
Gulating lagmannsrett (Bergen)
Hålogaland lagmannsrett (Tromsø)

First Instance Courts


The district court is the first instance court for matters relating to criminal and civil cases.

Alstahaug tingrett
Alta tingrett
Asker og Bærum tingrett
Aust Agder tingrett
Aust Telemark tingrett
Bergen tingrett
Brønnøy tingrett
Dalane tingrett
Drammen tingrett
Eiker, Modum og Sigdal tingrett
Fjordane tingrett
Follo tingrett
Fosen tingrett
Fredrikstad tingrett
Gjøvik tingrett
Glåmdal tingrett
Halden tingrett
Hallingdal tingrett
Hammerfest tingrett
Hardanger tingrett
Haugaland tingrett
Hedmarken tingrett
Heggen og Frøland tingrett
Inderøy tingrett
Jaeren tingrett
Kongsberg tingrett
Kristiansand tingrett
Larvik tingrett
Lister tingrett
Lofoten tingrett
Moss tingrett
Namdal tingrett
Nedre Romerike tingrett
Nedre Telemark tingrett
Nord-Gudbrandsdal tingrett
Nord-Troms tingrett
Nord-Østerdal tingrett
Nordhordland tingrett
Nordmøre tingrett
Nordre Vestfold tingrett
Ofoten tingrett
Oslo tingrett
Rana tingrett
Ringerike tingrett
Romsdal tingrett
Salten tingrett
Sandefjord tingrett
Sarpsborg tingrett
Senja tingrett
Sis-Finnmárkku diggegoddi - Indre Finnmark tingrett
Sogn tingrett
Stavanger tingrett
Stjør- og Verdal tingrett
Sunnhordland tingrett
Sunnmøre tingrett
Sør-Gudbrandsdal tingrett
Sør-Trøndelag tingrett
Sør-Østerdal tingrett
Søre Sunnmøre tingrett
Trondenes tingrett
Tønsberg tingrett
Valdres tingrett
Vest-Telemark tingrett
Vesterålen tingrett
Øst-Finnmark tingrett
Øvre Romerike tingrett

Labor Courts

Labour Court (Oslo)

Other Courts

The special High Court of the Realm hears impeachment cases

High Court of The Realm
Forliksrådene (Conciliation Board)

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Appelate Court Decisions (Lovdata)
Summary of Recent Supreme Court Decisions
Supreme Court Decisions (Lovdata)

Judiciary (general)

Courts of Norway
Norges domstoler

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