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Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

The Supreme Court is the highest judicial instance in Ireland and court of final appeal. the Court is composed of the Chief Justice and seven ordinary judges. The President of the High Court is by virtue of their office, an additional Judge of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court hears appeals from the High Court or from the Court of Criminal Appeal if that court or the Attorney General certifies that the decision involves a legal point of exceptional public interest.

Supreme Court

Appellate Courts

The Court of Criminal Appeal hears appeals from people convicted on indictment in the Circuit or Central Criminal Court where they (the appellant) obtain a certificate from the trial judge that the case is a fit one for appeal. The Court consists of a Judge of the Supreme Court and two Judges of the High Court. The Courts-Martial Appeal Court hears appeals by persons convicted by court-martial.

Court of Criminal Appeal
Courts - Martial Appeal Court

High Courts

The High Court has full jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters. The High Court consists of a President and 31 ordinary judges. The President of the Circuit Court and the Chief Justice are, by virtue of their office, additional judges of the High Court. The Court also has jurisidction in questions regarding the constitutionality of laws. The High Court hears appeals from the Circuit Court in civil matters. The High Court exercising its criminal jurisdiction is known as the Central Criminal Court.This court mainly hears murder and rape trials and criminal trials under the Competition Act.

Central Criminal Court
High Court

Circuit Courts

The Circuit Court is a court of limited and local jurisdiction. Ireland s divided into eight circuits with one judge assigned to each circuit except for Dublin where ten judges may be assigned, and Cork, where there is provision for three judges.

Circuit Courts
Carlow Circuit Court Office
Cavan Circuit Court Office
Clare Circuit Court Office
Cork Circuit Court Office
Donegal Circuit Court Office
Dublin Circuit Court Office
Galway Circuit Court Office
Kerry Circuit Court Office
Kildare Circuit Court Office
Kilkenny Circuit Court Office
Laois Circuit Court Office
Leitrim Circuit Court Office
Limerick Circuit Court Office
Longford Circuit Court Office
Louth Circuit Court Office
Mayo Circuit Court Office
Meath Circuit Court Office
Monaghan Circuit Court Office
Offaly Circuit Court Office
Roscommon Circuit Court Office
Sligo Circuit Court Office
Tipperary Circuit Court Office
Waterford Circuit Court Office
Westmeath Circuit Court Office
Wexford Circuit Court Office
Wicklow Circuit Court Office

First Instance Courts

The District Courts are the courts on the local level. There are 23 districts in Ireland .The civil jurisdiction of the District Court is limited to claims not exceeding €6,350. Criminal Jurisdiction is limited to Summary offences, offences for which there is no right of trial by judge and jury.

District Courts
Athlone District Court Office
Ballina District Court Office
Ballinasloe District Court Office
Blanchardstown District Court Office
Bray District Court Office
Carlow District Court Office
Carrick on Shannon District Court Office
Castlebar District Court Office
Cavan District Court Office
Clonakilty District Court Office
Clonmel District Court Office
Cloverhill District Court Office
Cork District Court Office
Donegal District Court Office
Drogheda District Court Office
Dublin District Court Office
Dundalk District Court Office
Dún Laoghaire District Court Office
Ennis District Court Office
Galway District Court Office
Kilkenny District Court Office
Killarney District Court Office
Letterkenny District Court Office
Limerick District Court Office
Longford District Court Office
Loughrea District Court Office
Mallow District Court Office
Monaghan District Court Office
Mullingar District Court Office
Naas District Court Office
Nenagh District Court Office
Portlaoise District Court Office
Roscommon District Court Office
Sligo District Court Office
Swords District Court Office
Tralee District Court Office
Trim District Court Office
Tullamore District Court Office
Waterford District Court Office
Wexford District Court Office
Youghal District Court Office

Court of Audit

Comptroller and Auditor General

Labor Courts

Labour Court

Other Courts

Children Court
Moriarty Tribunal
Planning Tribunal
Special Criminal Court
The Barr Tribunal
The Equality Tribunal

Jurisprudence (Case Law)

BAILII Cases & Legislation
Competition Authority Decisions
Competition Authority Decisions
Court of Criminal Appeal Decisions
High Court of Ireland Decisions
Irish Case Law
Irish Legal Information Institute
Supreme Court of Ireland Decisions

Judiciary (general)

Attorney General
Courts Service of Ireland
Dublin Jury Office
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions
Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions

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