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Constitutional Court

The Supreme Special Court is not a permanent court. The court only sits when a case to it's special competence arises. The court should be regarded as a supreme constitutional court of Greece, deciding on cases involving the constitutionalilty of laws and electoral disputes. The decisions of the court are final, and binding for all courts including the supreme courts. The court consists of 11 memebers, which include the 3 presidents of the supreme courts (Supreme court, council of state and court of audit), 4 judges of the supreme court and 4 judges of the council of state.

Supreme Special Court

Supreme Courts (Highest Instance)

Areios Pagos

The Supreme Court of Greece is the highest judicial instance and functions as a court of cassation. It will only review decisions on questions of law not on fact. The 56 judges are appointed for a life time period after a probation of 2 years.

Areios Pagos (Supreme Court of Greece)

Appellate Courts

There are 13 courts of appeal in Greece.

Court of Appeal of Athens
Court of Appeal of Corfu
Court of Appeal of Erakleion
Court of Appeal of Ioannina
Court of Appeal of Kalamata
Court of Appeal of Komotini
Court of Appeal of Larissa
Court of Appeal of Mytillini
Court of Appeal of Nafplion
Court of Appeal of Patras
Court of Appeal of Piraeus
Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki
Court of Appeal of Tripoli
Courts of Appeal (Efetio)

First Instance Courts

There are one- and three member district courts in greece. The three member district courts are next to court of first instance the appellate court for the justices of peace.

District Courts

Minor Courts Justices of the Peace

The justices of Peace operate at the lowesst level in the judicial hierarchy and decide on minor civil cases and criminal offences.

Justices of Peace

Administrative Supreme Court

Symvoulion Epikrateias

Administrative Court of Appeal of Athens
Administrative Court of Appeal of Thessaloniki
Administrative Court of First Instance of Athens
Administrative Court of First Instance of Thessaloniki
Council of State

Court of Audit

Court of Audit

Judiciary (general)

Supreme Judicial Council

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