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Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court is the guardian of the constitution. The court's competences are properly defined within the Constitution itself. Organizationally and functionally it does not descend from the legislative organ, nor it is accountable to. The Constitutional Court consists of nine judges. A President is elected from its own ranks for a term of three years without the right to reelection. The Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia elects the judges of the Constitutional Court from the rank of outstanding members of the legal profession for a term of nine years without the right to reelection.

Constitutional Court of the Republic of Macedonia (Skopje)

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court of the Republic of Macedonia decides:
1)in second instance against the decisions of its panels when it is stipulated by law;
2)in third and final instance on appeals against the decisions of appellate courts;
3)in second instance upon appeals against decisions of the Administrative Court in cases foreseen by law;
4)upon extraordinary legal remedies against final court decisions and the decisions of its panels when stipulated by law;
5)upon collision of jurisdiction between courts (..) and on the transfer of subject-matter jurisdiction of these courts;
6)upon a violation of the right of trial within a reasonable time before the courts in the Republic of Macedonia at the request of the parties and other participants in a procedure determined by law
7) performing other tasks as set by law.
( Law 58/2006 Law on The Courts art 35 )

Supreme Court (Skopje)

Appellate Courts

Appellate courts are competent for:
1) deciding on appeals against the decisions of the basic courts of their vicinity;
2) deciding on conflicts of jurisdiction between courts of first instance of their vicinity; and
3) other work specified by law.
( Law 58/2006 Law on The Courts art 33 )

Court of Appeal Bitola
Court of Appeal Gostivar
Court of Appeal Skopje
Court of Appeal Stip

First Instance Courts

(1) The Basic courts having basic competence decide in first instance on criminal cases and misdemeanours, as follows:
- On criminal acts which by law are sanctioned by a penalty of imprisonment of up to 5 years (..)
- On criminal acts which by a separate law shall be assigned to a to court of basic competence;
- To conduct investigation or investigative actions on criminal acts falling within its competence
- On all types of misdemeanours, (..)
- On complaints and appeals against actions taken by these courts.
(2) The first instance courts with basic jurisdiction shall be competent to decide in the first instance in civil disputes as follows:
- upon property and other civil disputes between persons and legal entities, in the amount of 15,000 Euro counter value in MKD (..)
- upon disputes related to determination and disclaiming of paternity, maternity and identifying the existence of marriage, annulling marriage and divorce;
- upon law- provided alimony;
- upon parenting and upbringing children;
- upon hindering possession;
- upon life estate;
- upon compensation for damages that does not exceed 15,000 Euro in MKD counter value;
- upon procedures for prevention and enforcement;
- upon labour relations;
- upon inheritance disputes;
- upon non-contentious and inheritance matters;
- keep record of the deeds; and
- upon other matters specified by Law.

( Law 58/2006 Law on The Courts art 30 )

Within the basic courts in Bitola, Tetovo, Skopje I, Stip, and Strumica special court divisions are established competent to decide upon acts of organized crime (..)

Basic Court Berovo (Stip)
Basic Court Bitola (Bitola)
Basic Court Debar (Gostivar)
Basic Court Delcevo (Stip)
Basic Court Gevgelija (Skopje)
Basic Court Gostivar (Gostivar)
Basic Court Kavadarci (Skopje)
Basic Court Kicevo (Gostivar)
Basic Court Kocani (Stip)
Basic Court Kratovo (Stip)
Basic Court Kriva Palanka (Stip)
Basic Court Krusevo (Bitola)
Basic Court Kumanovo (Skopje)
Basic Court Negotino (Skopje)
Basic Court Ohrid (Bitola)
Basic Court Prilep (Bitola)
Basic Court Radovis (Stip)
Basic Court Resen (Bitola)
Basic Court Skopje 1 (Skopje)
Basic Court Skopje 2 (Skopje)
Basic Court Stip (Stip)
Basic Court Struga (Bitola)
Basic Court Strumica (Stip)
Basic Court Sveti Nikole (Stip)
Basic Court Tetovo (Gostivar)
Basic Court Veles (Skopje)
Basic Court Vinica (Stip)

Administrative Courts (First Instance)

The Administrative Court decides on:
- On legality of individual acts adopted in the electoral procedure (..)
- On legality of acts of the state authorities, the Government and the bearers of public authorisations (..)
- On disputes arising from the enactment and execution of the provisions contained in concession agreements, public procurement agreements that are of public interest, as well as of any other agreement in which one of the agreeing parties is a state authority, organization of public authorizations, public enterprise, municipality and the City of Skopje, provided that the agreement is of public interest and concluded for the purpose of enactment of a public service.
- Against individual acts of state administration bodies (..)
- On conflicts of competence between the authorities of the Republic (..)
( Law 58/2006 Law on The Courts art 34 )

Administrative Court

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

Decisions of the Administrative Court
Decisions of the Court of Appeal Bitola
Decisions of the Court of Appeal Gostivar
Decisions of the Court of Appeal Shtip
Decisions of the Court of Appeal Skopje
Decisions of the Supreme Court
Macedonian caselaw

Judiciary (general)

Higher Prosecution Office Bitola
Higher Prosecution Office Shtip
Higher Prosecution Office Skopje
National Judicial Council
Public Prosecution Office

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